Perfume to perform for the very first time at Yasutaka Nakata’s music festival “OTONOKO”!

26.August.2017 | MUSIC / SPOT

The OTONOKO music festival brought together an unprecedented number of attendees last year, and the event is set to return later this year. The third round of artists to perform has finally been announced – you can expect to see Perfume, 80KIDZ, and TeddyLoid performing at OTONOKO this December.



Last year’s OTONOKO was a huge success and will return on December 2nd this year at Ishikawa Sangyo Tenji in Hall 4.


The festival is produced by none other than Yasutaka Nakata, Japan’s leading musician, producer and DJ who receives huge support from artists all over the globe, and who is known as the producer for some of the Japan’s biggest acts including Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Nakata has created music for international ceremonies, public showcases, countless movies both in Japan and overseas including Hollywood blockbusters and more.

Perfume A写

3 new artists have been added to the line-up for this year’s OTONOKO. Perfume, one of Japan’s biggest and most successful J-pop groups, will appear at the event for the first time. The group’s music has been produced by Nakata for 14 years now since the release of their single “Sweet Donuts” back in 2003. This will be their first ever performance alongside Nakata at an event.

TeddyLoid A写


80KIDZ and TeddyLoid will also be making a return to OTONOKO, having performed at last year’s festival.


All three of these acts are in close relations to Nakata, and you can expect to see them all there on the day. Further information regarding the event will be released at a later date, so be sure to keep up to date over on the official site!



Yasutaka Nakata presents “OTONOKO 2017”

Date: Saturday December 2, 2017 (11:00 OPEN / 13:00 START)

Venue: Ishikawa Sangyo Tenji in Hall 4

Price: Standing Tickets – ¥6,800 (tax incl.)

Tickets go on sale at ticket agencies in Japan on August 26th at 10:00am.


Official Bus Tour:

*2nd wave of tickets to go on sale from Friday September 1st.


“OTONOKO” Official Website:



  • Kuroneco Jack Sells Sensational Chocolate Gâteau in Kanazawa

    07.July.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

    Gâteau Chocolat shop Kuroneco Jack just opened this May in Kanazawa, Ishikawa and has already become a sensation.

    The shop interior is colourful. The wooden features add warmth to the surroundings, creating a relaxing atmosphere. Although this is a very difficult location to reach if you don’t have a car, the shop is filled with customers every single day. 

    Every day, the highly experienced patissiers create 12 flavours of cute and delicious gâteau. From standard chocolate to fruit, black sesame and matcha, you can find many rare flavours here. 

    The standard chocolat JACK is made from 62% cocoa chocolate. The raspberry JACK offers chocoholics the opportunity to enjoy Jack’s luxurious chocolate with a sour touch of fresh raspberries to accent the flavour. Just the aroma of the Black Sesame JACK proves its fantastic quality. There are also many more flavours on sale that you just won’t be able to resist. 

    If you pop by the shop, you should also check out the popular parfait menu that consists of three fruity parfaits. Just looking at them will make your mouth water. Of course, Jack’s chocolate is also used in the parfaits. The SHIRONECO Parfait uses a white chocolate base, whilst the KURONECO Parfait uses a dark chocolate base. There is also the DORANECO parfait, which is completely left in the chef’s hands to do as they please. 

    There is also original soft serve ice cream, gâteau chocolat with brûlée, cheesecake and many more fusion desserts that are sold as part of the INTO Series. I know everything looks so delicious you will not be able to decide, but if you ever find yourself in Kanazawa, please pop by. 

  • A Digital World Where Art Meets Nature: Don’t Miss teamLab’s Immersive Exhibition in Kanazawa

    05.June.2019 | SPOT

    teamLab is a creative group of professionals and artists that creates collaborative digital art projects and exhibits them to the public. Visitors have the opportunity to fully immerse their bodies in the exhibition and become part of the art. Now, teamLab is heading to the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa (Ishikawa).


