Maison de FLEUR Brings Back Popular Teddy Bear Day Series

27.October.2021 | FASHION

Japanese accessories brand Maison de FLEUR has just released the popular Teddy Bear series for another year, celebrating Teddy Bear Day! The new merchandise is available online and at Maison de FLEUR stores nationwide. 




Teddy Bear Mirror (Out on the Town Version): ¥6,149 (Tax Included) 


Teddy Bear Mirror (Staying In Tonight Version): ¥6,589 (Tax Included) 

Teddy Bear Checkered Pouch: ¥5,049 (Tax Included) 


Teddy Bear Pouch: ¥6,149 (Tax Included) 


Bear Charm: ¥2,849 each (Tax Included) 


Frilly Bear Tote Bag: ¥5,489 (Tax Included) 


Frilly Bear Pouch: ¥3,949 (Tax Included) 


Frilly Bear Drawstring Bag: ¥3,949 (Tax Included) 


Bear Charm (28 varieties, In-store only): ¥2,849 each (Tax Included) 


October 27 marks Teddy Bear day across the world. The birthday of U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, known to have saved a small bear during a hunt, is now a day to spend time with your favorite stuffed toy. This year’s Maison de FLEUR Teddy Bear collection is filled with smart brown shades perfect for autumn. 


This year’s lineup includes a collection of Bear Charms, with different designs for each of the 28 Maison de FLEUR shops nationwide. The staff at each store came up with a name and profile for the bears that incorporate the characteristics and individuality of each region. 


  • Maison de FLEUR Launches Disney Collection to Celebrate 80 Years of Dumbo

    01.November.2021 | FASHION / MOVIE

    Japanese accessories brand Maison de FLEUR is celebrating the 80th anniversary of Dumbo with some adorable new items! These will only be available on the shop’s e-commerce website STRIPE CLUB until November 7, 2021. 


    Item Lineup

    Dumbo Double Ribbon Tote Bag: ¥5,819 (Tax Included)

    Dumbo Drawstring Bag: ¥3,949 (Tax Included) 

    Dumbo Side Pocket Tote Bag: ¥6,149  (Tax Included) 

    Dumbo Pouch: ¥3,949 (Tax Included)

    Dumbo Square Pouch: ¥3,949 (Tax Included)

    Lining Print


    The items are perfect to use for daily activities, with coloring inspired by the grayish-blue shade of the titular elephant character. Dumbo’s pink ears are made of extra fluffy material to make the items even cuter. The Double Ribbon Tote Bag also features Timothy, Dumbo’s mouse friend. 


    Which item do you find the most adorable? 


  • Maison de Fleur Launches Eighth Anniversary Collaboration with Sanrio’s Wish Me Mell

    25.September.2021 | FASHION

    Japanese accessories brand Maison de FLEUR is celebrating eight years with another collaboration, this time with Sanrio’s bunny character Mell. A number of special items are now available to preorder on the STRIPE CLUB e-commerce site until October 3, 2021. 


    Double Ribbon Tote Bag: ¥5,819 (Tax Included) 

    Side Pocket Tote Bag: ¥5,819 (Tax Included) 

    Mini Pouch: ¥3,949 (Tax Included) 

    Face Pouch: ¥3,949 (Tax Included)

    Drawstring Pouch: ¥4,389 (Tax Included) 

    Lining Design



    The character Mell is also celebrating an anniversary, turning ten this year. Items went on presale on September 20, which also happens to be the little rabbit’s birthday. The character was designed by Miyuki Okumura, more famously known as the designer of Cinnamoroll. 


    These pink bags and pouches feature a classy salmon pink color, and the adorable inner lining is sure to make any Sanrio fan smile, showing Mell and her friends from Merci Hills surrounded by balloons. The canvas material makes these perfect for everyday use. 


    Look closely at Mell’s bunny ears to see the Maison de FLEUR logo! Will you be grabbing any of these items?


    ⓒ’21 SANRIO APPR.NO.L629405

  • Rilakkuma, Other Popular Bear Characters to Assemble at ‘#Kumafes in Ginza Mitsukoshi’

    15.September.2021 | FASHION / SPOT

    The ‘#Kumafes in Ginza Mitsukoshi’ event will be held at the Ginza Mitsukoshi New Building 7F between September 15 and September 27. San-X have announced that a Rilakkuma will be participating with merchandise available to purchase at the event.

    Rilakkuma Store Nagoya / Ueodai Store: Oda Nobunaga Plush: ¥1,848 (Tax Incl.)

    Rilakkuma Store Abeno Q’s Mall: Kushikatsu Wrapped Rilakkuma: ¥1,518 (Tax Incl.)

