Channel 47 Produces Special Short Video for Kanazawa Film Festival

10.December.2021 | BUSINESS / FASHION / SPOT

Highlights from the Kanazawa Film Festival


Channel 47, a company using the power of entertainment and pop culture to convey the appeal of Japan to the world, made a splash at this year’s Kanazawa Film Festival by producing the short video ‘HAKKEN -in Kanazawa Movie Festival.’ This was shown at both the Kanazawa Film Festival and the Tatemachi Film Festival, which were held simultaneously in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture in September 2021. The video is available to watch on the official Channel 47 YouTube channel. 


「HAKKEN -in Kanazawa Movie Festival-」


The film was produced by Channel 47 to promote both film festivals. The Kanazawa Film Festival aims to ‘promote Japan’s countryside culture to the world,’ and with such similar goals, the two were perfect partners. 


In conjunction with the project, Channel 47 invited AMIAYA and Etsuna (both talents under ASOBISYSTEM) as special guests to the awards ceremony of the Kanazawa Film Festival. The Channel 47 Award was given to MELIA, who also won the Promising New Director Grand Prix. 


The short video highlights some of the best moments from both events and includes interviews with the Director of Eiga no Kai (The Film Association) and MELIA. There’s plenty of impressive footage to see, so check out the highlights!


HAKKEN -Discover Kanazawa with AMIAYA-

HAKKEN -Discover Kanazawa with AMIAYA-, also produced by Channel 47, shows off Kanazawa’s best pop culture tourist spots. 



HAKKEN -Experience Kanazawa’s History with ETSUNA-

The final HAKKEN film produced by Channel 47 shows off the incredible depth of Kanazawa City and how much it has to offer. 



The Kanazawa Film Festival is an ongoing event held by the Eiga no Kai at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa and at other venues throughout the city. The goal is to help develop the area and share countryside culture with Japan and the world. The 15th such event was held from September 18 to September 20, 2021. In addition to staging special works each year, the festival has an established reputation in the film community for its ‘New Directors with Promising Talent’ program. This year, 83 films were entered into the New Directors competition, with 11 being chosen to be screened. MELIA came out on top for ‘Experimental Tour,’ and also won a special Channel 47 award.


The Tatemachi Film Festival is organized by the Tatemachi Shopping District Revitalization Association and is held at the same time. The venue was the rooftop of Tatemachi Parking, a multi-story parking garage in the city also popular for outdoor music festivals. It was held from September 17 to September 19, 2021.

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Channel 47 is a project using the power of entertainment to share Japan and its local culture with the world. By getting popular celebrities and public figures involved, the company produces events and content that conveys the appeal of specific Japanese locales and customs to global audiences. 

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  • Creepy-Cute Halloween Sweets Available for a Limited Time at Hyatt Centric Kanazawa

    04.August.2022 | FOOD / SPOT

    Halloween is on the way, and the Hyatt Centric Kanazawa hotel is prepping some spooky sweets to celebrate! From October 1 until October 31, a Monster Halloween Cake Set will be available at the hotel’s restaurant FIVE – Grill and Lounge. Guests can also enjoy a Halloween lunch and dinner menu featuring a chic menu filled with black, red, and purple dishes. Visitors who come in costume will gain access to some special offers as well!


    Halloween Lunch / Dinner Course

    Poached Eggs with Black Chaudfroid Sauce

    Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Beet Variation


    The courses were inspired by an adult Halloween party and will be available for four days only. Each dish contains colors perfect for the season, like haunting black and bloody red punctuated with a purple-tinted memory of moonlight. While the dishes may look strange, they are made with the finest ingredients. 


    Monster Halloween Cake Set

    Witch’s Mont Blanc Pudding

    Mummy Macaron

    Denture Parfait

    Jack-o’-Lantern Cream Puff

    Frankenstein Brownie

    Gyuhi Ghost

    Spider Web Mousse

    GO FOR KOGEI 2022 Collaboration 5×5 Cake Set


    A special cake set featuring everything from Frankenstein to spider webs will get you in the Halloween mood. The lineup includes Witch’s Mont Blanc Pudding topped with purple sweet potato cream, and the adorable Jack-o’-Lantern cream puff filled with–you guessed it–pumpkin cream. Come enjoy some other playful treats like the Mummy Macaron filled with apricot and the Denture Parfait with berries and marshmallows. On weekdays from October 3 until October 21, the cakes will be served on a special Kutani ware in collaboration with GO FOR KOGEI 2022. This 5×5 set will be limited to five servings per day. Kutani ware is a style of traditional Japanese porcelain found in Ishikawa Prefecture.