    From Friday 9th August to Sunday 1st September, the exhibition Impermanent Flowers Floating in a Continuous Sea will take place in the museum. Tickets can be purchased from Seven Ticket (Seven-Eleven convenience stores) or from event’s official website.

    Continuous Life and Death at the Now of Eternity, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together
    teamLab, 2019, Interactive Digital Installation, Endless, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi

    Learn more:

    Reversible Rotation – Black in White
    teamLab, 2018, Digital Installation, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi

    Learn more:

    The main exhibition features one continuous wave produced by one installation. The concept is; Black Waves: Lost, Immersed and Reborn. The movement of the patterns in the exhibition are influenced by the movements of the visitors. The exhibition aims to show people that the continuous cycle of life and death exists in a moment that lasts forever. You cannot control it, but you can learn to live alongside it. 


     Black in White is another immersive exhibition. Here, you stand in the exhibition space and watch Japanese sho (calligraphy) being drawn all around you in 3D. The Graffiti Flowers Bombing exhibition is where visitors can draw their own flowers which then grow and bloom on the walls and spread all over the exhibition space.

    Graffiti Flowers Bombing
    teamLab, 2018, Interactive Digital Installation, Endless, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi

    Learn more:

    All visitors are invited to become one with the art together. As your body intwines with the art, the borders between people and the exhibition disappear, creating a new borderless relationship with the world.  This is a chance for anyone to experience the latest technology to their heart’s content.

  • teamLab to Showcase Latest Digital Art Tech at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa

    02.April.2019 | SPOT

    teamLab has announced that it will hold an exhibition at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, the capital of Ishikawa Prefecture, entitled teamLab: Impermanent Flowers Floating in a Continuous Sea from August 9 to September 1.

    Black Waves: Lost, Immersed and Reborn teamLab, 2019, Digital Installation, Continuous Loop, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi 

    Full Details:

    This enormous installation is made of a single continuous wave.

    Continuous Life and Death at the Now of Eternity,  Cannot be Controlled but Live Together teamLab, 2019, Interactive Digital Installation, Endless, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi

    Full Details:

    This art piece is influenced by the movement of people. Rendered in real time, it creates unique visual states that will never be replicated.

    Reversible Rotation – Black in White teamLab, 2018, Digital Installation, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi

    Full Details:

    A display of “spatial calligraphy” where traditional Japanese sho, or calligraphy, is presented in a contemporary way inside a rotating abstract space.

    Graffiti Flowers Bombing teamLab, 2018, Interactive Digital Installation, Endless, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi

    Full Details:

    Attendees will draw flowers onto paper which will bloom onto the walls in colourful bunches.


    Enjoy sharing the immersive world of teamLab’s boundary-transcending, transient and deep digital art together with the other people in the exhibition.

  • Perfume: A Group Defining Live Performances of the Future & Tying the World to J-Pop

    22.March.2019 | FEATURES / MUSIC

    Perfume―a 3-member techno pop unit whose name is unknown to nobody in their home country of Japan. The J-pop trio embarked on their “Future Pop” arena tour last year―their 7th tour to date―which began on September 21, 2018 and took them to 9 locations across Japan for a total of 18 concerts. They subsequently played live on the 69th NHK Kōhaku Uta Gassen on December 31 with their performance being streamed live. Their sixth album Future Pop which the tour is named after made it to No. 1 on Oricon’s Weekly Album Charts on August 27. In both name and reality they stand unshaken as a group representing Japan.

    Thanks to streaming services such as YouTube and Spotify, Perfume’s international fame and recognition has surged into the stratosphere. Their growing popularity recently led them to embarking their 4th world tour Perfume WORLD TOUR 4th “FUTURE POP” on February 23 this year to Asia and North America. This marks almost four years since touring Asia and two-and-a-half since the US. It’s safe to say then that 2019 will reign once more as the year of perfume for overseas fans.

    Before & After Perfume: How They Changed the Value of Entertainment
    With Japan being home to so many girl groups, why is it that Perfume has rooted themselves to strongly overseas?