    Rilakkuma Store Kansai: Rilakkuma with Takoyaki & Sauce : ¥1,738 (Tax Incl.)

    Limited Edition Kusatsu Souvenir Onsen Rilakkuma: Kusatsu In-The-Onsen Rilakkuma: ¥2,200 (Tax Incl.)

    Limited Edition Miyajima Teahouse Rilakkuma: Even Though He’s a Deer, He Still Carries Momiji Manju Rilakkuma: ¥2,420 (Tax Incl.)

    Rilakkuma Store Sabou: Lucky Cat Korilakkuma: ¥2,420 (Tax Incl.)

    Soft & Fluffy Rilakkuma Plush: ¥4,400 (Tax Incl.)

    Dangling Korilakkuma Plush: ¥2,200 (Tax Incl.)

    Plush Rilakkuma Pouch: ¥2,200 (Tax Incl.)


    A huge collection of regional and limited edition Rilakkuma products  will be available at the event, including items from regional Rilakkuma stores, Rilakkuma Onsen/Teahouse collaborations, and “Rilakkuma & Kaoru-san” items, so don’t miss out!




  • Maison de FLEUR to Release Second Rilakkuma Collection

    07.September.2021 | FASHION

    Popular Japanese accessories brand Maison de FLEUR is releasing a new collection of grown-up Rilakkuma-inspired goods, the second such collaboration for the brand. All goods will go on sale September 10 at Maison de FLEUR shops online, and at the STRIPE CLUB Online Store.





    Square Tote Bag: ¥4,389 (Tax Included)

    Rilakkuma & Kiiroitori Frilly Tote Bag: ¥5,489 (Tax Included)

    Korilakkuma & Chairoikoguma Frilly Tote Bag: ¥5,489 (Tax Included)

    Rilakkuma & Kiiroitori Tissue Case: ¥3,949 (Tax Included)

    Korilakkuma & Chairoikoguma Tissue Case: ¥3,949 (Tax Included)

    Rilakkuma Card Case: ¥4,059 (Tax Included)

    Korilakkuma Card Case: ¥4,059 (Tax Included)

    Kiiroitori Card Case: ¥4,059 (Tax Included)

    Chairoikoguma Card Case: ¥4,059 (Tax Included)

    Rilakkuma Bag Charm: ¥2,750 (Tax Included)

    Korilakkuma Bag Charm: ¥2,750 (Tax Included)

    Kiiroitori Bag Charm: ¥2,750 (Tax Included)

    Chairoikoguma Bag Charm: ¥2,750 (Tax Included)

    Lining Design


    Maison de FLEUR released their first collection of Rilakkuma-inspired goods last year, focusing on the character Korilakkuma. Many of the goods sold out instantly, and restocks were necessary to keep up with demand for these adorable items. This new collection focuses not only on the popular Korilakkuma, but on Rilakkuma, Kiiroitori, and the honey-loving Chairoikoguma.


    This limited-time collaboration features tote bags, tissue cases, card cases, and bag charms, for a total 0f 15 different products to collect. Each features these popular San-X characters adorned with the quintessential Maison de FLEUR ribbon. The tote bags are large and spacious, while the tote bags bring a more adult flair to those wanting a touch of playfulness in their wardrobe.


    Which of these fluffy goods is on your wishlist?

  • Maison de FLEUR Celebrates 8th Anniversary with New Collection and Campaign

    06.September.2021 | FASHION

    Japanese accessories brand Maison de FLEUR is celebrating eight years with a new collection and campaign.


    The special 8th anniversary logo features a honeybee, said to be a symbol of happiness throughout Europe. On September 17, the first items in the anniversary collection will go on sale, including a new rose-colored Kumausa plushie, one of the brand’s most popular items. Maison de FLEUR is aimed towards women, with embroidered bears, rabbits, bees, and roses giving off a girly feel any lady would love to receive as a gift.


    A Retweet campaign is also starting on September 17, and the winner will receive the massive Big Bear!



    The Rose Kumausa Series

    Bear Rabbit Ribbon Pouch / Kumausa Embroidered Ribbon Tote Bag / Rose Rabbit Coin Case / Rose Bear Pouch / Bear Rabbit Frilly Handle Tote Bag / Kumausa Embroidered Tote Bag / Rose Bear Charm / Kumausa Embroidered Pouch / Rose Bear Coin Case / Bear Rabbit Tissue Case / Bear Rabbit Large Square Pouch


    STRIPE CLUB Limited Edition Bee Fleur Charm

    Fleur Bear Charm

    Fleur Rabbit Charm

    Fleur Panda Charm

    Retweet Campaign Giveaway Lottery: Rose Colored BIG Bear (Not for Sale)


