Music Video for Kingdom Season 4 Ending Theme ‘Dazzling’ by Haku to Premiere on YouTube

28.April.2022 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

The music video for Haku’s Dazzling, the ending theme for the fourth season of the Kingdom anime series, will premiere in full on April 30, 2022 at 24:30.


The teaser highlights many of Haku’s past works, so be sure to give it a watch!


The short version of the music video, which was released after the first episode of the new season, has been praised by fans from around the world. Many listeners have been seen on social media quoting certain lines that remind them of scenes from Kingdom. The song is available to stream now, ahead of a physical release in June.


The fourth season of Kingdom debuted in Japan on April 9, 2022. The full music video for Dazzling will debut on YouTube immediately following the premiere of episode 4 on April 30.


Premiere Link


Haku Comment                              

After heeding others’ wills, each step becomes heavier.

No matter the pain we feel, we have the faith to never stop moving forward.

I wrote this song hoping it would inspire someone who is struggling to keep going.

The music video features incredibly powerful and realistic illustrations by Icochiya.

The video creator Kairi created something that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into the MV.

I hope that this piece will bring to mind many of the series’ memorable scenes and lines. 

Enjoy this song along with the show!


  • Kingdom Season 4 Ending Theme ‘FICTION’ by Haku Now Streaming

    26.March.2022 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Haku’s FICTION, the ending theme for the fourth season of the Kingdom anime series, is now available to stream on all music platforms.


    Beginning a music career on YouTube in 2020, Haku is known for writing, composing, arranging, and singing her songs all on her own. Heavily inspired by popular anime and manga characters, she brings her own interpretation of these characters into her music, with many saying that her songs feel like ‘spin-offs of original works.’



    The song FICTION was inspired by a single piece of art by Nukui Ondori, an up-and-coming manga artist active on the Shonen Jump+ app. The illustration was part PROJECT COMUC, a collaborative event between Avex and Shueisha to blend the worlds of manga and music.


    With such a unique source of inspiration, the track doesn’t focus on any particular story. Haku hopes that listeners can imagine their own story as they listen to this extremely original song.


    Haku Comment

    “This song was entirely inspired by a single illustration drawn by Nukui Ondori. 


    ‘Even if my existence is a sham, I want my emotions to be real.’ That’s what I was thinking as I wrote this song–the hopes, the anguish, the struggles of someone living a lie.


    I hope that the lyrics and the arrangement of this song paint a vivid picture in your mind. Please enjoy building your own story as much as I did!” 



  • Kingdom Season 4 Ending Theme to be Performed by Haku

    23.February.2022 | Uncategorized

    Known for her popular anime and manga-inspired songs, singer-songwriter Haku will provide the ending theme for the Season 4 of Kingdom. The new season will begin airing on NHK General on April 9, 2022.


    Haku is known for writing, composing, arranging, and singing her songs all on her own. Heavily inspired by popular anime and manga characters, she brings her own interpretation of these characters into her music, with many saying that her songs feel like ‘spin-offs of original works.’ A newcomer to the music world, Haku is incredibly excited to be contributing to such a popular series.


    The new song, Genyo (Dazzling) was inspired by the main character Shin, expressing his straightforward way of living his life and his unshakeable ambition. The song blends modern guitar with the traditional Chinese erhu. 


    The newly released teaser visual for Kingdom Season 4 shows Cheng Jiao, Ying Zheng’s ousted brother, wearing a sinister smile. A second live-action film has been announced and will release this summer!


    Comment from Haku

    ~My Thoughts on Genyo (Dazzling)~

    This song is based on Shin and the Hi Shin Army, who are carrying the dreams of so many people on their backs. 

    The title of the song reflects that their powerful intentions will always faithfully shine as they march ever forward.

    I wrote the lyrics, the music, and the arrangement, and sang it with great care, pouring my love for Kingdom into it. I hope that you’ll enjoy it along with the anime series!



  • Kingdom Anime Ending Theme ‘kIng’ by Emiko Suzuki Now Streaming

    21.August.2021 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    The anime version of Emiko Suzuki’s song ‘kIng’ is now available on streaming services. The song is currently being used as the ending theme for the second cour of the Kingdom anime series on NHK. 


    The single includes the anime-sized version of the song, as well as a karaoke version. ‘kIng’ was written and produced by Hiroyuki Sawano, who has written scores for many popular anime series including Blue Exorcist, Attack on Titan, Kill la Kill, and 86


    Hisashi Abe, the character designer for Kingdom, provided the jacket art of series main character Shin. 


    What do you think of the track?



    ©Yasuhisa Hara/Shueisha・Kingdom Production Committee

  • BiSH Releases Kingdom Anime Opening Theme ‘STACKiNG’ Music Video

    10.July.2021 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Japanese idol group BiSH, often called the ‘punk band without instruments,’ released the full music video for their new song STACKiNG on Monday. The track will feature as the second opening theme for the anime series Kingdom from July 18.



    The song is also available to listen to on major music streaming and download services. It will feature on their upcoming 4th album GOiNG TO DESTRUCTiON set to release on August 4.

  • Kingdom Anime Collaborates With Firsthand On Exclusive Merchandise

    23.January.2021 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    Creative and sustainable concept store Firsthand released a collection of items in collaboration on Wednesday (January 20) with the TV anime series Kingdom, which is set to begin airing its third season this April, and Japanese artist Kosuke Kawamura. The items are available to buy both online in Japan and at a pop-up store at OPEN STUDIO inside FREAK’S STORE Shibuya.

    Firsthand is a Japanese brand centred on upcycling and sustainable production. Fans of the ongoing anime series can get their hands on a range of clothing items, phone cases, and more. If they head to OPEN STUDIO they’ll also find an illustration exhibit, a photo spot, and more. The gallery is also selling posters signed by Kosuke Kawamura.