    One answer points to their authentic electro sound which bursts intently with originality. Another is their dignified dance performances which are so tight that one might think them to be androids. This, combined with their live shows which incorporate digital media art using experimental and cutting-edge technology. The entertainment value of girl groups has changed since Perfume came on the scene. All of today’s idol groups and girl units take great influence from Perfume.


    Perfume’s music has real intention behind it. It’s the real deal that has impressed even the most crazed music lovers and audiophiles. Their discography―from their indie era debut in 2003 to today―has been entirely produced by Japanese record producer, composer and DJ Yasutaka Nakata. The songs he crafts, from techno pop to electro, have affixed a new kind of value to J-pop that never existed before. He has been able to take dance music made for club-goers and transform it into a type of J-pop that is able to reach all listeners.


    His music has and continues to receive high praise not just in Japan but around the world. Perfume’s latest album Future Pop which was released last year made it to No. 1 on the iTunes Electro Charts in 20 countries. Their previous album Cosmic Explorer even ranked 16th on Rolling Stone’s 20 Best Pop Albums of 2016.

    Another factor as to how Perfume has captivated the world is their choreography which mix cuteness with sci-fi, robotic-like moves. Their choreographer is MIKIKO who created the “Koi Dance” in the music video for Gen Hoshino’s hit song Koi, and who has been appointed as part of the planning team for the opening and closing ceremony of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The three members of Perfume have received guidance from performers who are active internationally since their days at Actor’s School Hiroshima.


    Their music is irregular, and all of them are able to dance complex moves in formation while wearing 8cm heels. They are conscious of every single motion right down to the tips of their fingers. That is true art.


    The Year 2020 Marks Perfume’s 20th Anniversary

    We mustn’t forget Perfume’s concerts, another part of their successful appeal, which make use of the latest technology. Their shows have been directed by Daito Manabe, an artist, programmer, designer, DJ, VJ, composer based in Tokyo who is the spearhead of Rhizomatiks, a Japanese company which uses the arts and technology to produce large scale artistic projects. Whether it be their on-stage performances or music videos, Perfume have given us insight into and let us experience the near-future.

    In 2017, the group collaborated with docomo to put on a very special show to connect their performance around the world in Tokyo, London and New York. Using hyper-realistic visuals, fans were able to experience as if Perfume were actually there in front of them in spite of the 10,000km distance.

    The girls have continued to pull us into a new world, something that we have not experienced with any other artist, through their projection mapped live performances, illuminated outfits, and more. They were extremely well received at SXSW in 2015 too, only solidifying their place in the music world.


    Perfume have continually carved a path of originality on which left their strong presence both in Japan and overseas. They are now set to perform at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California this April, an event which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Perfume, too, will celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2020. We can rest assured that they have no signs of stopping their fiery force as they approach this historical milestone.


    Text: Ayaka Sakai

    Translation: Joshua Kitosi-Isanga

  • Perfume Release Fragrance Items From Their ‘Perfume Closet’ Fashion Project

    06.March.2019 | FASHION / MUSIC

    J-pop trio Perfume are knee deep on their 4th world tour entitled “FUTURE POP” which began on February 23, 2019 and is taking them across Asia and North America.


    a-chan, NOCCHi and KASHIYUKA are also known for their Perfume Closet fashion project for which they opened a pop-up shop at Laforet Harajuku last year. It has been announced that new fragrance items will be released from the brand.

    Perfume released their own original perfume “PERFUME OF PERFUME” in 2016 which has gone on to be a hugely popular product. Using its scent as a base, two new products will be released from Perfume Closet on March 21.

    PERFUME OF PERFUME Hand Cream (30g) – ¥1,600 (Before Tax)

    The hand cream has great spread, isn’t sticky and moisturises skin beautifully. Whether your hands are feeling dry, you want to care for your skin before going out or after getting out the bath, or you want to refresh during work, then this is the cream to go for.


