Yukata Rental Service Opening in Shinjuku Station for Summertime!

22.July.2017 | FASHION / SPOT

Kimono rental company VASARA have set up a summer-only yukata rental service at the “Suica Penguin Park” located at the New South Gate of the JR Shinjuku Station. The service began on July 13th this year and offers a complete yukata set for people to rent out.




Until now, the service was only available at the Central Gate ticket gates at Kyoto Station where the shop is based, where you can rent and try on kimono and yukata. But as a special summertime offer, the service will be available at the “Suica Penguin Park” at Shinjuku Station.


VASARA’s brand name originates from the Japanese word “basara” which means “gaudy”. They offer gorgeous clothing in order to make people “shine beautifully and brightly like a diamond”. They have 12 shops in total around Japan, making the limited period summer shop at Shinjuku Station the 13th.


When you rent a yukata at the Shinjuku Station store, they will help you put it on and style your hair completely free. Then you’re set to go and have some summer fun in your yukata! You can go out and see fireworks, spend some adult time in a beer garden – the options are endless!


When you’re passing through the JR Shinjuku Station, be sure to stop by the yukata rental service and embrace the Japanese summer to its fullest!



Yukata Rental Service VASARA – Shinjuku Station Summertime Shop

Open: July 13, 2017 to September 17, 2017 (subject to change)

Business Hours: Open – 10:00 / Reception & Return Deadline – 20:00/21:00

Closed: Never

Location: “Suica Penguin Park” at ticket gates of New South Gate at JR Shinjuku Station


Day Plan (with beer or drink): from ¥4,000

VARASA Website Advance Reservation: from ¥3,200 (yukata only)

Dressing & Hairstyling – Free


Official Homepage: https://vasara-h.co.jp/


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