    Halloween Cocktail

    This year’s Halloween cocktail is the rock-themed Back in Black. With a tequila base, you’re sure to have some extra fun after downing this classy beverage. 

    Come enjoy some spooky and cute Halloween sweets while you can!

  • Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Teams Up with Zunda Saryo as Final LOCAL POWER JAPAN Project Collaboration

    02.August.2022 | MUSIC / SPOT

    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu recently wrapped up her 10th-anniversary tour with an extra performance in Okinawa on July 23. After completing 30 shows over six months, the longest tour of her career, Kyary will perform a solo concert at Nippon Budokan on October 19 to truly conclude this epic tour.


    As part of her tour, the singer has continued to energize Japan through the appeal of regional towns and cities with the LOCAL POWER JAPAN Project. At each tour location, the artist collaborates with a local company, creating special collaboration logos and products that have become the talk of social media. Kyary has announced the final collaboration for the project, bringing the total to 32. 


    During the national tour, the Miyagi concert scheduled for June 25 was canceled due to difficulties at the planned venue, Tokyo Electron Hall Miyagi, after an earthquake hit off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture in March. Although the artist wasn’t able to hold her planned performance in the area, she still wants to share the charm of Miyagi with the rest of Japan. The singer will team up with Zunda Saryo, a leading company in the area, for a special release.

    Zunda-mochi is a traditional treat popular in Sendai. Loved for centuries, this seasonal delicacy is made by boiling and mashing young soybeans which can only be harvested for a few short days in summer before they turn yellow and ripen. These are then mixed with sugar and wrapped around a rice cake. Zunda Saryo produces many different varieties of this luxurious treat, allowing people to eat them whenever and however they like. From the Zunda Shake to the Zunda Roll Cake, these sweets contain many health benefits–they are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. So don’t feel any guilt the next time you eat your fill!


    For this collaboration, Zunda Saryo’s reimagined logo pays homage to the artwork seen on the jacket of the ‘KPP 2014 JAPAN ARENA TOUR COLORFUL PANIC TOYBOX’ Blu-ray release. The company’s edamame-inspired mark has been redesigned to feature Kyary’s distinctive headpieces, and the artist can be seen smiling with a Zunda Shake in hand.

    A colorful collaborative T-shirt is also on sale featuring the new logo and the singer’s 10th-anniversary logo. The shirt is available on the LOCAL POWER JAPAN Project website for two weeks only starting July 29, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Miyagi Prefecture to help repair the Tokyo Electron Hall Miyagi which was damaged by the June earthquake.

  • Idol Group FRUITS ZIPPER Releases 4th Single ‘RADIO GALAXY,’ Music Video Revealed

    29.July.2022 | MUSIC

    FRUITS ZIPPER, a new idol group from ASOBISYSTEM, has a simple concept: “From Harajuku to the World.” Ready to transmit what they call ‘NEW KAWAII’ from Harajuku, an area known for fashion and individuality, to their soon-to-be global fanbase, the group consists of seven members: Amane Tsukiashi, Suzuka Chinzei, Yui Sakurai, Luna Nakagawa, Mana Manaka, Karen Matsumoto, and Noel Hayase.


    This spring, the group released the song Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro, which exploded in popularity on TikTok racking up over 200 million plays. The song also ranked on the TikTok HOT SONGS list and ranked at #1 on Spotify’s viral chart. Fans requested a music video, and after its release, it pulled in over 1.1 million views in one month.


    The group’s long-awaited new single RADIO GALAXY was released on July 29, 2022.

    This is FRUITS ZIPPER’s 4th single, created in collaboration with trackmaker, singer, and producer YUC’e, who has provided songs for numerous artists and idols in the past.