    PERFUME OF PERFUME Fabric Spray (100ml) – ¥2,000 (Before Tax)

    This fabric spray can be used on everything from clothing to curtain, sofas and beds―even as room spray―to add a pleasant fragrance to your surroundings.


    Both items will be released on March 21―the date of their indie era debut―for a limited time at ISETAN MiRROR stores across Japan and online via ASMART. They will also be released at Tower Records branches on April 2 in line with the release of their Blu-ray and DVD Perfume 7th Tour 2018 “FUTURE POP” dropping on April 3.


    If bought on ASMART the products can also be sent with a special gift bag for an additional fee – a perfect Perfume present.

  • As we make headway into the new year, information on Japanese artists performing outside of Japan continues to roll out. This first article covers Japanese artists set to perform concerts overseas in the first half of 2019.


    The global popularity of multi-platinum electro J-pop group Perfume is clear for all to see, with their latest album Future Pop released back in August charting in at No.1 in 20 countries across the world. And now, international fans in the US and Asia will be excited to hear that the trio are set to hit a city near them in March and April this year.


    Full Details:



    Perfume WORLD TOUR 4th “FUTURE POP”

    2019/3/2 @ NTU Sports Center / Taipei, TAIWAN

    2019/3/30 @ HAMMERSTEIN BALLROOM / New York, NY

    2019/4/2 @ QUEEN ELIZABETH THEATRE / Toronto, ON

    2019/4/5 @ CHICAGO THEATRE / Chicago, IL

    2019/4/7 @ THE BOMB FACTORY / Dallas, TX

    2019/4/10 @ PARAMOUNT THEATRE / Seattle, WA

    2019/4/17 @ CITY NATIONAL CIVIC / San Jose, CA

    2019/4/19 @ ACE THEATRE / Los Angeles, CA

    *Details for Shanghai concert TBA.
    *All dates are local time.


    Tour Website:

    Perfume Global Website:



    SID announced at their 15th anniversary tour Ichiban Suki na Basho 2018 that they are set to perform four dates in Asia.


    Full Details:



    SID 15th Anniversary ASIA TOUR “THE PLACE WHERE WE LOVE MOST 2019”

    2019/2/15 @ Legacy Taipei, Taipei

    2019/2/20 @ MacPherson Stadium, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong


    2019/2/24 @ Tango Live House, Beijing


    SID Official Website:



    ・Kenshi Yonezu

    Kenshi Yonezu took the charts by storm in 2018 breaking many records with a string of singles. While riding this wave of success, it has been announced that Yonezu will embark on his first ever arena tour which begins today on January 19. Two dates in Shanghai and Taipei have been added to the tour.


    Full Details:



    Kenshi Yonezu When The Spine Becomes Opal

    2019/3/19 @ Mercedes-Benz Arena, Shanghai

    2019/3/30 @ National Taiwan University Sports Center, Taipei


    Kenshi Yonezu Official Weibo:

    Kenshi Yonezu Official Website:


    ・Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

    Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra celebrate their 30th anniversary this year, and what better way to kick off it off than performing at Lollapalooza Chilie in March. Before they do however they will first perform at PA’L NORTE 2019, a 2-day music and art festival in Monterrey, Mexico. They are part of a line-up consisting of big names such as Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon and Santana.


    Full Details:



    Lollapalooza Chile

    Location: O’Higgins Park, Chile

    Date: March 29, 2019 – March 31, 2019

    Event Page:


    PA’L NORTE 2019

    Location: Monterrey, Mexico

    Date: March 22, 2019 – March 23, 2019

    Event Page:


    Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra Official Website:


    ・Taichi Mukai

    Taichi Mukai is in the midst of his 2018-2019 “Pure Tour” to promote his newest album PURE. The artist is gaining much attention not just in Japan but across Asia too. Mukai is set to perform in Asia for the first time beginning on March 22.


