This will for sure be delicious! A “McFlurry” and “Black Thunder” collaborative food item!

13.August.2017 | FOOD

One of Japan’s most popular chocolate bars, “Black Thunder” and McDonald’s Japan’s “McFlurry” have collaborated to make a limited-edition food item titled, “McFlurry Black Thunder.” This item will go on sale starting from August 16th at all McDonald’s stores throughout Japan.

McFlurry which celebrates its tenth years since the start of sales is a soft serve with various toppings and mousses which are swirled together at a high speed to makes for a unique smooth sweets item. This year McFlurry has debuted two other collaborative food items, Morinaga’s caramel and Pokemon.


McFlurry’s unique texture blends well with the chocolate of Black Thunder which has been selling its chocolate bar at a very reasonable price.

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In “McFlurry Black Thunder,” the cocoa cookie and plain biscuit mixes well with the chocolate sauce added to the soft serve, making Black Thunder come alive in a McFlurry base.

The contrast between the smooth soft serve and the crunchiness of the Black Thunder is exquisite. In both taste and texture, this is a new Black Thunder experience.


This summer, why not try this cool Black Thunder at all McDonalds stores throughout Japan.



 McFlurry Black Thunder

Selling period: August 16th – middle of September

Selling place: McDonald’s stores throughout Japan(except some shops)

Selling time: 10:30-closing (10:30-1:00 –some shops opening for 24 hours)

Price: ¥290(tax included)

Source:Macdonalds news release: (



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