    YUC’e is known for her dance music inlaid with ‘KAWAII’ elements, and the artist has become incredibly popular both in Japan and abroad. It’s no surprise that she chose to work with the adorable members of FRUITS ZIPPER, who are aiming to bring Harajuku culture to fans around the world.


    A music video for RADIO GALAXY was posted to YouTube ahead of the song’s streaming release.


    FRUITS ZIPPER’s artist photos were created by YUKARI, a video director, art director, and 3DCG artist from the digital creative company OFBYFOR TOKYO.



    A special campaign to celebrate the release of the new song is ongoing on a number of music streaming sites. In addition, FRUITS ZIPPER will hold their first solo concert at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM on September 12.


    For a long time, RADIO GALAXY was only known to fans in the in-crowd who saw it performed at FRUITS ZIPPER live shows. Now, everyone can dance along! 

  • Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Concludes National Tour, Final Performance to be Held at Nippon Budokan in October

    26.July.2022 | MUSIC

    On July 23, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu held an extra performance at Koza Music Town in Okinawa as a part of her 10th-anniversary tour, ‘Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ANNIVERSARY JAPAN TOUR 2022 CANDY WAVE.’ The tour has also been held to promote the singer’s latest album, Candy Racer.

    The tour began on January 16 at Atsugi City Cultural Hall in Kanagawa. Kyary created the tour to both thank fans for the past 10 years of support and to help those around Japan to forget the gloomy days of the pandemic, giving them a new happy memory to hold onto.


    The tour was the longest in the singer’s career, with Kyary performing 30 shows over a six-month period. The tour marked the first time the artist had held a solo concert in Yamagata, Akita, Nara, Tottori, and Nagasaki. 

    “I know some of you will be watching me perform for the first time, so I’ve prepared plenty of songs to get you pumped up,” the artist called out during her first Okinawa performance. The setlist included Candy Racer and Dodonpa from Kyary’s new album, as well as classic tracks like PONPONPON, Tsukematsukeru, and CANDY CANDY for a total of 18 tracks. The venue was lively and filled with smiles until the very last moment.

    During the encore, Kyary chatted with the audience, expressing her gratitude as she wrapped up six long months of touring. 


    “What would it feel like to tour for six months? I had a lot of thoughts about what it would be like, but now that it’s over, I want to do it all over again. This tour made me realize how lucky I am–I get so much energy and joy from everyone. You’re the reason that I can enjoy doing these concerts. You’re all a part of me,” Kyary said. “I want to thank all of my fans! I want to thank everyone!”

    In April, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu performed at Coachella 2022, one of the world’s largest music festivals. The artist received incredible acclaim both in Japan and abroad.


    In conjunction with the nationwide tour, the LOCAL POWER JAPAN Project was launched to energize Japan through the appeal of regional towns and cities. 


    This project was a new attempt to enliven local communities by collaborating with companies that have roots in the rural locations where Kyary’s concerts were held. These company’s logos were reimagined, paying homage to the artwork associated with Kyary’s previous song releases. Over the course of the tour, Kyary collaborated with 31 local businesses, including a collab with Little Tokyo when the artist visited the U.S. in April. 


    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, who has overcome a number of trials and difficulties during her career, will hold her first solo performance at Nippon Budokan in six years on October 19. Tickets are on sale now, and fans can look forward to a memorable night!


    Photo by Masamune Maeda

  • Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Collaborates with Okinawa’s Okashi Goten for LOCAL POWER JAPAN Project

    25.July.2022 | MUSIC / SPOT

    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu inspired music lovers around the world in April when she performed at Coachella, one of the largest music festivals on Earth. The second half of the singer’s 10th anniversary nationwide tour 31-show has begun, and in conjunction with this special event, the LOCAL POWER JAPAN Project was launched to energize Japan through the appeal of regional towns and cities. As with past concert locations, a new collaboration has been announced ahead of Kyary’s June 23 performance in Okinawa, where the artist held an additional show. 

    In Okinawa, Kyary is teaming up with the popular souvenir shop Okashi Goten, known for its Beni-imo (purple sweet potato) tarts. The shop itself looks similar to Shuri Castle from the outside, and as guests enter, they’re surrounded by products made exclusively from Okinawan ingredients. This collaboration pays homage to where it all began, with the special logo inspired by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s 2011 debut mini-labum Moshi Moshi Harajuku

    Fans will be able to buy a special box of these tasty tarts, with the outside stamped with ‘Moshi Moshi Beni-imo Tart’ and a drawing of Kyary inspired by the cover of her 2011 album. 