    Full Details:



    ASIA TOUR 2019

    2019/3/22 @ THE WALL TAIPEI, Taiwan

    2019/3/24 @ Megaport Festival, Taiwan

    2019/3/29 @ Jiangjinjiu, Beijing

    2019/3/30 @ HOULIVE, Shenzen

    2019/3/31/ @ Modern Sky Lab, Shanghai

    2019/4/6 @ HANATOUR V-Hall, South Korea


    Taichi Mukai Official Website:



    HYDE started his solo music career up again last year and has various planned for 2019. He performed at L’Arc-en-Ciel’s 2018 Christmas live show “L’ArChristmas” and will embark on an Asia tour in March.




    2019/3/27 @ Shanghai

    2019/3/29 @ Beijing

    2019/3/31 @ Chengdu

    2019/4/2 @ Hong Kong

    2019/4/4 @ Taipei

    *Ticket details TBA.

    HYDE Official Website:



    GARNiDELiA released Kyoki Ranbu on September 26 this year, an album compiling every song from their internationally acclaimed online dance series including their hit song Gokuraku Jodo. The pop rock duo have announced that they will embark on their biggest Asia tour to date including shows in Hong Kong and Singapore.


    Full Details:



    stellacage Asia Tour 2019 “Kyoki Ranbu”
    2019/3/21 @ Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka, Tokyo
    2019/3/30 @ MacPherson Stadium, Hong Kong
    2019/4/13 @ Zepp@BIGBOX, Singapore
    2019/6/23 @ PENNY LANE 24, Hokkaido
    2019/6/30 @ Namba Hatch, Osaka
    2019/7/7 @ Diamond Hall, Aichi
    2019/7/27 @ DRUM LOGOS, Fukuoka


    GARNiDELiA Official Website:


    ・Wednesday Campanella

    Wednesday Campanella is no stranger to performing solo concerts and at festivals outside Japan. The next place to be graced by KOM_I’s incredible performance is Barcelona for the Primavera Sound music festival.


    Full Details:




    Primavera Sound
    Running: May 30, 2019 – June 1, 2019 (Wednesday Campanella to perform on May 31)
    Event Website:

    Wednesday Campanella Official Website:


    To all lovers of J-pop, J-rock and any kind of Japanese artist or band living outside Japan – if an artist is coming to a place near you, show your support and don’t miss the opportunity to see them live.


    Writer: Heir

  • ‘Perfume Closet’ Pop-Up Shop to Open at Laforet Harajuku

    29.November.2018 | FASHION / MUSIC

    The CONTAINER on the 2nd floor of Laforet Harajuku is raising Christmas spirits this year with a range of pop-up shops. The first to open will be  from J-pop trio Perfume who will promote their Perfume Closet fashion project from December 4 to 13.


    Following this, another shop called mt store at Laforet Harajuku will run from December 14 and 26 to celebrate Laforet Harajuku’s 40th anniversary and mt10’s 10th anniversary. Expect to get your hands on lots of Christmas themed gifts and decorations.

    Perfume Closet is a fashion project that began from a proposal to create clothes that connect with fans through Perfume’s music. The concept behind the items in the line-up serves to give people the courage to take that necessary step forward and to support them.

    This marks the third appearance of the pop-up shop which promises to be bigger than those before it. They will sell items that draw inspiration from the iconic outfits that a-chan, NOCCHi and KASHIYUKA wear in their music videos.

    And for this holiday season only, Perfume Closet socks will come in special Christmas packaging. The shop will be decorated with visual panels of the members and there’ll be a spot to take photos too.

    The mt store at Laforet HARAJUKU pop-up shop will sell a whole range of original Laforet Harajuku and Christmas masking tape. The shop, too, will be decorated with masking tape.


    Feel the Christmas spirit by getting your hands on some limited edition items at the Perfume Closet and mt x Laforet pop-up shops!

  • Perfume Announce 4th World Tour―US & Asia Dates Revealed

    31.October.2018 | MUSIC

    The global popularity of multi-platinum electro J-pop group Perfume is clear for all to see, with their latest album Future Pop released back in August charting in at No.1 in 20 countries across the world. And now, international fans in the US and Asia will be excited to hear that the trio are set to hit a city near them in March and April next year.


