KAWAII LAB. Report #9: IDOLATER’s Birthday Celebrations

12.August.2022 | FEATURES / MUSIC

KAWAII LAB. is a project spearheaded by ASOBISYSTEM with the aim of introducing the
world to popular Japanese idol culture. The idol group IDOLATER was born from this idea
and the five members–Aya Okuda, Kurumi Tsukishiro, Yukino Fushiki, Ririka Satsuki, and
Fuuka Oishi–continue to take Japan and the world by storm.


In this report, we’ll take a look at how the members celebrate their birthdays from the
staff’s point of view!


On an idol’s birthday, that member takes center stage.

Fans of birthday members are always excited for these days to roll around, as they get to
see their favorite idol featured as the star of the show.


Understandably, fans prepare for every birthday celebration.

Fans also help each other to make birthdays more exciting by providing flowers to decorate the venue and distributing special glowsticks to visitors to use during the live performances.

Below are some impressive pictures from Fushiki Yukino’s birthday celebration on July 17,2022!


We also have some pictures from Fuuka Oishi’s birthday event on July 24!

Additionally, a birthday celebration for Kurumi Tsukishiro was held on August 11.


Each event is a memorable day for the birthday girl and fans alike, as each venue is
decorated in the celebrant’s member color! We’d like to give our thanks to everyone who
came to celebrate!


On August 21, Ririka Satsuki will celebrate her special day.

As you can see below, IDOLATER is filled with summer birthdays. 


IDOLATER Member’s Birthdays: 

January 7 – Aya Okuda

July 17 – Fushiki Yukino

July 25 – Fuuka Oishi

August 9 – Kurumi Tsukishiro

August 17 – Ririka Satsuki


A celebration for the only winter-born member, Aya Okuda, will be held on January 7,
2023, so be sure to plan accordingly!


Next week’s KAWAII LAB report will focus on FRUITS ZIPPER. 

Stay tuned for the next installment of the IDOLATER series!


  • FRUITS ZIPPER Live Report: New Opportunities and the Group’s First Step Towards Global Expansion

    16.September.2022 | MUSIC

    FRUITS ZIPPER, a seven-member idol group whose song Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro skyrocketed in popularity on TikTok this summer with over 500 million plays, held their first solo concert ~KIKKAKE~ on September 12, 2022. 


    Debuting from ASOBISYSTEM’s idol project KAWAII LAB in April, tickets for FRUITS ZIPPER’s first solo concert sold out. Although the group’s name may seem strange, it has a meaning–FRUITS, ‘to bear fruit,’ and ZIP, meaning ‘to give energy,’ is the perfect title for such a young and exciting group. In a short time, the seven members have managed to take on a number of live performances and bring smiles to audiences around Japan. The girls’ efforts over the hot summer months paid off in the form of a totally packed house.


    When the lights in the venue dimmed, the audience shined with the seven member’s colors coming from fans’ penlights. A video began playing, and one by one, the members gave their thoughts about what it means to take the stage.


    “The existence of idols saved me. I hope that I can be that kind of presence for someone else.”(Amane Tsukiashi)


    “I wanted to sparkle. I want to work my hardest.” (Karen Matsumoto)


    “Harajuku is a town filled with many different cultures, and that has always given me strength. I want to become someone’s power spot!” (Mana Manaka)


    “This was a dream I gave up on time and time again, but I thought it could come true here. I want to spread my wings and become an idol everyone loves!” (Yui Sakurai)


    “Music has always been close to me, ever since I was a child. When I was looking for a place I could stay involved with it, I found FRUITS ZIPPER!” (Noel Hayase)


    “I stand on the stage to thank the fans who have always supported my becoming an idol!” (Luna Nakagawa)


    “I can’t let myself die until I become an idol. That’s what I’ve always thought.” (Suzuka Chinzei)


    Sakurai and Nakagawa showed fierce determination to overcome their past setbacks and stand on stage as idols. Chinzei’s earnest feelings also came through, and each girl’s emotion swept the audience. 


    As the audience began clapping in rhythm, the seven members took the stage, forming a circle and dancing to the sound of electronica. When the opener came to a close, they released their joined hands, scattering like flower petals with smiles on their faces. 

    The group opened the show with the classic-sounding idol track skyfeelan. The lyrics of this song were written based on tweets from the members, and each girl sang with feeling and passion. Despite this being their first solo show, the members weren’t at all stiff, instead seeming to relax and totally enjoy themselves. 


    The girls then continued with their debut song Kimi no Akarui Mirai wo Oikakete. Fans danced along with the chorus, and colorful penlights twinkled everywhere the eye could see.


    “It’s been four and a half months since our debut in April, and we’ve been working so hard to make it to this day,” Sakurai said during the MC portion. “Here at LIQUIDROOM, we want all of you to see what we’ve accomplished!” The multilingual Hayase translated the message of NEW KAWAII into English for overseas fans tuning in to the show.


    Following the MC, the group took a break from idol-like tracks, performing two of their more cool songs–Re→TRY & FLY and We are Frontier. Even with the overwhelming sound of bass rocking the venue, the girls’ voices were powerful enough to compete. FRUITS ZIPPER only became more expressive with the help of lighting and video, embodying the theme of NEW KAWAII. 


    Once the members left the stage, the radio program Furuppa Now began playing on screen. The KIKKAKE Reminicense Corner was held to honor the day’s live performance. Each member commented on FRUITS ZIPPER’s activities and what they have led to. The title of the live show, kikkake, means chance, and many doors have opened for the members over the past four months.


    Hayase, the youngest member at only 17, put her cuteness on display, chatting about how she had started carrying parasols, wearing sunscreen, and learning how to wear makeup. Meanwhile, Manaka, the oldest of the group, revealed her belief that “trusting others is a key to self-growth,” going on to state that “doing something alone isn’t worth it. It’s more meaningful when someone hears you or watches you.” 


    The other members gave their thoughts on what’s changed. “I’ve become more sociable,” Sakurai said. “I can get out of bed earlier,” Matsumoto bragged, while Tsukiashi claimed that it had become easier to hold the microphone steady. Nakagawa was honest, mentioning that she had begun Googling herself. Each member showed their individuality, one of the biggest charms of FRUITS ZIPPER.


    Once the radio show wrapped, the members appeared in their new costumes to perform their new song Sekai wa Kimi kara Hajimaru for the first time. The song’s impressive melody combines a glittering idol sound with just a hint of sadness.


    The lyrics seem to depict the many memories that FRUITS ZIPPER and fans will make together in the future. “From now on, we’ll always be together/I’ll engrave that promise on you so you don’t forget/I’ll tell you over and over/I’ll tell you over and over,” the girls sang.


    During the chat after the performance, Chinzei announced the new song, with her voice beginning to warp and repeat. She laughed it off, wondering if she was beginning to shift beyond directions. 


    The second half of the show began with the members dancing to the samba rhythm of their song Furefure Summer! during the interlude. 


    Matsumoto then announced Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro, the audience exploded with excitement, pumped to hear the song that put FRUITS ZIPPER on the map. This song brought people’s cuteness this summer, but the cuteness of the original was too powerful, with the fans almost too happy to function.