    This item is now available at all shops offering Okashi Goten products and at the Okashi Goten online store.

    A collaborative T-shirt is also on sale featuring the new logo and the singer’s 10th-anniversary logo. The shirt is available on the LOCAL POWER JAPAN Project website for two weeks only starting July 22.

  • Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Collaborates with Nagasaki’s Famous ‘Hamburger Shop Hikari’

    21.July.2022 | FOOD / MUSIC

    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has made waves around the world since performing at Coachella, one of the world’s largest music festivals, in April. 


    Currently embarking on the second half of her 10th anniversary 31-show nationwide tour, the singer is gaining momentum as she aims for her solo concert at Nippon Budokan in October. As part of her tour, the singer has continued to energize Japan through the appeal of regional towns and cities with the LOCAL POWER JAPAN Project. At each tour location, the artist collaborates with a local company, creating special collaboration logos and products that have become the talk of social media. Details of Kyary’s collab project in Nagasaki have been revealed after the artist performed in the prefecture on July 18.


    In Nagasaki, the artist will collaborate with Hamburger Shop Hikari, a beloved local restaurant that originally opened in 1951. Sasebo burgers are well known in Japan, and all ingredients are sourced from Sasebo City in Nagasaki. These burgers are much larger than the burgers you may be used to and have become a local delicacy throughout the country.


    After the war, a U.S. military base was established in Sasebo. The recipe for the Sasebo burger is said to have originated from a recipe found on this base in the 1950s. The collaboration with Hamburger Shop Hikari, known as the origin of these famous burgers, pays tribute to Kyary’s new single Maybe Baby. The adorable visual shows a waitress at the shop delivering tasty burgers in a hurry.

    A collaborative T-shirt is also on sale featuring the new logo and the singer’s 10th-anniversary logo. The shirt is available on the LOCAL POWER JAPAN Project website for two weeks only starting July 17, so grab one while you can.

  • Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Collaborates with Miyazaki Chicken Nanban Shop Aji no Ogura for LOCAL POWER JAPAN Project

    19.July.2022 | MUSIC / SPOT

    Currently on the second half of her 10th anniversary 31-show nationwide tour, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has continued to energize Japan through the appeal of regional towns and cities with the LOCAL POWER JAPAN Project. At each tour location, the artist collaborates with a local company, creating special collaboration logos and products that have become the talk of social media. Details of Kyary’s collab project in Miyazaki have been revealed ahead of her July 16th concert. 


    In Miyazaki, the artist will collaborate with Aji no Ogura, which opened in 1956 and is known as the birthplace of Chicken Nanban. The dish’s roots stem from an old western restaurant called ‘London’ located in Nobeoka City, where it was often prepared for the staff. The founder of Aji no Ogura, Kai Yoshimitsu, trained at the London restaurant. Chicken Nanban is now very popular in Miyazaki and throughout Japan, featuring deep-fried breast meat marinated in sweet vinegar and topped with tartar sauce.


    The collaboration with Aji no Ogura pays tribute to Kyary’s latest album CANDY RACER, which is also the name of her current tour. The shop’s logo has also been transformed into something much more colorful. 

    A collaborative T-shirt is also on sale featuring the new logo and the singer’s 10th-anniversary logo. The shirt is available on the LOCAL POWER JAPAN Project website for two weeks only starting July 14, so grab one quickly!

  • Upcoming Film ‘We Are Not Alone,’ Starring Yutaro, to Release in December

    07.July.2022 | MOVIE

    The popular actor Yutaro will star in the upcoming film We Are Not Alone, scheduled to release in theaters in December 2022.


    The film promises to be a unique take on the world of today, focusing heavily on justice, greed, and egoism. It will be directed by Tomoaki Kaneko and produced by yucca. 

    The film will ruthlessly depict the contrast between the darkness of adults and today’s youth. It will take place in a desolate shopping district and follow the main character, Shun Miyata (Yutaro), who is not good at interacting with others, and who works part-time at a bento shop. More information will be announced on the official film website soon, so keep an eye out!