    The title of the tour is Perfume WORLD TOUR 4th “FUTURE POP” which will take a-chan, NOCCHi and KASHIYUKA to Taiwan, Shanghai and China for the Asia leg and New York, Chicago, LA as well as Toronto, Dallas, Seattle and San Jose for the first time on the US leg. Details for the dates, times and venues of the China and Shanghai shows have yet to be announced, but ticket information can be found on the official tour website.


    It has been 4 years since Perfume’s last Asia tour back in 2014 for Perfume WORLD TOUR 3rd. It has also been 2 and a half years since their last US tour for Perfume 6th Tour 2016 “COSMIC EXPLORER.”


    Perfume’s global site for international fans have also undergone renovation. It features live footage and music videos as well as a a showcasing of a range of technology Perfume have utilised as part of various projects.

    Comment: Perfume
    “We’re so excited to announce our first world tour in 2 years! This is going to be our biggest world tour ever, including some cities we’re playing for the first time. Our latest album “Future Pop” became No.1 electronic album in 20 countries. We will mainly be performing off of this album and will put out the coolest shows we can for our international fans. Can’t wait to see you all at the show♪” – Perfume

  • Japanese girl group “Perfume” launches third round of fashion project “Perfume Closet”! Visit a pop-up shop near you!

    14.October.2018 | FASHION

    Japanese pop girl group “Perfume” has launched the third round of their fashion project “Perfume Closet”! The project kicked off with the intention to enhance everyday fashion through their music.

    The third round of this project involves the release of numerous goods that have been carefully designed by taking inspiration from the girls’ unique fashion as seen in their music videos. The fashion goods combine the girls’ seasonal fashion, which is currently centred around checkered tops, trousers and skirts, and combines this with the girls’ fashion know-how and current fashion trends.

    This round also brings new miscellaneous goods that come in original print designs to the scene. There are also many goods such as commuter pass cases, mini wallets and bags that are decorated with a special “P” design! (P for “Perfume”).

    The popular dance heels are now available in two new colours: lavender suede and navy suede!


    The Perfume Closet pop-up shop will open in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka for a limited period only starting on Wednesday 17th October 2018! (Note: This shop will only be open in one location at a time). You can also purchase the goods from the same date on the artist online shop “ASMART”. If you’re around when the pop-up shop opens, please stop by!

  • Perfume Release New Album ‘Future Pop’ & Announce Cafe Collaborations in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka

    16.August.2018 | MUSIC

    Perfume released new and seventh album Future Pop on August 15 featuring hit singles TOKYO GIRLIf you wanna and Mugen Mirai.

    The album comes as the first from the trio in two years since COSMIC EXPLORER. It features numerous singles in addition to songs used in commercials and brand new songs we haven’t heard yet.


    The limited edition of the album includes a bonus disc that features the music video for their new song Let Me Know, live performances of TOKYO GIRL and If you wanna held at a release event and live footage of FUSION taken from their Perfume x TECHNOLOGY presents “Reframe” performance at Shibuya NHK Hall in March 2018. It also includes an exclusive radio recording, something that’s become a regular bonus feature on their albums.

    Additionally, to celebrate the album’s release, three Perfume Future Pop Cafes are now open at SUZU CAFE ‐jingumae‐ in Tokyo, Amelie Cafe in Nagoya, and W Cafe in Osaka. The Tokyo and Nagoya cafes are open until August 26 and the Osaka branch until August 24.


    The collaborative cafes are decked out with Future Pop visuals and there’s food and desserts inspired by the songs from the album. When you order from the collaborative menu, you can get your hands on an exclusive Perfume Future Pop Cafe lunch mat and coaster. There are two coaster designs. If you order one item from the menu you will receive the Future Pop Logo Coaster and i you order two items you’ll receive the Future Pop Dress Coaster which features the album cover art.