    The song Kanpeki Shugide☆ is filled with FRUITS ZIPPER’s determination to fly around the world with no time to rest. The last song of the main setlist was RADIO GALAXY,  and the members danced expertly to the challenging song, with the arrangement, tempo, and melody constantly changing. 


    After the audience began clapping incessantly, the members once again appeared on stage to perform their new song Sekai wa Kimi kara Hajimaru once again. Once the song ended, FRUITS ZIPPER had some exciting news to share–the girls will be collaborating with the magazine B.L.T. on a new series of articles! They also announced that their second solo concert will be held at Shibuya WWW X on November 11, 2022. 


    During the final MC, each member gave their thoughts on the day’s performance. 


    Manaka: “Feeling everyone in the audience watching me just makes me feel stronger and more united with the other members of FRUITS ZIPPER. I want to continue our work as one and continue performing in the future!”


    Sakurai: “Since joining FRUITS ZIPPER, I’ve become so aware of how many people support me. Someday, I want to become an inspiration and support to someone else. I want to make someone else out there want to be an idol too.”


    Nakagawa: “My dream is to sign my autograph on the backstage walls of live music clubs around the world, so I’ll do my best to make that come true!” 


    Tsukiashi: I’ve been so happy this summer. I’m so fulfilled and I have this amazing sense of satisfaction. I hope that FRUITS ZIPPER will be able to spend many more happy seasons together.” 


    Hayase: “When I joined FRUITS ZIPPER, I realized that chances are something everyone finds on their own. I hope that I can keep taking advantage of the opportunities I find to become a better person.”


    Matsumoto: “From now on, I want to be an idol who not only makes me feel happy but also makes everyone else feel happy and entertained. Please keep supporting me as I work my hardest!” 


    Chinzei: “Thanks to you all, I’m able to look forward to my future with so much support. I want to be that support for everyone too. I sincerely hope that we can keep supporting each other in the future!”


    Manaka, Matsumoto, and Chinzei were so moved that they nearly began to cry. Until the very end, however, the seven members were strong, determined to communicate with their fans in their own words.


    The group’s last song was Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro. A cannon sent multicolored paper blasting across the crowd, making the atmosphere even more bright and fun. 


    To close the show, Chinzai gave a statement. “FRUITS ZIPPER will continue to move forward along with our motto ‘From Harajuku to the world,’ so please support us!”


    With this incredible momentum, FRUITS ZIPPER will continue to soar to new heights. Don’t miss your chance to see the upwards trajectory of this incredible idol group!


    The live performance is currently archived on ZAIKO.

    Text: Kazuaki Asato
    Photos: Masayo

  • KAWAII LAB. is a project spearheaded by ASOBISYSTEM with the aim of introducing the world to popular Japanese idol culture. The idol group IDOLATER was born from this idea and features five talented members–Aya Okuda, Kurumi Tsukishiro, Yukino Fushiki, Ririka Satsuki, and Fuuka Oishi.


    On August 31, 2022, the group released its newest single, Endless Summer!


    Endless Summer is the first song to be released by IDOLATER since it became a five-member group. The track was created with the song DIAMOND in mind, initially released in June 2021, just before the group announced that it would be adding new members.


    The song has a light four-to-the-floor tempo and a lightness never before heard in an IDOLATER track. Yukino Fushiki and Ririka Satsuki show off their powerful singing voices in the new song, and audiences are in for a treat.


    The members were also asked to share their favorite summer memories to date, and the lyrics are interspersed with these special moments. 


    Endless Summer was performed for the first time during Ririka Satsuki’s birthday celebration on August 31. 


    The chorus is something fans can easily groove with, so keep an ear out!


    Next week’s KAWAII LAB report will focus on FRUITS ZIPPER!


    Stay tuned for more from IDOLATER in the future!


  • KAWAII LAB. Report #10: Summer Vacation ZIPPER!

    19.August.2022 | FEATURES / MUSIC

    MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON readers, it’s nice to meet you! I’m Misa Kimura, the general producer of KAWAII LAB.

    On August 9, the group I produce, FRUITS ZIPPER, held their solo concert ‘Summer Vacation Zipper!’ at Yokohama 1000CLUB.


    FRUITS ZIPPER has been holding regular performances once a month, and thankfully, they’ve been selling out instantly, which makes me want to happy scream…we wanted to allow as many people as possible to see them live, which led to this summer concert. In this report, I wanted to look back at Summer Vacation ZIPPER, so be sure to read until the end!

    The theme for the show was, of course, summer vacation. The girls wanted to keep the fun going until the very last second, so we had fewer MC parts, instead having each member introduce themselves during their performance. This was also the largest venue FRUITS ZIPPER has performed in so far for a solo concert! FRUITS ZIPPER’s regular shows are always different, so we wanted to keep with that trend, doing something totally different. That’s how the laser performance came to be.


    We’d never used them before, but I thought they would look awesome in such a huge venue, so I took a chance!


    Check out the setlist for the concert below. 


    SE long ver.

    1 We are Frontier

    2 Re→TRY & FLY

    3 Furefure Summer! (Self Introduction ver.)

    4 Kimi no Akarui Mirai wo Oikakete


    5 Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro

    6 skyfeelan

    ~Summer Vacation ZIPPER! Special Laser Show~


    8 Kanpeki Shugi de☆



    Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro

    Furefure Summer!

    I made a long version of the intro to the laser show because wanted to make the sound effects really pop, and the first track really fits with the cool imagery. I took the FRUITS ZIPPER song Furefure Summer! and incorporated the member’s self-introductions along with the smooth samba rhythm. I think each member’s personality shone through so much, it was perfect! I think personally, it was difficult for some of the girls during rehearsal, with the default being something like “I’m Suzuka Chinzei, and my color is orange.” It’s hard to explain in writing, so anyone who doesn’t understand should ask Suzuka directly…


    For Furefure Summer!, I wanted to make a real sense of togetherness, so I thickened up the chorus and really stirred things up! It made me so happy to see the fans spinning their towels along with the girls.

    During the second half of the show, the girls performed RADIO GALAXY along with a special laser show. After seeing it during rehearsals, I was so excited to see it with the members! Even when the members left the stage, the energy in the venue didn’t die down at all. With such a cool performance, the members still channeled cuteness. FRUITS ZIPPER’s performance was so unique and totally embodied the idea of NEW KAWAII♡


    During the encore version of Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro, I decided to break it up a bit! How was the slightly rougher version?


    I guess the highlight was Yui Sakurai’s part at the beginning. I think all of the members were able to pick out a good spot to break out because of her, so thank you, Yui.


    We tried to do something new with Summer Vacation ZIPPER! Although it was based on the idea of ‘vacation,’ so many people showed up, and we were so thankful. The event sold out even though it was held on a weekday, and so many people told us how much fun they had! FRUITS ZIPPER puts a big emphasis on entertaining audiences live, so I think this was a really meaningful performance ahead of their first one-man show on September 12. We’re not slowing down just yet, and the girls will keep working hard until that major milestone next month!


    I had so much more I wanted to ramble about, but that’s all for this report. See you again soon♡


    Thanks to everyone for reading until the very end!