    Comment from Tomoaki Kaneko (Director)

    “What are we living for? Everyone has their own story,  their own reasons, and their own justifications. It may seem easy to distinguish between right and wrong, but everyone has their own beliefs, and some of those thoughts may be distorted. Rather than immediately labeling someone as ‘evil,’ the world might be made a little better if we can imagine why people do what they do. 

    This film is set in Tokyo, but the story doesn’t depict the standard ‘positive, glamorous, fun’ version of Tokyo, instead telling a more somber and lonely story. The actors expressed themselves in such a powerful way, and I was impressed by the way they took on these challenging roles. 

    This story may not be upbeat, but it can be perceived in so many different ways depending on the viewer. I hope that the positivity in the film will come through and inspire everyone to see things from a different angle.”


    Comment from Yutaro

    “I’m Yutaro, and I play Shun Miyata.

    I didn’t expect to be cast in the lead role after the audition, so the pressure was immediately on! But when I read the script, I was told by the director and staff that I was the only person who could play the part of Shun. I was immediately determined to do my best. 

    The film tells the story of a young man who is slowly moving towards the future and searching for his own right answer. Is love what he imagined it to be, and are the righteous words he’s been saying really righteous at all? I hope you’ll come to see the film in theaters and connect with it in some way. We are not alone.”



    Shun Miyata isn’t good at interacting with people. Submitting his work to tons of publishers to fulfill his dream of becoming a novelist, the response isn’t great. Needing a change of pace, he moves to Tokyo and starts working part-time at a bento shop. The friendly and beautiful shopkeeper Yuriko Kodama and another part-time worker Yuka Kosaka welcome him to the city, and his new life in Tokyo seems to be off to a good start.

    But happiness doesn’t always last.

    One day, Shun and Yuka discover Yuriko’s secret–a brutal plan involving the entire shopping district and the local chairman Saiki.  Agonizing over their inability to take any action, Shun and Yuka begin to grow closer.


    What are these two young people feeling? An ordinary landscape can hold unexpected darkness, and this work will bring those fears to light. 

  • Harajuku’s KAWAII MONSTER CAFE Participates in Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah Season 2022 Event

    06.July.2022 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    Jeddah Season 2022, a cultural entertainment festival in Saudi Arabia, ran from May 2 until July 2, 2022. During the festivities, a special collaboration concert event featuring MONSTER GIRL from KAWAII MONSTER CAFE in Harajuku and RAM RIDER took place at the Anime Village area, an interactive event filled with popular Japanese IPs produced by Avex. 


    This was the first overseas collaboration with musician RAM RIDER, who worked to bring the world of KAWAII MONSTER CAFE to life. The audience was thrilled by this special set that included a stunning dance performance directed by content director Harris and a DJ set by RAM RIDER that included a variety of popular anime tracks. 

    KAWAII MONSTER CAFE was a popular Harajuku entertainment restaurant loved by tourists and locals alike. At Jeddah Season 2022, MONSTER GIRL’s presence took the audience by storm, and the performers strolled around the venue taking photos with fans.

    At the Anime Village, fans could engage with tons of popular Japanese IPs like Boruto, Captain Tsubasa, Godzilla, Pac-Man, and many more. For the first time in the Middle East, a giant Gundam diorama measuring approximately 6 meters was put on display. The entrance gate was inspired by the Kaminarimon gate in Asakusa, and visitors could enjoy Japanese food in a futuristic environment. 


    The Anime Village managed to bring Japanese culture to the people of Saudi Arabia, and hopefully, this incredible event will take place again in the near future.


    Produced by: KAWAII MONSTER CAFE
    Performer: MONSTER GIRL (Ciel, Catherine)
    Performance Director: Harris
    VJ: Kohei Taki (yenter)

  • FRUITS ZIPPER, a new idol group from ASOBISYSTEM, has a simple concept: “From
    Harajuku to the World.” Ready to transmit what they call ‘NEW KAWAII’ from Harajuku, an area known for fashion and individuality, to their soon-to-be global fanbase, the group
    consists of seven members: Amane Tsukiashi, Suzuka Chinzei, Yui Sakurai, Luna
    Nakagawa, Mana Manaka, Karen Matsumoto, and Noel Hayase.