    Be sure to pick up a copy of Future Pop and hear Perfume’s latest material.



    Perfume 7th Album – “Future Pop”

    First Press Limited Edition: (CD+Blu-ray+Stickers) – ¥4,980 (Tax Included) [UPCP-9020]

    First Press Limited Edition: (CD+DVD+Stickers) – ¥4,600 (Tax Included) [UPCP-9021]

    Regular Edition (CD+Blu-ray) – ¥3,980 (Tax Included) [UPCP-1003]

    Regular Edition (CD+DVD) – ¥3,600 (Tax Included) [UPCP-1004]


    Perfume Official Website:


  • Anime Anthology Film ‘Modest Heroes’ Music to be Composed by Yasutaka Nakata & Other Music Veterans

    15.August.2018 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Studio Ponoc, formed by former Studio Ghibli lead film producer Yoshiaki Nishimura, is releasing its next animated movie after their debut release Mary and the Witch’s Flower (2017).


    Modest Heroes is a three-part anime anthology film set for release in Japan on August 24. Several composers including DJ, record producer, songwriter Yasutaka Nakata (Capsule, Perfume, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) have been unveiled to have worked on the movie’s soundtrack.

    The film is split into three parts with different directors. Kanini & Kanino is a fantasy short directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi―who also directed Mary and the Witch’s Flower―and follows two crab brothers on a big adventure. Life Ain’t Gonna Lose is a drama short directed by animator Yoshiyuki Momose, a great talent who worked under the late Isao Takahata of Studio Ghibli. It’s based on a true story and tells a tale of love between a mother and a young boy. The final part, Invisible, is directed by veteran animator Akihiko Yamashita who is known for having worked on Hayao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle. It focuses on the struggles of a lonely invisible man.

    Modest Heroes features a voiceover cast of well-known actors and actress such as Joe Odagiri and Fumino Kimura. The soundtrack is composed by three huge names in music: film composer, pianist and singer-songwriter Takatsugu Muramatsu, music producer and keyboardist Masanori Shimada, and Yasutaka Nakata.

    Which film short are you most looking forward to from the anthology?



    Studio Ponoc – “Modest Heroes”

    Release Date: August 24, 2018

    “Kanini & Kanino” – Director: Hiromasa Yonebayashi / Music: Takatsugu Muramatsu / Cast: Fumino Kimura, Rio Suzuki

    “Life Ain’t Gonna Lose” – Director: Yoshiyuki Momose / Music: Masanori Shimada / Cast: Machiko Ono, Sota Shinohara, Kentaro Sakaguchi

    “Invisible” – Director: Akihiko Yamashita / Music: Yasutaka Nakata / Cast: Joe Odagiri, Min Tanaka


    Movie Trailer:

    Official Website:


    ©2018 STUDIO PONOC


  • Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Yasutaka Nakata & Other ASOBISYSTEM Artists Perform at ASOBIEXPO ― Event Report

    23.July.2018 | MUSIC

    An army of Japanese pop culture leaders signed to ASOBISYSTEM attended ASOBIEXPO at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST on July 21, 2018 to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary, including Kyary Pamyu PamyuYasutaka NakataSebastian Masuda and more.

    Close to 100 music artists, models, DJs and others attended the festival, which was split into two slots: ASOBIFES!!! was a free invitation-only concert and show event, and ASOBINITE!!! was a club event which was attended by some of Japan’s representative artists.

    Beginning the show was none other than MANON, ASOBISYSTEM’s 16-year-old leader of the new generation of youth. She captivated the crowd with her soft and relaxed rapping and edgy lyrics with tracks like xxFANCYPOOLxx and COCO BOI ROMANCE.

    Next to hit the stage was 4-member pop dance and vocal group TEMPURA KIDZ. They rolled out a string of infectious pop tunes that made you want to dance and gave a performance so foot-stomping you’d think it was the climax of the event already. A number of guests and dancers joined them on stage from Tamura in Fukushima Prefecture where TEMPURA KIDZ held workshops as part of a project to revitalise the region.