    8th Anniversary Series


    Double Ribbon Tote

    Side Pocket M Tote

    Side Pocket S Tote

    Tissue Case



    Key Series


    Key Ribbon Backpack

    Key Ribbon Tote Bag

    Key Ribbon Long Wallet / Key Ribbon Mini Wallet / Key Ribbon Key Case



    8-color Tote Series


    Key Charm Logo Embroidered Tote Bag

    Limited-order 8th Anniversary Double Ribbon Tote: ¥6,149 each (Tax Included)

    8th Anniversary Book, ‘Maison de FLEUR MY ECOBAG BOOK’ 



    The Bee Fleur Charm, available only on the STRIPE CLUB online shop, is available as a rose-colored bear or rabbit charm. The bee embroidery on the character’s feet are also done in a beautiful pink shade.


    The material, color, lining, and logo font of the Double Ribbon Tote Bag was decided by popular vote. Also, the special 8th Anniversary Book features Ayaka Sasaki of popular idol group Momoiro Clover Z, and includes a mini ribbon tote and eco-bag.


    Which one of these cute pink pieces is your favorite?

  • Sanrio’s My Sweet Piano Celebrates Birthday With Merch Line-Up by Maison de FLEUR

    14.July.2021 | FASHION

    Maison de FLEUR is celebrating the birthday of Sanrio’s popular character My Sweet Piano with a special merch collection that’s now available to order until July 18, 2021.

    My Sweet Piano Tote Bag | ¥5,049 (Tax Included)

    My Sweet Piano Flat Pouch | ¥3,949 (Tax Included)

    My Sweet Piano Pouch | ¥3,949 (Tax Included)

    My Sweet Piano Plushie | ¥6,589 (Tax Included)

    Inside print

    My Sweet Piano is a soft, pink fluffy sheep and My Melody’s best friend. Her birthday falls on July 6, and Maison de FLEUR is commemorating the occasion with a collection of four items coloured the same pink as the character including a bag, pouch, and more.


    The girly line-up is fitted with pretty pink lace and branded with an illustration of both her and My Melody. There’s also a fluffy plush toy which can sit cutely on a shelf, bed, desk, and anywhere else you want to add a bit of kawaii to your room.


    ⓒ’21 SANRIO APPR.NO.L629257

  • Disney’s Alice in Wonderland 70th Anniversary Celebrated With Luxury Maison de FLEUR Collection

    24.June.2021 | FASHION

    In celebration of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland hitting its 70th anniversary, Japanese fashion brand Maison de FLEUR released a new bag and accessory collection on June 17.


    The Line-Up

    Alice Square Frill Handle Tote Bag | ¥5,489 (Tax Included)

    Alice Frill Handle Tote Bag | ¥5,049 (Tax Included)

    Alice Ribbon Pouch | ¥4,389 (Tax Included)

    Alice Tissue Case | ¥3,619 (Tax Included)

    Alice Ribbon Charm | ¥2,629 (Tax Included)

    The insides of each item


    The collection is made up of five items including Maison de FLEUR’s iconic frilly handle bags. Each item captures the wonderful and mysterious world of Alice and Wonderland, including the square tote bag which features Alice when she grows in size, the ribbon charm which includes gold leaf prints of the titular character, roses, and teapots, the frill handle tote bag which depicts Alice singing with the flowers, and the ribbon pouch which captures the scene of Alice falling into Wonderland.


  • Tom and Jerry Movie x Maison de FLEUR Merchandise Collection Drops in Japan

    30.April.2021 | FASHION

    Maison de FLEUR has teamed up with the beloved animated cat and mouse pair Tom and Jerry, who celebrated 80 years since the release of their animated series last year, to release a special made-to-order collection on STRIPE CLUB that’s now available to buy in Japan.


    The Line-Up


    TOM and JERRY Frill Tote Bag | ¥5,489 (Tax Included)

    TOM and JERRY Basic Pouch | ¥3,949 (Tax Included)

    TOM and JERRY Ribbon Charm | ¥3,289 (Tax Included)

    TOM and JERRY iPhone Case | ¥4,389 (Tax Included)

    Maison de FLEUR’s collection is made in promotion of the Tom and Jerry movie that released this month and features a line-up of fake leather items including a tote bag, pouch, charm, and iPhone case with designs of the two characters, a cheese motif, and silhouettes of Tom chasing Jerry.


    ※本製品はワーナー ブラザース ジャパン合同会社との契約により、(株)グレイス社が製造したものです。
    TOM AND JERRY and all related characters and elements © & ™ Turner Entertainment Co. (s21)

  • “Chopper” from ONE PIECE and “Steiff,” a long-established teddy bear brand collaborate together!

