Over 1500 Pikachus will appear at Yokohama’s summer festival!

Yokohama Minato Mirai 21 will hold a summer festival from July 28th. Over 1500 Pikachus will take part in the festival, appearing in events such as “mikoshitogyo,” “bonodori,” and “ennichi.”




One of the events titled, “Pikachu dake janai, Pikachu tairyo hasseichu!”

(Not only one Pikachu but multitudes of Pikachus will appear!) will be held. The highlight of this event will be a “Pikachu carnival parade.” On August 14th starting at 16:00 over 100 Pikachus will parade down the avenue. It will start from Zou no hana Park and the parade will make a U-turn at Yokohama Park and return to the starting point. You too can participate by wearing something yellow as you watch the parade go by. Don’t miss this Pikachu parade!




In addition, Pikachu will appear in the sky and on the sea. A first-time-ever event, multitudes of Pikachus will greet you from a boat and from an airship. Moreover, the events which were highly popular in 2016 titled,”Zubunure Splash Show”(soaking wet splash show) held in front of Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, and “Pikachu no Osanpo” (Pikachu’s walk) held in Queen Square Yokohama – Grand Mall Park will again be held this year. Come and join all these “Pikachu-galore” events at Yokohama Minato Mirai 2017 Summer Feestival!




At the Grand Mall Park Festival the highlight of the summer festival is the “Mikoshi togyo” (carrying of a miniature shrine) and the “Kodomo Mikoshi Parade” (children’s mikoshi parade). However, events where even small kids can enjoy like “Yo-yo tsuri” (fishing for a yo yo) and “Shateki” (cork bullet shooting) will also be held. At the 10th Minato Mirai every one can enjoy the Grand Bon Festival Dance along with some performances such as the “Yosakoi Dance Performance” and the “Wadaiko Performance/Workshop” The atmosphere of Yokohama Port is ideal for the holding of these summer festivals.


Why not join the Pikachus and liven up your summer vacation!




<Event details>

Event Name: “Pikachu dake janai, Pikachu tairyo hasseichu!”

Time: August 9th ~15th 2017

Venue: All of theMinato Mirai area

Participating Facilities: Nippon Maru・Nippon Maru Memorial Park, Queens Square Yokohama, Landmark Plaza, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, MARK IS Minato Mirai, JR Sakugaci-cho Station・Sakuragi-cho Station Square, Minato Mirai Line – Minato Mirai Station, NAVIOS YOKOHAMA (International Seamen’s Club & Inn), ANNIVERSAIRE MINATOMIRAI YOKOHAMA, YOKOHAMA COSMOWORLD, Pokemon Center Yokohama.

Official website of event: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/pika_event/


<Event Details>

Name: Grand Mall Park Summer Festival 2017

Time: July 28th (Fri.) 2017 11:00~16:30

Venue: Grand Mall Park “Bijyutsu no Hiroba”

Minato Mirai Grand Central Tower area

Official website of event: http://minatomirai21.com/55568


<Event Details>

Name: 10th Minato Mirai Dai Obon Odori (Obon Dance)

Time: August 18th (Fri.) 2017 16:30~20:30 and

August 18th (Sat.) 15:00~20:30

Venue: Rinko Park South Exit Square

Free of charge

Official website of event: http://minatomirai21.com/55570

Yokohama Minato Mirai 21: http://www.minatomirai21.com/



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