    Sashaying onto the stage next was a list of models signed to ASOBISYSTEM for a special fashion show. The first theme was ‘urban mood’ which saw names like Shiho Takechi and Rinko Murata take over the runway. The second theme was ‘Tokyo Street Vintage Mix’ where Saki ShibataYuri Suganuma and others walked the walk.

    After the fashion show, it was to change things up. Natsume Mito stepped onto stage followed by 6 others. They read aloud the children’s picture book Mumu written by Natsume Mito herself which was accompanied with acting, music and lighting to bring the story to life. After the performance she announced a sequel to the book, Mumu ~Shima-chan no Otanjoubi~.

    Things changed up again when Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders came on to fire everybody up again. They gave an electrifying vocal and dance performance during the Showa-style number Koi Shadanki feat. H ZETTRIO. The members also spoke about their recollections with ASOBISYSTEM and said, “Congratulations on 10 years! Let’s keep working hard together!” They then performed Saishuu Jinrui. Their set was full of love for ASOBISYSTEM.

    Now it was time to pull the big guns out. CAPSULE graced the stage, opening with Another World to get people pumped before hitting them with MORE MORE MOREJUMPER and Hero. The crowd were pulled into the CAPSULE galaxy with the on-screen space visuals and giant mirror ball overhead for Starry Sky.

    CAPSULE vocalist Koshijima shouted out softly, “Thank you for today! Congratulations on 10 years, ASOBISYSTEM. Have fun until the very end!” Their set concluded with a fantastic groove that shot the crowd into the stratosphere.

    The final act of the night, and ASOBISYSTEM’s representative artist, was of course Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. As the audience waited with smiles on their faces, four dancers dressed in black appeared to the tune of KPP On StageKyary subsequently stepped out wearing a rough outfit―something much different to what she usually wears―to perform her hit tune Invader Invader.


    “Thank you! Is everyone at ASOBIEXPO having fun? Congratulations on 10 years, ASOBISYSTEM. I have been with ASOBISYSTEM for 7 years. 7 years have passed since I met the company president, Army. Yasutaka Nakata has continued to make my songs, so I am always indebted to ASOBISYSTEM. Thank you so much!”

    Kyary performed her mature-sounding hit Kimino Mikata before wrapping up the first slot of the festival, ASOBIFES!!!, with Harajuku Iyahoi. The room was left with a festive, feel-good atmosphere and bright lighting.

    It was then time for the party – ASOBISYSTEM’s flagship event ASOBINITE!!! A whole host of ASOBISYSTEM artists graced the stage including RAM RIDER, 80KIDZTeddyLoidDJ KYOKOLicaxxx, not to mention Yasutaka Nakata, amongst others. A line-up of guests also joined the event including SHINICHI OSAWA (MONDO GROSSO), TOMOYUKI TANAKA (FPM), ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo,, DAISHI DANCE, and banvox. Everybody worked to cement ASOBISYSTEM’s 10th anniversary into history.


    ASOBIEXPO was an entire day of Japanese pop culture. ASOBISYSTEM continue to seek working as the architects of next-generation culture and will advance onto the world stage. This is the feeling that was left in the venue on this memorable day.


    Text: Fukuryuu (Music Concierge)




    Date: July 21, 2018

    Venue: Day Slot – Shinkiba STUDIO COAST / Night Slot – Shinkiba ageHa @STUDIO COAST


    Daytime “ASOBIFES!!!” (OPEN 14:00)

    Free & Invite-Only (Attendees chosen randomly through applications for the event)


    Nighttime “ASOBINITE!!! -ASOBITOURS!!! FINAL!!!-” (OPEN 22:00)

    Price: Doors ¥4,000 / Advance ¥3,000

    Group Tickets: 2 Tickets ¥5,800 / 4 Tickets ¥11,000 / 10 Tickets ¥22,000


    ASOBIEXPO Website: