LiSA has released the music video of her new song “Datte Atashi no Hero.”

15.July.2017 | MUSIC

LiSA released her new single “Datte Atashi no Hero”on the 12th of July (Wed.) at 8:00 AM.


The song on this music video is the ending theme song of the animation,“Boku no Hero Academia”which is a collaborative work of LiSA and her favorite band and a hero of the melodic punk scene. “TOTALFAT!”


“Datte Atashi no Hero”is sure to become the “number one cheering rock song of this summer.” It is a summer-suited rock number in which LiSA cheers up the listeners saying “hurray! hurray!”with the help of her senior associates.


The music video will be included in the amenity DVD included in the first edition of “Datte Atashi no Hero. -MUSiC CLiP-.”

【LiSA “Datte Atashi no Hero” -YouTube EDiT ver.-】

This song is the new ending theme of the animation,“Boku no Hero Academia” which started on the 8th of July (Sat.) and “Boku no Hero Academia”has been released on the official website ( “Datte Atashino Hero -TV ver.-” is now released.


LiSA will participate in many rock festivals and will hold a national hall-tour “LiVE is Smile Always~LiTTLE DEViL PARADE ‘Soshite Parade wa Tsuduku’” from September.

Let’s wait for the release of her new single on the 2nd of August (Wed.)!


だってアタシのヒーロー(Datte Atashi no Hero)

Release date: August 2nd, 2018

LiSA Official Website:


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