Japan’s high-quality chocolate brand, OGGI celebrates its 40th anniversary

03.September.2017 | FOOD

On September 1st, 2017 OGGI Co. Ltd. celebrated its 40th anniversary. In commemoration of this anniversary, OGGI is now carrying out its “40th Anniversary Campaign!”


OGGI was founded in 1978 with the concept of “creating new sweets outside-the-box of ‘Western sweets’.” Their aim was to develop original sweets which “extracted the best qualities of each ingredient. To date, they have created many “only-one” recipes which can be found nowhere else.


OGGI’s representative chocolate sweets is called “Chocolat de chocolat.” The founder of OGGI, Matsunami Naomi tells us that it was one piece of chocolate cake wrapped in aluminum foil that was offered to him by a French woman on his return flight from Paris to Japan that triggered his quest to find the “perfect” chocolate cake. The taste of this one cake was out-of-this-world and it set him on his path of experimentation and research with regards to chocolate.

OGGI’s two other most popular sweets are “Orange Peel” and “Maple Printanier.” They are very insistent on small-batch-production and bringing forth the best qualities of each ingredient. This policy has won them many best seller sweets and they have fans from all generations.


During this anniversary campaign period, they will hold a revival sale of their “shortcake” at their head store in Meguro. This shortcake looks so simple however the ingredients have been considered with great care. One such ingredient is “cream diplomat,” a custard cream with lots of fresh cream in it. It is much like the real French shortcake called “Frazier.” Here, is a sweets where the rich cream melts in your mouth as you enjoy the sweet and sour flavor of the strawberry “mariage.” A truly special OGGI dessert!


Why not try this special revival shortcake which can only be enjoyed during this campaign period.




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