    13.September.2017 | FASHION

    The official shopping site of Bandai called “Premium Bandai” has started accepting reservations for “Steiff×TONYTONY CHOPPER,” a collaborative product of “Steiff,” a long-established teddy brand in Germany and “TONYTONY CHOPPER,” the deer doctor who appears in the animation “ONE PIECE” from the 7th of September (13:00), 2017 (Thurs). The quantity of this stuffed toy is limited (1,500) and each product has its serial number on the left ear.


    The brown-colored teddy bear wears the costume of TONYTONY CHOPPER. The blue nose, the big, pink silk hat and the shorts of CHOPPER are re-created precisely.


    The gorgeous teddy bear is made with mohair and has a smooth texture. The left ear has a marking which proves the product is a “Steiff” called “Button In Ear” and there is a tag with a red serial number printed showing that the quantity of the product is limited (1,500).


    On the backside of the left foot there is the inscription, “CHOPPER” and an embroidered cherry-blossom which reminds us the famous scene where CHOPPER decides to leave on a trip as a member of “Mugiwara no Ichimi” (the pirates of straw hats).


    Don’t miss this chance to get your very own quantity-limited teddy bear!



    ・Product name : Steiff×TONYTONY.CHOPPER

            ( )

    ・Price : 43,200 yen (tax included) (shipping cost and commission charge are not included)

    ・Content: the product / serial number certification / Steiff’s gift box


    ※Please note that you cannot choose a serial number.


    ・Quantity: 1,500 only

    ・Size of the product: 20cm (side), 28chm (height), 10cm (depth)


    ※Since the products are handmade, the number of teddy bears which can be shipped in February is limited.

    ※The number of February-shipped teddy bears is limited so, you may be asked for consent to ship to you after February.


    (C)Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha, Fuji Television, Toei Animation


  • Now on sale – A collaborative effort between Japan and German’s traditional dolls “Hina ningyo Teddy Bear”

    15.August.2017 | FASHION

    The famous “Hina ningyo” (Jpanese Hina Doll)brand, “Jukei” and the

    Teddy Bear brand, “Steiff” have collaborated to make “Hina ningyo Teddy Bear.”


    d10817-16-896788-0 copy


    In Germany, there is a tradition of handing down a Teddy Bear from parents to their children. In Japan, there is also such a tradition to hand down “Hina Dolls” to their children.


    d10817-16-932896-1 copy

    This beautiful bonding between parents and children is now the subject of this collaborative project.



    The flower pattern on the kimono is that of the “nadeshiko” flower. “Nadeshiko” means “so cute that you want to stroke it.” This idea goes back to the Hian Period and and it symbolizes the cuteness and beauty of a Japanese children and women.


    Let’s celebrate “Hina Maturi” with this traditional Teddy Bear in a Hinamatsuri Festival mode.



    Hina ningyo Teddy Bear

    Number: 678448 ¥57,000

    size: 15cm each mohair

    height 24×side 53.5cm

    width 45×depth 26×height 1cm

    Jaoan limited: 1,500 dolls


    ・If you book a doll until October 31st, you can get a sticker.


    Steiff official online

    Steiff shops / Steiff


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  • Samurai Teddy Bear will be sold from August, 2017

    29.June.2017 | FASHION

    Teddy bear, the icon of cuteness has been transformed into a Samurai.

    The previous “Boy’s May festival teddy bear” sold out quickly since it was a limited quantity product. This year, teddy bear will become a “Samurai” wearing red body-armor.

    As with the previous teddy bear, this teddy bear is the collaborative work of “Ningyo no Kyogetsu” which purses the beauty of forms and Steiff which is a German company. The teddy bear which wears Iyozane Yoroi (Japanese traditional body-armor) and has a cute and pure face is a symbolic Japan/Germany collaborative work.



    A “kabuto”stand is also a part of this set so one can display the “samurai teddy bear” very easily. Also as an option, one can purchase a glass case made out of Japanese lacquered acacia wood, to display the samurai teddy bear in.

    Let’s check out this unique Japanese teddy bear which is both cute and cool at the same time.



    【Teddy Bear “Samurai”】

    Part number: 000287-2 110,000 yen (tax is not included)

    Hight: 25cm alpaca

    Shingi/Kifuda/Doll stand will be attached

    ※The material of the body-armor: brass

    Part number: 000287-2GC

    Glass case: 55,000 yen (tax is not included)

    Size: Inside dimensions: 26×42×height 32cm

    Outside dimensions: 44×31×height 41cm

    Mirrored background/slide open


    【Available stores】

    Steiff official online shop:

    Steiff shops/Steiff corner shops:

    ※Since the stock status differs depending on the shop, please ask the shop about the stock status before visiting the store.


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