Anteiku Café from “Tokyo Ghoul” Live Action Movie to Open at Shibuya Station!

24.June.2017 | SPOT

Tokyo Ghoul—the international phenomenon manga series that has sold over 3 million copies and has spawned an anime series, theatrical performance and game, and is soon to receive its own live action adaptation set for worldwide release on July 29th.


In the run up to the movie’s release, the “Anteiku” café that is set to feature in the live adaptation will open its doors to the public during the month of July in the JR Shibuya Station.


Ghouls are creatures that disguise themselves as humans and must feed on the flesh of people to survive. Anteiku is a small neighbourhood café that appears in the manga series and will also appear in the movie. It’s a seemingly ordinary little coffee shop no different from any other. But it’s actually a place where ghouls gather—even the owner is a ghoul. Ghouls can exchange information here at ease and without feeling in danger. The half-ghoul protagonist of the series Kaneki is taken under the wing of Anteiku manager Yoshimura where he begins part-time work there. Later, a female high-school student known as Touka (played by Fumika Shimizu) begins working there while supporting Kaneki. It’s also the place where Kaneki first encounters Rize (played by Yū Aoi) who he has a crush on.


Ghouls find the food that humans eat unpleasant and inedible. But the one thing they can enjoy as humans do is coffee. They must learn to live like humans among humans, but when it comes to eating the same food as them, it’s next to impossible!


The Anteki that is opening in Shibuya will be serve its own original coffee blend as well as other drinks, and will also have small props and outfits on display, as well as screening a promotional video for the movie.


Dive straight into the world of Tokyo Ghoul by visiting Anteiku. Order a coffee and enjoy this indispensable location for all ghouls looking for respite.



Location: JR Shibuya Station Yamanote Line Outer-Circle Platform (Top)

Dates Open: Saturday July 1st, 2017 until Monday July 31st, 2017

Time: 9am-9pm (Last orders for food and drink is 8pm)

※The café will close early at 5pm on July 31st (subject to change)


“Anteiku” Original Iced Coffee: ¥300

“Anteiku” Original Iced Café au Lait: ¥340

“Anteiku” Original Orange Juice: ¥300

“Anteiku” Original Blend Coffee: ¥300

“Anteiku” Original American Coffee: ¥300 (*not an Americano)

“Anteiku” Original Café au Lait: ¥340

Mixed Salad Sandwich: ¥340

Mixed Croquette Sandwich: ¥320

Egg & Potato Salad Ham Sandwich: ¥320

※Movie Pre-sale Tickets: ¥1,400 (subject to change)

“Tokyo Ghoul” Official Website:


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