  • KAWAII LAB. Report #8: FRUITS ZIPPER Members Discuss Their Hot New Track ‘RADIO GALAXY’

    29.July.2022 | FEATURES / MUSIC

    FRUITS ZIPPER, a new idol group from ASOBISYSTEM, has a simple concept: “From Harajuku to the World.” Ready to transmit what they call ‘NEW KAWAII’ from Harajuku, an area known for fashion and individuality, to their soon-to-be global fanbase, the group consists of seven members: Amane Tsukiashi, Suzuka Chinzei, Yui Sakurai, Luna Nakagawa, Mana Manaka, Karen Matsumoto, and Noel Hayase.


    On July 29, FRUITS ZIPPER released their 4th single RADIO GALAXY. The music video makes full use of CG to express the group’s worldview and is sure to attract attention for its immense creativity, which breaks through the borders of the idol industry. 


    Today, we’re sitting down with four members of FRUITS ZIPPER–Amane Tsukiashi, Suzuka Chinzei, Luna Nakagawa, and Noel Hayase–to chat about the release of RADIO GALAXY.



    When you first heard RADIO GALAXY, what did you think? 



    “I thought it really shined, and it was like every single part of the song was totally
    different!! The rhythm changes and the overall atmosphere changes too, but that’s
    something that has become typical of FRUITS ZIPPER. Personally, I love it.”



    “It’s an incredible song! I love songs that change the rhythm and tone throughout, so I was super happy to be able to sing this one!” 


    “It blew me away like no other song ever has. I could tell from the intro that it would
    become our signature song.” 



    “It’s so fun how the tune changes throughout. I really wanted to try rapping, so I’m glad
    that we could include that too!”



    What have fans been saying about RADIO GALAXY? What have their impressions been?



    “I’ve heard a lot of our fans say that they love this track. During our live shows, fans love to dance along and shake their penlights in tune with the rhythm while doing our moves, you know? I’ve heard a lot of people say that keeping up with this song will be way too difficult. (laugh)”



    “I’ve heard a lot of different comments! People have said it sounds fresh, it sounds cool, it’s satisfying…one person said that they’d never heard an idol song like it!” 



    “Everyone around me is a RADIO GALAXY fan. They’ve only seen it performed live so far, so I’ve heard a lot of fans say that they love the moment the curtain opens and we’re doing the pose. (laugh)”



    “A lot of fans have said that it’s super fun and that they don’t get sick of listening to it since the tune changes so much!” 


    Tell us a story about RADIO GALAXY. Maybe something that hasn’t been shared yet. 



    “When we recieved this song, one thing hadn’t been decided–who was going to rap. We ended up all working together with our voice coach and we’d perform the rap part one by one like we were auditioning. We had so much fun taking turns rapping, and we ended up praising each other’s specific way of doing it and what we’d each bring to the song. (laugh) Finally, Misa (Kimura) each assigned us our parts, but she also listened to our thoughts and our wishes, which was wonderful.” 



    “We all held an audition for the rap part since we all wanted to do it. Noel was definitely the best, so she got the part by a landslide. (laugh)” 



    “Right before the final chorus, there’s some neat choreography (in slow motion) as a meteor flies overhead, and the other members support me as I reach up to catch it. It’s like our hearts become one at that moment. Sometimes, if I’m really hungry, I’ll eat a meteorite.” 



    “The first line in the song is “Let’s go!” During recording, we said it over and over in all kinds of ways and they picked the best take. When I heard the finished product, I was surprised! When you see us perform this song live, I want you to compare those small nuances.”



    Leave us with one last comment, please!



    RADIO GALAXY has become a group favorite, and it’s a song that’s incredibly important to us. I hope everyone will cherish this song along with us, and I hope that you’ll listen to it over and over and really enjoying to the max when you see us live!” 



    “After only being able to hear RADIO GALAXY live, now that the music video is out, I’m happy that the fans will be able to hear it whenever they like. We also say “FRUITS ZIPPER” in the lyrics at the beginning of the song, so I really hope this will become our representative track.”



    “I personally love this song so much, and I want everyone else to love it too. I love it so much that I want aliens to hear it.”



    “I really think that only FRUITS ZIPPER could sing this song. I’ll sing it with care, so please listen to it as much as you can!”



    Next week’s KAWAII LAB report will focus on IDOLATER. 


    Be sure to stay tuned for the next report on FRUITS ZIPPER!

  • KAWAII LAB. is a project spearheaded by ASOBISYSTEM with the aim of introducing the world to popular Japanese idol culture. The idol group IDOLATER was born from this idea, and in April,the original three members–Aya Okuda, Kurumi Tsukishiro, and Yukino Fushiki–welcomed two new faces, Ririka Satsuki and Fuuka Oishi.
    In this report, we’re taking a look at IDOLATER’s incredible music. These are three of the staff’s favorite tracks, so be sure to give them a listen!


    1. Swipin’ Flickin’


    IDOLATER’s first original song, this track has been performed at nearly every event since its release in April 2019.
    It can be tough to break it down into one genre, but we’d call it ‘digital funk.’
    Since the original track only includes the original lineup, check out this live video of Swipin’ Flickin’ performed by all current members!


    Swipin’ Flickin’ – IDOLATER (Live at Ebisu CreAto, April 24, 2022)



    2. Kesenai…


    This was the title track of the first single CD released by IDOLATER in November 2021.
    This song highlights the cool side of the group and was the last song released by the original three members alone. The track is the culmination of the group’s hard work, and hearing it sung by five members embodies an even more powerful and expressive IDOLATER. This was also the first Japanese title given original IDOLATER song. In English, it translates to ‘unfading.’



    3. DIAMOND


    This track was released by IDOLATER in June 2021. The first song released by the original three members, it was a fitting start for the group, and its powerful sound is best experienced at a live concert. With the addition of two new members, the song has leveled up and become the most emotional of IDOLATER’s lineup. A video filmed and edited by member Kurumi Tsukishiro has
    been posted to YouTube.


    IDOLATER / DIAMOND (Making of “IDOLATER” Video)


    These are three of the best IDOLATER songs as chosen by our staff. But just because they’re our favorite doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t listen to the rest of IDOLATER’s incredible lineup! The group’s music is available on most music streaming services, so be sure to check them out!

    Stay tuned for the next report, where we’ll be highlighting FRUITS ZIPPER.

    Be sure to stay tuned for the next report on IDOLATER!

  • KAWAII LAB. Report #6: FRUITS ZIPPER’s Newest Track Hits #1 on Spotify Japan’s Viral Chart

    15.July.2022 | FEATURES / MUSIC

    FRUITS ZIPPER, a new idol group from ASOBISYSTEM, has a simple concept: “From
    Harajuku to the World.” Ready to transmit what they call ‘NEW KAWAII’ from Harajuku, an area known for fashion and individuality, to their soon-to-be global fanbase, the group
    consists of seven members: Amane Tsukiashi, Suzuka Chinzei, Yui Sakurai,
    Luna Nakagawa, Mana Manaka, Karen Matsumoto, and Noel Hayase.


    The group’s second single, Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro, was released on April 29,
    2022, and has been played more than 200 million times on TikTok in the two months since its release. 

    Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro was created to affirm all idols and the countless fans who
    support them. Both popular Japanese idols and everyday girls across the country have
    posted videos of themselves dancing to the song, and its positive lyrics shine through,
    oozing self-confidence while also praising the listener over and over. The track reached #1 on Spotify’s Viral Chart on June 28.



