Cosmetic Brand CANMAKE to Release New Line-up of Nail Polish Colors—2017 is Mermaid Shades!

01.July.2017 | FASHION

Cosmetics brand CANMAKE have announced a new set of nail colors as well as a set of limited edition nail colors for their nail polish line “Colorful Nails”.

There are 7 gorgeous (4 new + 3 limited edition) new colors that you can pick up which are set to go on sale on July 1st. The line includes pastel colors, holographic glitter, and pearls, all of which will make your fingers look that much more graceful. There will also be another set coming out on August 1st that includes khaki, gold, and bronze colors (2 new + 1 limited edtion) for those of you seeking a more mature look.

CANMAKE are a make-up brand that offer cute, high-quality and affordable products “that take the effort out of looking pretty and fashionable” with their range of cosmetics. Their 7 new “Colorful Nails” colors set for release this summer jump on board this year’s trend train of pastel colors, holographic glitter and pearls. You too can have fun with their new and sweet “mermaid shades”.

They’re easy to apply, quick-drying, coquettish and long-lasting! Their diverse range glitter series also lets you create nail art super easy.


Simply with a pastel color and pearl base along with some holographic glitter, you will turn heads as people will be thinking you took a trip to the nail salon! Try making your own original style nails.


The khaki, gold and bronze colors will give your fingers more of a mature look. The bronze and gold colors are perfect for summer whether own their own or with coating. The khaki polish is a gentle color and can be used all year round, so you keep it on even after summer!


Pick out your must-have color to suit your outfit and mood for summertime. Don’t miss out!


Colorful Nails – ¥360 each (excluding tax)

On Sale: Saturday July 1, 2017 (※Please note that the Khaki, Gold, and Bronze colors will go on sale on August 1st).

CANMAKE Official Website:


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