GLAY announced a big news at the pre-listening event of the new album!

13.July.2017 | MUSIC

GLAY will release their new album “SUMMERDELICS” on the 12th of July and they held a pre-listening event of the album and the talk event at Shinjuku WALD 9 on the 10th of July (Mon.).

The audience at this event heard all 14 songs included in the album. Many in the audience enjoyed the album, some closing their eyes and moving their bodies to the rhythm.




After listening to all the songs of the album. TERU, TAKURO, JIRO, HISASHI appeared on stage and talked about their new album. TERU said, “By releasing this album which includes songs written by each of us, we gained confidence.”




Two surprise announcements were made during this event.

The first announcement was the release of a music video of one of the songs on the album “XYZ” which was the theme song of Red Bull Air Race 2017. The music video is a collaborative work with Red Bull Air Race including the video of the special live held at the final match of the Red Bull Air Race Chiba held on the 4th of July. I am pretty sure you will feel the freshness and the speed of the song.

The second announcement was an urgent announcement!

The words “TOKYO SUMMERDELICS” appeared on the screen and it was announced that “something is going to happen somewhere in Tokyo” and a countdown started. The countdown was also started on the official website of GLAY.

As the album title, SUMMERDELICS suggests, (it defies any attempt at a quick and simple solution) we need to keep our eyes focused on their future activities.




【Release date】July 12th, 2017

【Form of the product】

■CD only version/3,000 yen + tax

Part number: PCCN-00028



■CD+2DVD version/5,000 yen + tax

Part number: PCCN-00027


・ DVD/Single Track Only Live @Hakodate Arena (all songs are included)


■5CD+3 Blu-ray Goods Version (G-DIRECT Limited Special Edition)/¥22,963 + tax

Part number: LSGC-0002

※The product will be sold at GLAY’s Official online store, G-DIRECT(

Comes in a gorgeous BOX

Official website:


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