    Will you be watching Season 3 of Kingdom this spring?

  • BiSH Releases Music Video For Kingdom Anime’s Opening Theme ‘TOMORROW’

    11.May.2020 | MUSIC

    Japanese idol group BiSH have just released the music video for their new song TOMORROW which serves as the opening theme for the ongoing TV anime series Kingdom.

    Since their 2016 debut, BiSH have been known as “the punk band without instruments,” but in this music video directed by Kentaro Osawa we see the members wielding instruments in a heated performance.



    The band also unveiled a new artist photo on their official website and Twitter account. TOMORROW was released on digital music services on April 13, 2020 and comes as the first new song from the group since their 6th single KiND PEOPLE/Rhythm last November.

  • BiSH Release Kingdom Anime Opening Theme Along With An Exciting Video on Twitter

    13.April.2020 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    At midnight on April 12, 2020, Japanese “punk band without instruments” BiSH released their new song TOMORROW on a number of streaming services including Apple Music, Spotify, and iTunes. The new song serves as the anime opening theme for the episodes of Kingdom which started broadcasting in April. 


    TOMORROW is their latest single since KiND PEOPLE/ Rhythm which was released last year in November. 

    BiSH also unveiled a teaser video for TOMORROW on their official Twitter. The video shows all the band members engaging in a hilarious video call from their homes.



    Whether you’re a BiSH fan or a Kingdom fan, you just have to check out this song. 

  • BiSH to Perform ‘Kingdom’ Anime’s Opening Theme ‘TOMORROW’

    18.March.2020 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    BiSHーthe Japanese punk band with no instrumentsーwill perform the opening theme TOMORROW for the upcoming TV anime series Kingdom which will premiere on NHK General TV on April 5, 2020.

    Kingdom is a manga series written and illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara. Serialised in Weekly Shonen Jump since January 2006, it has shipped over 47 million copies and even received a hit live-action film adaptation.

    The upcoming third season of the anime series will cover the manga’s Alliance Arc which features what is known for having the biggest fight in Kingdom. A new promotional video was released which features the opening theme song TOMORROW by BiSH.

    ©Yasuhisa Hara/Shueisha・Kingdom Production Committee


    BiSH member Sentochihiro Chicchi said: “We are truly honoured to be responsible for the opening theme for Kingdom, an anime series loved by the world and overflowing with charm. We as a group were energised by the growth of the characters. They are strong and noble, with no friends or allies but with rich personalities. Although the times we and they live in are different, we are warriors who rush forward recklessly in order to survive. The characters are all super cool! BiSH will sing with all we have too. Without fail.”

  • Kingdom Manga Volume 55 Release Promoted With New Web Series ‘Mingdom’

    20.August.2019 | ANIME&GAME

    To celebrate the release of volume 55 of Yasuhisa Hara’s historical adventure and fantasy manga series Kingdom on August 19, Shonen Jump TV launched a new web series entitled Mingdom on their official YouTube channel.

    The video series brings together people who have never read the manga before and encourages them to do so and talk about it.

    The first video in the series has them all read the first five volumes of the manga―and all of them end up loving it. The second episode will be released on August 21 where they will read volumes 6 to 10 and the third episode on August 23 where they will read volumes 11 to 16.

    The moderators of the discussion are comedian Takashi Yoshimura, Yumi Wakatsuki of Nogizaka46, and comedian Kodai Ito, all of whom are well known for being a huge fans of Kingdom. The line-up of those reading the series for the first time in the video includes 9 well-known faces of varying ages, including Takashi of the comedy duo Trendy Angel, model and actress Kotoko Yamaga, model, singer and actor Shintaro Yamada, and professional wrestler, bodybuilder and idol Reika Saiki among others.

    Have you read Kingdom yet?


    ©Yasuhisa Hara / Shueisha

  • Lipovitan D Energy Drink Collaborates With ‘Kingdom’ Anime Series

    20.March.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

    The Japanese energy drink Lipovitan D is collaborating with the anime series Kingdom to release a line of drinks with character illustrations on the bottles. The drinks will be available in packs of 10 and sold on Amaozn and elsewhere from March 29 to May 29.


    The theme of the drink pack is Shutsujin, or “departure for war.” There are 15 character designs in total spread across 3 categories each of which have 5 character designs in them. The categories for these limited edition bottles are ShutsujinChishou (“Resourceful General”) and Daishougun (“General”).


    The packs also come with paper crafts to create paper versions of items that appear in the anime series.

    The Shutsujin pack comes with an almost 2-meter long sword.


    The Chishou pack comes with a Ka Ryo Ten helmet you can actually wear.


    The Daishougun comes with a detailed Yo Tan Wa mask that can also be worn.


    The collaboration’s website lists different ways you can utilise these fun items. The manufacturers put their all into making them and made the following comments.

    Lead Developer

    “There’s a lot of adversity in the office. I wondered to myself if there was something Lipovitan D could do to face this adversity… that’s when we arrived on a collaboration with Kingdom. We worked hard on this so that people can pluck up the courage to face any adversity head on just like the protagonist Xin, and we made is so it can be used even in the business scene.”


    Developer A

    “Not everybody holds the same courage and motivation to never lose like the characters in Kingdom. The helmet is the item those people need to gain the courage to take a step forward.”


    Developer B

    “I was always a fan of Kingdom. I thought and planned long and hard to grant my dream of wanting to someday work under somebody like Yo Tan Wa. I got some laughs out of the office wearing the Yo Tan Wa mask, even out of my always-strict superiors. It changed their impression of me into something mysterious.”