    Today, we’re sitting down with three members of FRUITS ZIPPER–Karen Matsumoto, Yui Sakurai, and Mana Manaka—to discuss the incredibly popular song Watashino Ichiban




    This question is for Karen Matsumoto and Yui Sakurai–what kinds of reactions have you had from fans regarding your vocals on this track?


    “A lot of people have said that some of the lyrics are really quotable. That makes me so
    happy, I keep practicing singing the track as cutely as possible when I’m at home!” 



    “The track is called The Cutest Thing About Me, so a lot of fans will quote the song, telling me that I’m the cutest and that they “love, love, love it!” ♡♡ 


    On TikTok, I’ve seen a lot of comments asking who sings the “love, love, love it” line, and it blows my mind that so many people would talk about my singing! It was such a huge surprise and it makes me so, so happy. 


    I think that my fans are the best, but obviously, that’s something I really can’t say out loud…(laughs)


    But through music, I can express that feeling, so I’m incredibly grateful for that. ♡ (laughs)


    This was such an influential song for me, and I’m so glad that so many people loved the
    title and the lyrics!” ♡




    Tell us a story related to Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro that we haven’t heard yet.
    Something that you haven’t told fans either!



    “When we were shooting the music video, there was a moment when the other members
    were all standing behind the camera and praising me like they were taking photos of their
    kids during graduation or something. They just kept saying how cute I was, I was so
    embarrassed! (laughs)

    Everyone was so cute that day, but they were so focused on me throughout the entire
    shoot. I feel like the word ‘cute’ was said on set so many times that day it could have
    broken a world record!” (laugh)


    What exactly is “Super Karen Time?”


    “I have a solo line in the song that goes “even when we can’t meet up, I can’t stop thinking about the expression on your face.” After I sing that, I squint while I look out at the
    audience, and one fan gestured to me before shouting “Super Karen Time!””



    What do you want fans to really pay attention to when they’re listening to the song?


    “During the part that goes ‘do you like going out with me,’ I always make a heart with my
    fingers at the fans in the middle who are watching me, so keep an eye out for that!” ♡



    “There are many different types of ‘cute,’ but this song, in particular, is the very fluffy and soft kind of cute. When I’m performing on stage, I flip a switch and go into 1000%
    sugary-sweet mode! (laugh)


    I’d appreciate it if the men out watching imagine that I’m being sugary-sweet just for them though!” (laugh)



    “As a member of the group, I’m usually not the one acting too cutesy, but this music video was shot to be as cute as possible. I went all out and even wore my hair in high pigtails,
    which is something I’d never done live before. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it, it’s
    actually become my favorite hairstyle now!” ♡



    To conclude, tell us anything you’d like about Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro!



    “I really, really love this song, and I hope you will too!!!!” ♡



    “I’m so glad that so many people are loving this song! So many people are listening on
    TikTok, watching the music video, and subscribing to our channel…thank you so much! 

    We’ll do our best every day to become a group that everyone loves and to make songs that everyone enjoys!” ♡



    Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro is a song that’s packed with so much. The song, the
    dance, and the music video are all filled with so much cuteness, so if you feel like you need some of that in your daily life, please listen to it as much as you can!” ❤️


    Next week’s KAWAII LAB report will focus on IDOLATER. 


    Be sure to stay tuned for the next report on FRUITS ZIPPER!


  • KAWAII LAB. Report #5: The Original Members Behind IDOLATER

    08.July.2022 | FEATURES / MUSIC

    KAWAII LAB. is a project spearheaded by ASOBISYSTEM with the aim of introducing the world to popular Japanese idol culture. The idol group IDOLATER was born from this idea, and in April, the original three members–Aya Okuda, Kurumi Tsukishiro, and Yukino Fushiki–welcomed two new faces, Ririka Satsuki and Fuuka Oishi. These five girls are taking the idol world by storm!


    Today, we’re introducing Yukino Fushiki, Aya Okuda, and Kurumi Tsukishiro. 

    Check out the previous introductions here:https://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/ja/606964


    Yukino Fushiki


    ▼Social Media Accounts
    Twitter / Instagram

    July 17, 1997


    ▼Blood Type

    Himi, Toyama Prefecture

    ▼Favorite Foods

    Ramen, Yukhoe, Offal, Tako Wasabi, Donburi

    ▼Favorite Musical Artists

    YUI, Mao Abe, Zutomayo, Momoe Yamaguchi, yonige, BiSH, IDOLATER

    ▼Favorite Manga/Anime/TV Shows/Radio Shows

    Love Live!, K-On!, Kuroko’s Basketball, The Laughing Salesman

    Todaiou, Wednesday’s Downtown

    ▼Best Way to Spend a Day Off

    Eating alone, Singing karaoke alone, Watching horror movies

    ▼Favorite Phrase
    Put your heart and soul into everything you do.
    Food tastes better when someone else is paying.

    ▼Places She’d Like to Visit
    San Francisco, Saturn

    ▼Favorite Part of Herself
    My uniqueness

    ▼Goals for 2022
    To perform a concert in my hometown!
    An ad for IDOLATER to be posted in Harajuku!
    To cook for myself as much as possible!
    To write a song!



    Standing at only 4’10’’, the petite Yukino has an incredibly dynamic and powerful singing voice that’s essential for IDOLATER’s live performances. While the new member Ririka Satsuki uses her singing technique to make an impact, Yukino relies on pure power. 


    The singer has recently begun appearing on variety shows, and fans are welcome to check out her work on YouTube!


    [The Legendary Project is Back!] Fake Hypnotist Nishida Sends Itakura into Tears of Laughter



    [Inspection] Ranjatai and Jessica Shinkuu Mess with People and it Goes too Far



    As the ‘little giant’ of the group, Yukino Fushiki is continuing to appear on variety shows while performing live as a proud member of IDOLATER.


    Aya Okuda


    ▼Social Media Accounts
    Twitter / Instagram

    January 7, 2001


    ▼Blood Type

    Fukui Prefecture

    ▼Favorite Foods

    Rice, Bread, Sweets, Salmon Roe Bowl

    ▼Favorite Musical Artist

    ▼Favorite Manga/Anime/TV Show/Radio Show

    Chibi Maruko-chan

    ▼Best Way to Spend a Day Off
    Cleaning the house

    ▼Favorite Word

    ▼Place She’d Like to Visit
    Yukino Fushiki’s house

    ▼Favorite Part of Herself
    My face, my height

    ▼Goal for 2022
    To get 100,000 Instagram followers!



    IDOLATER’s fashion icon, she was chosen as a model for the newly-renewed Harajuku-focused magazine Zipper, receiving massive acclaim. 


    Her followers on Instagram are varied, with both domestic and international audiences taking an interest. Fans both young and old, male and female are paying attention to her account, which is approaching 100,000 followers. 


    Okuda studied fashion in high school and specializes in remaking clothing and creating costumes.


    Aya Okuda truly is the fashion icon of IDOLATER. 


