AVANCE×Doraemon’s mascara & eyelash serum is now on sale at Roppongi Hills

30.July.2017 | FASHION

“TV Asahi・Roppongi Hills Summer Festival SUMMER STATION” is now being held at Roppongi Hills. The makeup company “AVANCE” and “Doraemon’s” collaborative items, a color mascara “Rush Serum in Mascara Doraemon” and an eyelash serum, “Rush Serum N Doraemon” are now on sale.

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The “Rush Serum in Mascara Doraemon” can be used as two colors and consists of high quantity cosmetic ingredients. You can take care your eyelashes even when you have make up on. “Rush Serum N Doraemon” is one of AVANCE’s popular items. It also consists of high quantity cosmetic ingredients.


It will protect your eyelashes and keep them in a healthy condition. Both items are in special collaborative bottles with Doraemon. You can also get a glitter pouch made of plastic. This cute pouch will for sure interest people.

Both items can be bought at Tereasa Shop located on the first floor of TV Asahi’s building. These items are very popular and it is expected that they will be sold out soon! So, don’t miss this change to purchase these items!




Selling place: Tereasa Shop, others

Price: each \1,600

“Rush Serum in Mascara Doraemon” blue&black/pink&black ¥1600

“Rush Serum N Doraemon” 6ml ¥1200

(both prices tax excluded)

AVANCE online shop: https://avance-online.jp/


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