Sebastian Masuda teams up with Lotte to release Halloween-Kawaii fusion treats!

31.August.2017 | FOOD

LOTTE have teamed up with art director Sebastian Masuda, aka the top dog in Japan’s kawaii culture, to release a new series of products in their “Enjoy Halloween” series! These goodies were released on August 29th in order for people to enjoy Halloween in Japan even more.

ロッテ「ハロウィンカワイイ プロジェクト」発表会 (14) copy

The collaboration features a list of 9 LOTTE snacks in limited packaging from made up of 7 popular items in their range, including “Koala’s March,” “Toppo” “Ghana,” “Pai no Mi” and more. Each snack is a fusion of Halloween and kawaii so you can enjoy a health balance of both to have an even more fun Halloween. Sebastian Masuda is responsible for the packaging and Halloween Family characters. Each packaging of the snack boxes, party packs and share packs feature kawaii-fied packaging for you to enjoy, and the individual treats inside the party and share packs are perfect to hand out to friends and Trick-or-Treaters.

ロッテ『エンジョイハロウィン』シリーズ(8月29日より発売開始) (1) copy

And for a limited time only, you can look forward to 4 new collaborative menu items at the Kawaii Monster Cafe in Harajuku from September 4th.


The line-up includes the “Koumori Chocotto Monster,” a bat made from Lotte’s choco pie; the “Kemukujara Chocotto Monster,” a hairy monster also hiding choco pie; “Dark Koala Burger,” a black bun koala burger; and the “Ghana Banana Shake,” a hot chocolate made using Ghana chocolate.

ダークコアマーバーガー copyけむくじゃら CHOCOTTO モンスター copy

Enjoy your Halloween this year with Lotte’s “Enjoy Halloween” series! Pick up some tasty treats or head on over to the Kawaii Monster Cafe!



“Enjoy Halloween” Series

On sale August 29, 2017

Enjoy Halloween “Koala’s March” (chocolate) – ¥100

Enjoy Halloween “Toppo” – ¥150

Enjoy Halloween “Pai no Mi” – ¥150

Enjoy Halloween “Ghana Share Pack” – ¥313

Enjoy Halloween “Koala’s March Share Pack” – ¥313

Enjoy Halloween “Choco Pie Party Pack” – ¥379

Enjoy Halloween “Custard Cake Party Pack” – ¥379

Fit’s (grape mix/peach) – ¥130

*All products are open price.


Kawaii Monster Cafe Harajuku

On sale September 4, 2017

Koumori Chocotto Monster Drink Set – ¥1580

Kemukujara Chocotto Monste Drink Set – ¥1680

Dark Koala Burger Drink Set – (for an extra ¥400 you can get it with a Ghana Banana Shake)

Ghana Banana Shake ¥980円

*All prices are pre-tax


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