    Kurumi Tsukishiro


    ▼Social Media Accounts
    Twitter / Instagram / TikTok

    August 9, 2001


    ▼Blood Type

    Saitama Prefecture

    ▼Favorite Foods

    Sukiyaki, Eel, Ramen, Oyakodon, Kakuni, Chocolate

    ▼Favorite Musical Artists
    =LOVE, ≠ME, PinocchioP

    ▼Favorite Manga/Anime/TV Shows/Radio Shows 
    A3!, My Hero Academia, Shugo Chara!, SPYxFAMILY, Kajiyarou!!!, Monday Late Show

    ▼Best Way to Spend a Day Off

    Visiting cafes, Doing otaku things

    ▼Favorite Phrases
    Today is sure to be a good day.

    ▼Places She’d Like to Visit

    Hokkaido and Okinawa! I haven’t been to either!

    ▼Favorite Part of Herself

    I like that I’m the cutest in the universe and that I work as hard as I can on things I love! I love my black eyes and my dark hair, and I eat a little faster than other people!

    ▼Goals for 2022

    I want to spend more time focusing on the little things that make me happy. I also want to become more proactive.



    Who is the youngest but most reliable member of IDOLATER?

    Kurumi loves to socialize and often asks for the other member’s help selling limited-time merch. 

    She says that IDOLATER is the best group. 

    Kurumi is an idol lover herself and very knowledgeable about the idol world.

    Fans should always remember her greeting: “I love you more than anything in the universe!” 


    Stay tuned for the next installment of the IDOLATER series.


    Next week’s KAWAII LAB report will focus on FRUITS ZIPPER! 


  • FRUITS ZIPPER, a new idol group from ASOBISYSTEM, has a simple concept: “From
    Harajuku to the World.” Ready to transmit what they call ‘NEW KAWAII’ from Harajuku, an area known for fashion and individuality, to their soon-to-be global fanbase, the group
    consists of seven members: Amane Tsukiashi, Suzuka Chinzei, Yui Sakurai, Luna
    Nakagawa, Mana Manaka, Karen Matsumoto, and Noel Hayase.

    Four members of FRUITS ZIPPER sat down with us for an interview about their overseas


    Could you introduce yourself?


    -Luna Nakagawa

    “Hi, everyone, I’m Luna Nakagawa! My talent is having perfect pitch. I absolutely love to
    sing, and lately, my favorite song to sing is Celine Dion’s It’s All Coming Back to Me Now.

    My dream is to become a Living National Treasure and to become the Alicia Keys of the idol world!” 


    Amane Tsukiashi

    “I’m Amane Tsukiashi, 22 years old from Okayama Prefecture. My blood type is O and my
    favorite foods are ramen and Motsunabe. 

    My hobbies are watching movies and dramas, collecting makeup, solo karaoke, flower
    arranging, idol appreciation, and eating!”


    Yui Sakurai

    “Everyone reading this on Moshi Moshi Nippon, it’s nice to meet you! I’m Yui Sakurai, and my member color is mint green!

    My favorite things are tea, ramen, strawberries, fashion, and makeup research. I also have two professional nail certifications!
    In my photos, I might come off as really cool and stoic, but to be honest, I’m usually
    smiling. A fan told me that my smile makes me look like one of the Seven Gods of Fortune, so now I have the brilliant nickname ‘Seven Gods of Fortune Smile’”


    Karen Matsumoto

    “I’m Karen Matsumoto, and my color is baby pink! I’m 20 years old and my special skill is
    piano! I have no experience singing and dancing, but I’ll do my best to keep up with the
    other members!”



    To get started–when you think about other countries, what pops into your head? 


    Yui Sakurai

    “I imagine incredible scenery! The last time I went abroad for work, I did my best to
    communicate with fans. Even though I couldn’t speak their language, they were so friendly and they seemed to understand my thoughts. They smiled at me so much, so I think I’ll get along with foreign fans right away!” (laugh)


    -Luna Nakagawa

    “I think of broadening my horizons, learning about other cultures, and meeting new people. 

    In my experience studying abroad, I could really feel the difference in values and ways of
    thinking when communicating with people my age.

    I was amazed when I could experience things I had never seen in Japan. I thought that
    another country’s culture was amazing and I wanted to imitate it. At the same time, it
    made me realize that I was proud to be Japanese too. When you travel abroad, you
    discover so much and become a more empathetic and kind human. It made me realize that there were plenty of things that I didn’t even know about myself, so I hope that by
    traveling more, I can learn more.” 


    Amane Tsukiashi

    “I imagine the unknown.
    The only foreign country I’ve ever been to is Korea. I know that there are so many cultures, landscapes, and worlds out there that I’ve never seen before.” 


    Karen Matsumoto

    “When I went to Taiwan on a school trip, I loved the tapioca and the rice so much. It made me wonder what other delicious food is waiting for me out there!” 


    Imagine you end up going abroad as FRUITS ZIPPER. What do you think you’d do better than the other members?


    Amane Tsukiashi

    “I’d be good at keeping the mood going and taking on challenges. 

    I want to experience cultures that don’t exist in Japan, so I want to actively try new things–not just food, but local attractions and even skydiving!” 


    -Luna Nakagawa

    “I’ve studied abroad but I don’t speak English fluently. 

    When I go abroad, for some reason, I become a much stronger communicator with much more confidence. I feel like I’ll be best at communicating with the locals in the spirit of “it’ll work out somehow.” (laughs)


    Yui Sakurai

    “I’ve been trying to figure out what I could do best…

    This is a tough question! (laugh)

    People don’t know most of what’s going on in the world, 

    and I’ve been told that my reaction to things abroad is pretty huge. 

    Since we’ll have a ton of first-time experiences abroad, 

    I want to keep my big reactions coming. 

    That way, even fans who aren’t with us can watch from wherever they are

    and get a taste of what we’re experiencing! (laugh)

    That counts, right? 

    Or maybe I just want to go sightseeing.” (laugh)


    Karen Matsumoto

    “The other members tell me that I’m a good communicator. Even when I was a student,
    my grades in English weren’t great, but I still had the top grades in communicative English, so I feel like I can speak it somehow!” (laugh)


    While abroad, you’re told that you can do anything you want for a whole day. What would you do?


    Yui Sakurai

    “I’d eat good food, explore some beautiful places, do some shopping, and get a massage
    under the stars before I went to sleep! (laugh) 

    I’d like to see the ocean too! 

    The last time I went abroad for business, I didn’t get to do much sightseeing, so I want to
    do lots of things unique to wherever I’m visiting.”


    -Luna Nakagawa

    “I want to try out some extreme attractions, like some of those huge roller coasters they
    only have overseas. In some places, I want to experience the local culture too, of course. 

    If I go to Hollywood, I wanna meet Dwayne Johnson.” (laugh)


    Amane Tsukiashi

    “I want to rent a car so I can drive around and see all sorts of different landscapes. 

    I’ve always loved driving, nature, beautiful scenery, and going to places I’ve never been
    before, so I’d like to combine all of those things into one.”


    Karen Matsumoto

    “I’d want to go shopping with my friends!” 


    What do you think would happen if you traveled abroad with the FRUITS ZIPPER members?


    Amane Tsukiashi

    “The group is filled with super energetic members who give their all during every event, so I think that if an event takes place on Halloween, they’d do something great with costumes and things like that. Just imagine how fun that would be!” 


    -Luna Nakagawa

    “Someone will definitely end up causing trouble, like losing their passport or wallet. To be
    specific, I feel like Mana will lose her passport and Karen will lose her wallet. Suzuka’s always eating weird food so she’ll probably get food poisoning.” 


    Yui Sakurai

    “Luna and Noel both speak English, so I’m sure they’ll have great conversations with the
    locals and become good friends, high-fiving and hugging! (laugh)

    Even in Japan, the two talk to each other in English a lot and seem to have a lot of fun!

    I usually try to listen to their conversations, but I have no idea what they’re saying. I’ll
    probably end up making friends with the locals through gestures and facial expressions!” 


    Karen Matsumoto

    “I think I’ll end up getting lost!” 


    Thank you so much for chatting with us. Is there anything you’d like to say before we wrap up?


    Yui Sakurai

    “Thinking of going abroad and traveling the world is such a huge concept, it’s hard for me
    to imagine, but it makes me so happy to think that the number of people who will be happy to see us will expand beyond our borders. I believe that idols have the power to make
    people happy even if they can’t speak your language, and that’s the kind of idol I want to
    be. We’ll do our best to live up to our concept, “From Harajuku to the World!” 



    -Luna Nakagawa

    “Someday I want to go on an overseas adventure with FRUITS ZIPPER and have a real-life meet and greet with fans!!!

    I hope to create many wonderful memories with my fans in the future!” 



    Amane Tsukiashi

    We’ll do our best to expand the activities of FRUITS ZIPPER globally as soon as we can so
    that we can all see lots of new things together! I’m so excited for what the future holds–
    just imagining it has me so thrilled!”


    Karen Matsumoto

    “I want to be able to perform overseas as often as possible, like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!!” 💪🏻



    The next KAWAII LAB Report will focus on IDOLATER!

    Be sure to check it out!

    The official Facebook page of FRUITS ZIPPER is now open!

  • KAWAII LAB. Report #3: Introducing Two New Members of IDOLATER–a Long-Haired Model and a Gambler who Sings Too Well

    24.June.2022 | FEATURES / MUSIC

    KAWAII LAB. is a project spearheaded by ASOBISYSTEM with the aim of introducing the world to popular Japanese idol culture. Announced at the group’s solo concert ‘New IDOLATER’ on April 24, Fuuka Oishi and Ririka Satsuki joined the lineup consisting of Ayu Okuda, Kurumi Tsukishiro, and Yukino Fushiki.


    Today, we’re introducing the two newest members–Fuuka Oishi and Ririka Satsuki.


    Fuuka Oishi

    ▼Social Media Accounts

    Twitter https://twitter.com/idolater_fuka

    Instagram https://www.instagram.com/idolater_fuka/



    July 25, 1999





    ▼Blood Type




    Chiba Prefecture


    ▼Favorite Foods

    Cheesecake, High Cocoa Chocolate (86~95%), Beef Tongue, Skirt Steak, Yakitori (Gizzards, Gristle)


    ▼Favorite Musical Artists



    ▼Favorite Manga/Anime/TV Shows/Radio Shows

    One Piece, Naruto, Kotaro Lives Alone


    Best Way to Spend a Day Off

    Netflix、YouTube、Hanging out at a cafe


    ▼Favorite Phrase

    Different Strokes for Different Folks! Everyone is different and everyone’s great. 


    ▼Places She’d Like to Visit

    Wherever I can see the beautiful ocean!

    Korea, France


    ▼Favorite Part of Herself

    The fact that I laugh a lot–and everything else!



    Light Blue


    Born in 1999. With her characteristic long black hair and dainty yet listless atmosphere,
    she’s a model who has been attracting attention from all sides. Supported by creators and
    having appeared as a model for fashion brands, she has also starred in TV commercials and in music videos. 


    I Want to Die – Centimillimental



    Although she has no experience singing or dancing, Fuuka brings her natural cheerfulness
    to the group.



    Ririka Satsuki

    ▼Social Media Accounts

    Twitter https://twitter.com/idolater_ririka

    Instagram https://www.instagram.com/idolater_ririka/



    August 17, 2000





    ▼Blood Type




    Fukuoka Prefecture


    ▼Favorite Foods

    Ramen, Gingko, Gyoza


    ▼Favorite Musical Artists

    Avril Lavigne

    Lady Gaga

    Namie Amuro


    ▼Favorite Manga/Anime/TV Shows/Radio Shows

    Tokyo Revengers, Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Haikyu!!


    ▼Favorite Way to Spend a Day Off

    Sleep, go to the movies alone, play slot machines (Juggler machines are my favorite!)


    ▼Favorite Phrases

    ・There is always light beyond the clouds.

    ・Stick to your guns. 


    ▼Places She’d Like to Visit

    Hokkaido, Guam, Dubai, London


    ▼Favorite Part of Herself

    Opening my big mouth, my smile.


    ▼Goal for the Year

    Performing live at Zepp!





    With a powerful and husky voice, Ririka previously appeared on TV Tokyo’s ‘The Karaoke
    Battle U-18 Utauma Koshien.’ In 2019, she appeared on AbemaTV’s ‘Koisuru Shuumatsu
    Homestay’ and became incredibly popular with middle and high school students. Recently,
    she appeared on Nippon TV’s ‘Monomane Grand Prix,’ and is active in a number of other


    Ririka Satsuki’s strength lies in her singing ability. 

    Be sure to check out her song covers on TikTok!



    Ririka also enjoys gambling, preferring the Juggler line of slot machines. She’d like to keep
    it up in the future, if she’s able. 

    Her powerful, husky voice has created a kind of chemical reaction in IDOLATER. 


    Stay tuned for the next installment of the IDOLATER series!


    Next week’s KAWAII LAB report will focus on FRUITS ZIPPER. 

  • KAWAII LAB. Report #2: FRUITS ZIPPER Group Interview ①

    17.June.2022 | FEATURES / MUSIC

    FRUITS ZIPPER, a new idol group from ASOBISYSTEM, has a simple concept: “From Harajuku to the World.” Ready to transmit what they call ‘NEW KAWAII’ from Harajuku, an area known for fashion and individuality, to their soon-to-be global fanbase, the group consists of seven members: Amane Tsukiashi, Suzuka Chinzei, Yui Sakurai, Luna Nakagawa, Mana Manaka, Karen Matsumoto, and Noel Hayase.


    Three members of FRUITS ZIPPER sat down with us for an interview. 


    “Could you introduce yourself?” 


    –Noel Hayase

    “Hi, everyone! I’m the youngest member of FRUITS ZIPPER, Noel Hayase, and I’m 18 years old. I’m half-German and half-Japanese, but I attended an international school, so I’m pretty good at languages. I speak Japanese, English, German, and a little French! I like to play games, watch videos, and just hang out with friends, but I also love dancing and moving my body. I also like to work with technology, and edit my own videos and songs.” 


    –Suzuka Chinzei

    “Everyone reading this on Moshi Moshi Nippon, it’s nice to meet you! 

    My name is Suzuka Chinzei, but you can call me Osuzu!

    I spend about ⅓ of my waking hours thinking about food, especially gyoza 🥟and fried tofu. I’d prefer my gyoza with a thin skin and filled with veggies. I’m a big fan of pairing alcohol with my food too!

    I grew up in Nishinomiya in Hyogo Prefecture. Fans of the anime series The Melancholy of
    Haruhi Suzumiya will be familiar with the town–I used to do the dance from that show all the
    time. I’ve loved dancing since I was a kid. My mom told me that once when I was young, I
    started dancing to the song Kawaii Kakurenbo, but I was crying because I didn’t WANT to dance–I just couldn’t help it. I guess I just want to dance on a cellular level. 

    I started appearing on NHK Educational TV’s Tensai Terebi-kun MAX when I was in 5th grade.
    Since then, I’ve started appearing on different variety shows, and I’m currently working on
    Nyanchuu! Uchuu! Housou Chu-! and German for Travel



    –Mana Manaka

    “Nice to meet everyone!

    I’m Mana Manaka–nicknamed Manafy–and my member color in FRUITS ZIPPER is light blue!

    Previously, I worked at KAWAII MONSTER CAFE HARAJUKU, and I did my best to transmit ‘KAWAII’ from Harajuku to the world❤️

    This is my first time working as an idol, but I’m going to work hard to embody the idea of ‘KAWAII’ and to create the ‘NEW KAWAII’ that FRUITS ZIPPER has to offer through music, dance, and by sharing Japanese idol culture!”



    “A question for Mana–what is KAWAII MONSTER CAFE HARAJUKU?”


    –Mana Manaka

    “KAWAII MONSTER CAFE HARAJUKU is part-restaurant, part-entertainment venue, part-art installation. It was directed by Sebastian Masuda, the ‘king of kawaii,’ and guests can order really unique and colorful dishes in an amazing space designed to look like the inside of a monster’s belly!”




    “Nice to meet you! Here’s a question from readers: why did you decide to become an idol?”


    –Noel Hayase

    “Since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to be center stage. When I saw an artist performing live, I started to think “wow, I’d love to see what they’re seeing,” so I decided to pursue a career in the music industry. Thanks to some of the connections I’ve made over the years, I’m now able to pursue the idol life! I’m glad that I chose this path because I love being on stage with the other members of FRUITS ZIPPER.”


    –Suzuka Chinzei

    “I decided I wanted to be an idol a long time ago when I ended my time on Tensai Terebi-kun MAX. Right after, I was photographed in a school uniform for Shueisha’s Aoharu Magazine. The problem was that I was already in my mid-teens at that point. I thought it was too late to become an idol, so I just put those feelings away.

    After that, I had so many different opportunities to appear in different plays and variety shows, but there was always this nagging feeling in my chest. It’s hard to describe, but I just felt like something was missing. 

    During that period of stress and confusion, there was a lot of discussion about my joining ASOBISYSTEM. When I looked at their website, I saw that they were recruiting members for a new idol group. I started freaking out, and my mom–who was standing next to me at the time–
    said that I should talk with them about it. I went to the person in charge and asked them about what it would take to be an idol. I realized, in that moment, that I didn’t want to go the rest of my life without trying it out. Now I can say that I made the right decision, I guess. (laugh)


    –Mana Manaka

    “Harris, the content director of KAWAII MONSTER CAFE and the current manager of FRUITS ZIPPER, contacted me out of the blue and asked if I was interested in idols. When he brought up the subject, I followed my gut. I instantly knew it would be fun, so I decided to just take a leap of faith!” 


    “Moving on, tell us about what you’ve worked on the hardest up until this point in your life.”


    –Noel Hayase

    “When I was a student, I tried to balance my studies with my performing arts activities. I had done a little modeling work before I started working as an idol, but once I joined FRUITS ZIPPER I got incredibly busy. My final exams coincided with my prep period and my idol debut! Once I
    overcame all of that and successfully graduated, I felt so much stronger. (laugh)


    –Suzuka Chinzei

    “In my teens, I wanted to find a balance between being ‘normal’ and being ‘special.’ 

    From a young age, I had been working in a space where I was surrounded by adults. I think that made me feel special, compared to my peers. 

    But living in that world was difficult as well. There were so many things that I felt I was missing out on–things that I felt I couldn’t catch up to. 

    One day, I was riding the bullet train alone. I lived in Hyogo Prefecture, but I commuted to Tokyo at least three days a week. When I passed by Nagoya, I suddenly got really sick with a fever, and my parents rushed me to the hospital. 

    I remember wondering how adults dealt with things like that. There were so many days that I would call my mom from Yamagata as a fifth-grader, crying my eyes out.

    The world of entertainment is so vastly different from the real world, and I desperately wanted a sense of normalcy. I needed that comfort. I’m not sure what the definition of ‘normal’ is, but I
    guess I didn’t want anyone to take away that innocent childishness from me. Looking back, I worked so incredibly hard to protect it.”


    –Mana Manaka

    “During my time as a poster girl for KAWAII MONSTER CAFE HARAJUKU, I worked hard to create a space that people could enjoy. I wanted everyone to leave satisfied and smiling and I wanted them to come back again. Looking back on those days, every day was so happy and the space was just so welcoming. I don’t think that the KAWAII MONSTER CAFE could have been successful without the team members who worked so hard to create the best possible experience. Every moment was heaven.” 


    “Thanks for sharing. FRUITS ZIPPER’s concept is “From Harajuku to the World.” If you end up
    going abroad, what would you like to do?” 


    –Noel Hayase

    “I’d love to do a special concert in each of the countries I’ve been to. Each concert would be created for each country–we’d wear unique costumes and have unique sets. At the same time, I feel like we can bring Japanese idol culture to the world by staying true to ourselves. I can dream. I want to do something really spectacular!”


    –Suzuka Chinzei

    “Right now, I’m working on an educational program called German for Travel. I’ve learned so many phrases, so I’d like to try them out in real life–things like ordering a meal and explaining my thoughts about the food to the waiter. I do a cute dance on the show too, so I’d like to do that with the waiter too! I’m still a little too nervous to try it alone, so I’d ask our half-German member Noel Hayase–who speaks 3.5 languages!–to be next to me the whole time. 

    I’d also like to lay down in the middle of the Sedona desert and see a UFO!”


    –Mana Manaka

    “I want us to appear in a major festival! 

    After that, I’d love to represent Japan on the world stage at something like Japan Parade or Japan Expo. I want to spread Japanese idol culture to the world through ‘KAWAII,’ something that’s so universally loved! 

    Personally, I love musicals and theme parks, so I’m hoping to travel a lot in the future.” 



    “Last question. What is the most important thing about being an idol to you?”


    –Noel Hayase

    “Being an idol means always having a goal. It’s more fun and more useful to keep thinking about where I want to go and how I want to be. If I were to take part in idol activities without a goal, I’d lose sight of why I’m doing what I’m doing. I started down this path because I had a goal in mind, and I intend to keep doing so.”


    –Suzuka Chinzei

    “I think the most important thing is to make everyone happy and to increase the Earth’s
    vibrations! Human beings can’t be happy-go-lucky every day–we all have our own problems and negative feelings. But I hope that our music, our videos, and our live performances can support everyone during those difficult times. 

    I also think that ‘fun’ is something that spreads from person to person. When I’m performing
    live, I’m truly enjoying myself from the bottom of my heart. The other members can sense
    those honest feelings, and they carry them home to their families, to their friends at school, and maybe to their grandparents who they haven’t seen in a while. That sense of ‘fun’ is contagious–it lets us connect with people. I want everyone to have fun more than anything. Maybe we can make the entire world happy, in time. (laugh)


    –Mana Manaka

    “FRUITS ZIPPER wants to give everyone strength and happiness through our activities. Above all else, I value always being energetic and positive, and I always want to have fun!” 


    “Thank you so much for chatting with us. Is there anything you’d like to say before we


    –Noel Hayase

    “It’s only been a short time since I debuted and I have zero experience as an idol, so there’s a
    ton that I don’t know. Even still, I have a dream that I want to achieve and I will do my best to achieve it. Because I want to show everyone my dream, I’ll do my best to make it come true
    with energy and a smile. I hope you’ll come along with us and support us as much as you can!”




    –Suzuka Chinzei

    “FRUITS ZIPPER will keep spreading ‘NEW KAWAII’ around the world in all kinds of ways!

    I hope that we can awaken the ‘NEW KAWAII’ that’s been inside of you all along!” 


    –Mana Manaka

    “We’re just getting started, but we’re going full speed ahead! I can’t wait until we can travel and meet fans around the world. Through Japanese idol culture and our ‘NEW KAWAII,’ we hope to
    connect the world and bring happiness to everyone we meet!

    From Harajuku to the world!!!”

  • KAWAII LAB. Report #1: IDOLATER Welcomes Two New Members

    10.June.2022 | FEATURES / MUSIC

    KAWAII LAB. is a project spearheaded by ASOBISYSTEM with the aim of introducing the world to popular Japanese idol culture. The idol group IDOLATER was born from this idea, and in April, the girls welcomed two new members, transforming it into a fresh new 5-member group. Announced at the group’s solo concert ‘New IDOLATER’ on April 24, Fuuka Oishi and Ririka Satsuki joined the lineup consisting of Ayu Okuda, Kurumi Tsukishiro, and Yukino Fushiki.


    A typical idol group is peppy and filled with energy, but IDOLATER is doing things a little differently. What is their appeal? How do they want to shake things up? 


    A Group Formed by Finalists from ASOBISYSTEM’s First National Audition

    IDOLATER debuted in April 2019. In the spring of 2018, ASOBISYSTEM, the management company behind Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and a number of other popular talents, announced its first large-scale nationwide audition, ASOBISYSTEM THE AUDITION 2018. IDOLATER’s history began with five audition finalists–Fushiki, Okuda, Tsukishiro, and two others. The catchphrase for the audition was fitting for the group: “Seeking the next generation of talents to shape Japanese pop culture and share it with the world.”


    IDOLATER Welcomes Solo Singer Ririka Satsuki & Model Fuuka Oishi

    Following the departure of two members and intense restrictions imposed on the group’s activities due to the pandemic, IDOLATER continued to operate with only three members. Although they didn’t manage to get a ton of media coverage or appeal in large-scale events, the group continued to pull in new fans and gain recognition in the idol community. After a while, Fuuka Oishi and Ririka Satsuki joined the group, giving a much-needed boost to IDOLATER’s activities and energy.


    Ririka Satsuki is a solo artist based in Fukuoka with an incredible husky voice. Fuuka Oishi has previously worked as a model and is popular with creators for her sweet yet listless atmosphere. Despite their incredible confidence, this is the first time either has worked as an idol!


    IDOLATER and the Concept of ‘Idols’ 

    The word ‘idol’ can conjure plenty of images to mind, but what does the word mean to the members of IDOLATER?


    The group’s music blends together elements of city pop, future funk, and house, while still keeping true to traditional J-pop roots. The familiarity of their music makes it easy to approach, and Yukino Fushiki’s powerful voice alongside Ririka Satsuki’s melodies shower fans with some of the best vocals in the idol world. 


    The group’s choreography is provided by YU-KA, formerly of TEMPURA KIDZ. Her experience as both a dancer and an idol makes her an asset, and her refreshing moves are a highlight of each IDOLATER show.


    A former pattern maker for a Japanese fashion brand designed the group’s costumes. 


    If this sounds like the idol group for you, come and check out an IDOLATER event to see the girl’s incredible appeal for yourself.


    On June 19, IDOLATER will hold their second regular performance, ‘Camel,’ at Ebisu CreATO. (The title of the show was chosen because it sounded fun, not for any other specific reason.)


    Stay tuned for the next report, where we’ll delve a little deeper into the life of each member of IDOLATER!

  • From Harajuku to the world! Chasing the bright future of a rising star, FRUITS ZIPPER

    03.June.2022 | FEATURES / MUSIC

    FRUITS ZIPPER is a group quickly rising to stardom, debuted from “KAWAII LAB.” KAWAII LAB is a new project to introduce Japanese idol culture from “Harajuku”, a fashion town where various cultures and personalities gather, to the world. Members of the group include Amane Tsukihashi, Suzuka Chinzei, Yui Sakurai, Runa Nakagawa, Manaka Mana, Karen Matsumoto, and Noel Hayase.

    Even before their debut, the group garnered attention for their breathtaking visuals. Their performances are so powerful, you would never expect such refined skill from such an adorable aesthetic, which is known to captivate the hearts of their fans. The group is produced by Misa Kimura, a model and TV personality who is also the general producer of “KAWAII LAB. She will utilize her experience and creativity as the leader of the idol group “Musubizm” to introduce idol culture to the world.


    Expressing FRUITS ZIPPER’s world through collaborations with creators

    Furthermore, even before their debut, the group drew a lot of attention because of their collaborations with many different renowned creators. Among the collaborations includes the artist photos created by video director/art director/3DCG artist YUKARI. She uses a cutting-edge trend of CG-moving techniques, in addition to still-images. The mysterious colors of bright light that embraces the girls are definitely eye-catching.


    Catchy and cute choreography of FRUITS ZIPPER


    @fruits_zipper ハートハート #わたしの一番かわいいところ ♬ わたしの一番かわいいところ – FRUITS ZIPPER

    Followed by the debut song “Kimino Akaruimiraiwo Oikakete,” a song with a positive message for the future, “Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro,” with its cute choreography and lyrics, won the hearts of people and was selected as one of the “TikTok Hot Songs in Japan” and charted on the Billboard. More than 13,000 videos using ”Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro” have been posted on TikTok with the hashtag “#わたしの一番かわいいところ (Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro).” The long-awaited third single “Kanpeki Syugide☆”, which was released on May 20, is an energetic tune created by music producer Manaka Suzuki.


    Performances that reach into people’s hearts and minds

    A pop-culture event presented by Asobisystem “ASOBE!!,” was held at Spotify O-EAST on May 26th. In addition to FRUITS ZIPPER, fellow Asobisystem members Atarashii Gakko! and IDOLATER, who is also a member of “KAWAII LAB.”, performed at the event. Many other remarkable idol groups also took part in the event, enlivening the venue.
    Alongside their regular performances, they are scheduled to participate in a number of events, including the “LEADING PALETTE! and “HYPE IDOL! vol. 20” at Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall both June 12th. Make sure to come and see their live performance, it’s sure to steal your heart!


    Additionally, KAWAII LAB. will be serialized on “Moshi Moshi Nippon,” a website that provides the latest news of Japan to the world. The articles will be published in hopes of sharing the charm of IDOLATER and FRUITS ZIPPER with people not only in Japan, but also around the world. Details will be announced soon. Stay tuned for more from KAWAII LAB.!