    Four members of FRUITS ZIPPER sat down with us for an interview about their overseas


    Could you introduce yourself?


    -Luna Nakagawa

    “Hi, everyone, I’m Luna Nakagawa! My talent is having perfect pitch. I absolutely love to
    sing, and lately, my favorite song to sing is Celine Dion’s It’s All Coming Back to Me Now.

    My dream is to become a Living National Treasure and to become the Alicia Keys of the idol world!” 


    Amane Tsukiashi

    “I’m Amane Tsukiashi, 22 years old from Okayama Prefecture. My blood type is O and my
    favorite foods are ramen and Motsunabe. 

    My hobbies are watching movies and dramas, collecting makeup, solo karaoke, flower
    arranging, idol appreciation, and eating!”


    Yui Sakurai

    “Everyone reading this on Moshi Moshi Nippon, it’s nice to meet you! I’m Yui Sakurai, and my member color is mint green!

    My favorite things are tea, ramen, strawberries, fashion, and makeup research. I also have two professional nail certifications!
    In my photos, I might come off as really cool and stoic, but to be honest, I’m usually
    smiling. A fan told me that my smile makes me look like one of the Seven Gods of Fortune, so now I have the brilliant nickname ‘Seven Gods of Fortune Smile’”


    Karen Matsumoto

    “I’m Karen Matsumoto, and my color is baby pink! I’m 20 years old and my special skill is
    piano! I have no experience singing and dancing, but I’ll do my best to keep up with the
    other members!”



    To get started–when you think about other countries, what pops into your head? 


    Yui Sakurai

    “I imagine incredible scenery! The last time I went abroad for work, I did my best to
    communicate with fans. Even though I couldn’t speak their language, they were so friendly and they seemed to understand my thoughts. They smiled at me so much, so I think I’ll get along with foreign fans right away!” (laugh)


    -Luna Nakagawa

    “I think of broadening my horizons, learning about other cultures, and meeting new people. 

    In my experience studying abroad, I could really feel the difference in values and ways of
    thinking when communicating with people my age.

    I was amazed when I could experience things I had never seen in Japan. I thought that
    another country’s culture was amazing and I wanted to imitate it. At the same time, it
    made me realize that I was proud to be Japanese too. When you travel abroad, you
    discover so much and become a more empathetic and kind human. It made me realize that there were plenty of things that I didn’t even know about myself, so I hope that by
    traveling more, I can learn more.” 


    Amane Tsukiashi

    “I imagine the unknown.
    The only foreign country I’ve ever been to is Korea. I know that there are so many cultures, landscapes, and worlds out there that I’ve never seen before.” 


    Karen Matsumoto

    “When I went to Taiwan on a school trip, I loved the tapioca and the rice so much. It made me wonder what other delicious food is waiting for me out there!” 


    Imagine you end up going abroad as FRUITS ZIPPER. What do you think you’d do better than the other members?


    Amane Tsukiashi

    “I’d be good at keeping the mood going and taking on challenges. 

    I want to experience cultures that don’t exist in Japan, so I want to actively try new things–not just food, but local attractions and even skydiving!” 


    -Luna Nakagawa

    “I’ve studied abroad but I don’t speak English fluently. 

    When I go abroad, for some reason, I become a much stronger communicator with much more confidence. I feel like I’ll be best at communicating with the locals in the spirit of “it’ll work out somehow.” (laughs)


    Yui Sakurai

    “I’ve been trying to figure out what I could do best…

    This is a tough question! (laugh)

    People don’t know most of what’s going on in the world, 

    and I’ve been told that my reaction to things abroad is pretty huge. 

    Since we’ll have a ton of first-time experiences abroad, 

    I want to keep my big reactions coming. 

    That way, even fans who aren’t with us can watch from wherever they are

    and get a taste of what we’re experiencing! (laugh)

    That counts, right? 

    Or maybe I just want to go sightseeing.” (laugh)


    Karen Matsumoto

    “The other members tell me that I’m a good communicator. Even when I was a student,
    my grades in English weren’t great, but I still had the top grades in communicative English, so I feel like I can speak it somehow!” (laugh)


    While abroad, you’re told that you can do anything you want for a whole day. What would you do?


    Yui Sakurai

    “I’d eat good food, explore some beautiful places, do some shopping, and get a massage
    under the stars before I went to sleep! (laugh) 

    I’d like to see the ocean too! 

    The last time I went abroad for business, I didn’t get to do much sightseeing, so I want to
    do lots of things unique to wherever I’m visiting.”


    -Luna Nakagawa

    “I want to try out some extreme attractions, like some of those huge roller coasters they
    only have overseas. In some places, I want to experience the local culture too, of course. 

    If I go to Hollywood, I wanna meet Dwayne Johnson.” (laugh)


    Amane Tsukiashi

    “I want to rent a car so I can drive around and see all sorts of different landscapes. 

    I’ve always loved driving, nature, beautiful scenery, and going to places I’ve never been
    before, so I’d like to combine all of those things into one.”


    Karen Matsumoto

    “I’d want to go shopping with my friends!” 


    What do you think would happen if you traveled abroad with the FRUITS ZIPPER members?


    Amane Tsukiashi

    “The group is filled with super energetic members who give their all during every event, so I think that if an event takes place on Halloween, they’d do something great with costumes and things like that. Just imagine how fun that would be!” 


    -Luna Nakagawa

    “Someone will definitely end up causing trouble, like losing their passport or wallet. To be
    specific, I feel like Mana will lose her passport and Karen will lose her wallet. Suzuka’s always eating weird food so she’ll probably get food poisoning.” 


    Yui Sakurai

    “Luna and Noel both speak English, so I’m sure they’ll have great conversations with the
    locals and become good friends, high-fiving and hugging! (laugh)

    Even in Japan, the two talk to each other in English a lot and seem to have a lot of fun!

    I usually try to listen to their conversations, but I have no idea what they’re saying. I’ll
    probably end up making friends with the locals through gestures and facial expressions!” 


    Karen Matsumoto

    “I think I’ll end up getting lost!” 


    Thank you so much for chatting with us. Is there anything you’d like to say before we wrap up?


    Yui Sakurai

    “Thinking of going abroad and traveling the world is such a huge concept, it’s hard for me
    to imagine, but it makes me so happy to think that the number of people who will be happy to see us will expand beyond our borders. I believe that idols have the power to make
    people happy even if they can’t speak your language, and that’s the kind of idol I want to
    be. We’ll do our best to live up to our concept, “From Harajuku to the World!” 



    -Luna Nakagawa

    “Someday I want to go on an overseas adventure with FRUITS ZIPPER and have a real-life meet and greet with fans!!!

    I hope to create many wonderful memories with my fans in the future!” 



    Amane Tsukiashi

    We’ll do our best to expand the activities of FRUITS ZIPPER globally as soon as we can so
    that we can all see lots of new things together! I’m so excited for what the future holds–
    just imagining it has me so thrilled!”


    Karen Matsumoto

    “I want to be able to perform overseas as often as possible, like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!!” 💪🏻



    The next KAWAII LAB Report will focus on IDOLATER!

    Be sure to check it out!

    The official Facebook page of FRUITS ZIPPER is now open!

  • KAWAII LAB. Report #3: Introducing Two New Members of IDOLATER–a Long-Haired Model and a Gambler who Sings Too Well

    24.June.2022 | FEATURES / MUSIC

    KAWAII LAB. is a project spearheaded by ASOBISYSTEM with the aim of introducing the world to popular Japanese idol culture. Announced at the group’s solo concert ‘New IDOLATER’ on April 24, Fuuka Oishi and Ririka Satsuki joined the lineup consisting of Ayu Okuda, Kurumi Tsukishiro, and Yukino Fushiki.


    Today, we’re introducing the two newest members–Fuuka Oishi and Ririka Satsuki.


    Fuuka Oishi

    ▼Social Media Accounts





    July 25, 1999





    ▼Blood Type




    Chiba Prefecture


    ▼Favorite Foods

    Cheesecake, High Cocoa Chocolate (86~95%), Beef Tongue, Skirt Steak, Yakitori (Gizzards, Gristle)


    ▼Favorite Musical Artists



    ▼Favorite Manga/Anime/TV Shows/Radio Shows

    One Piece, Naruto, Kotaro Lives Alone


    Best Way to Spend a Day Off

    Netflix、YouTube、Hanging out at a cafe


    ▼Favorite Phrase

    Different Strokes for Different Folks! Everyone is different and everyone’s great. 


    ▼Places She’d Like to Visit

    Wherever I can see the beautiful ocean!

    Korea, France


    ▼Favorite Part of Herself

    The fact that I laugh a lot–and everything else!



    Light Blue


    Born in 1999. With her characteristic long black hair and dainty yet listless atmosphere,
    she’s a model who has been attracting attention from all sides. Supported by creators and
    having appeared as a model for fashion brands, she has also starred in TV commercials and in music videos. 


    I Want to Die – Centimillimental


    Although she has no experience singing or dancing, Fuuka brings her natural cheerfulness
    to the group.



    Ririka Satsuki

    ▼Social Media Accounts





    August 17, 2000





    ▼Blood Type




    Fukuoka Prefecture


    ▼Favorite Foods

    Ramen, Gingko, Gyoza


    ▼Favorite Musical Artists

    Avril Lavigne

    Lady Gaga

    Namie Amuro


    ▼Favorite Manga/Anime/TV Shows/Radio Shows

    Tokyo Revengers, Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Haikyu!!


    ▼Favorite Way to Spend a Day Off

    Sleep, go to the movies alone, play slot machines (Juggler machines are my favorite!)


    ▼Favorite Phrases

    ・There is always light beyond the clouds.

    ・Stick to your guns. 


    ▼Places She’d Like to Visit

    Hokkaido, Guam, Dubai, London


    ▼Favorite Part of Herself

    Opening my big mouth, my smile.


    ▼Goal for the Year

    Performing live at Zepp!





    With a powerful and husky voice, Ririka previously appeared on TV Tokyo’s ‘The Karaoke
    Battle U-18 Utauma Koshien.’ In 2019, she appeared on AbemaTV’s ‘Koisuru Shuumatsu
    Homestay’ and became incredibly popular with middle and high school students. Recently,
    she appeared on Nippon TV’s ‘Monomane Grand Prix,’ and is active in a number of other


    Ririka Satsuki’s strength lies in her singing ability. 

    Be sure to check out her song covers on TikTok!


    Ririka also enjoys gambling, preferring the Juggler line of slot machines. She’d like to keep
    it up in the future, if she’s able. 

    Her powerful, husky voice has created a kind of chemical reaction in IDOLATER. 


    Stay tuned for the next installment of the IDOLATER series!


    Next week’s KAWAII LAB report will focus on FRUITS ZIPPER. 

  • FRUITS ZIPPER Releases Music Video for Popular TikTok Track ‘Watashino Ichiban Kawaii Tokoro’

    23.June.2022 | MUSIC

    FRUITS ZIPPER, a new idol group from ASOBISYSTEM, has a simple concept: “From Harajuku to the World.” The girls have just released the music video for their 2nd digital single Watashino Ichiban Kawaii Tokoro (The Cutest Thing About Me).


    The group is ready to transmit what they call ‘NEW KAWAII’ from Harajuku, an area known for fashion and individuality, to their soon-to-be global fanbase.


    Watashino Ichiban Kawaii Tokoro – FRUITS ZIPPER 



    FRUITS ZIPPER has been going strong since its launch in April this year, appearing at numerous idol events and selling out tickets to its solo shows immediately after they went on sale.


    The song Watashino Ichiban Kawaii Tokoro has exploded in popularity on TikTok, racking up over 200 million plays.


    The song also ranked on the TikTok HOT SONGS list and charted on Spotify’s viral chart for three weeks in a row.


    Initially, no music video for this song was planned, but due to fan response and the track’s huge popularity, the decision was made to produce one after all. The video is filled with the ‘NEW KAWAII’ that FRUITS ZIPPER wants to be known for, so check it out!


    To commemorate the release of the music video, a playback campaign is currently underway on Spotify from June 23 until June 29. Fans will be able to see a different member on Spotify Canvas for each day of the campaign.


    Don’t miss the share campaign! Seven winners will be chosen by random drawing to win an autographed Polaroid snapshot of the FRUITS ZIPPER members.