It’s not summertime, it’s curry time! Join the curry party with these recommendations of curries from all over Japan!

07.August.2017 | FEATURES / FOOD

“Whether it’s spring, summer autumn or winter, I want to eat curry!” Welcome to the next step in this series dedicated to curry lovers! With just my purse, camera and undying love for curry, join me, Rinko Murata, lover of the best curry flavours, on my mission to visit the best curry restaurants in the city that are approved by others as well as by me.


Last time, we visited Asakusa’s retort-pouch curry specialist shop “Curry Land”, where we indulged in the world of dazzling curry pouches. Taking all that on board, today we’re having a curry party!

Today, I’m wearing a shrimp-themed outfit for a special reason. Yep- you’ve guessed it! Today’s lineup of curries includes shrimp curry. It’s so typical of me to dress according to the food theme every time I’m on a curry adventure. After all that care I put into coordinating this curry dress code, I’m finally dressed perfectly for the lineup. Eat it with friends and it will taste even better – let the curry party begin!




Summer has arrived, bring us the curry season too! I want to go out to eat curry but there’s a heat wave, the ultraviolet waves are merciless and anyhow I’m feeling lethargic from this heat – the most annoying circumstances ever…


Nevertheless, the taste of curry is on the tip of my tongue! I did consider making some at home but slaving over a hot pot that simmers in the midst of this heat is just impossible to imagine.


To anyone else out there experiencing the same problem as me, there’s good news! This is where instant curry (aka our lord and saviour), swoops in to save us. This is an easy way to make delicious curry. Having purchased some instant curry from “Curry Land”, which is featured in the last edition of this series, it’s time to have an elite curry party!

Just how long has it been since I last held a party at home… (We don’t really do house parties in Japan) Decorating my room to satisfy my desires, gathering everyone’s favourite plates – preparing the party atmosphere is a thrill in itself! The fun and excitement begins from the preparation stage!

Today I’ve got a lineup of up six varieties of fulfilling curry, each sparkling with its own unique flavour. Having arranged them up in a row, the excitement starts to build! I’m so happy just by the sight of it ♡


Okuizumo Wagyu Curry kicks off the party (Japanese-style beef curry made using beef from Shimane prefecture)

This was the one curry that charmed the owner of Curry Land. Just one mouthful embraces the deep flavour of a wide range of ingredients and the skilfully seasoned spices…


The deep-flavoured, tender marbled beef is a feature of Japanese-style beef sourced from Okuizumo. I was shocked that instant curry could be of such a high quality, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from Curry Land! This is not an exaggeration – this curry is definitely the best beef curry I have ever had.


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