Hey! Say! JUMP Celebrating 15th Anniversary in New Mitsuya Cider Lemola Ad

19.November.2021 | FOOD / MUSIC

Popular Japanese boy band Hey! Say! JUMP is celebrating 15 years with a sparkling new opportunity. Asahi Soft Drinks has chosen the group for a new ad campaign for Mitsuya Cider Lemola, and digital ads are beginning to pop up at urban stations around Japan. To celebrate the campaign, a special event will be coming to both Tokyo and Osaka, where fans can enjoy a unique photo space. By trying to jump along with the members, participants will receive a 500ml bottle of Mitsuya Cider Lemola as a gift!



On-Site Report

There was an absolutely massive trampoline set up at the shooting site so that they could make that crazy jump. The staff tried it out while they were setting everything up, but it looked really difficult to pose while in the air. Then again, this is Hey! Say! JUMP. They immediately responded to the cameraman’s requests with smiles on their faces, and time and time again they gave it everything they had.