Colorful Tom & Jerry Osechi Available for Preorder Ahead of the New Year’s Holiday

30.August.2022 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

Fans of Tom & Jerry will love this themed osechi set! Osechi is eaten during the New Year’s holiday in Japan, and this special two-tiered box of goodies will be available to preorder on August 26, 2022.

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Tom & Jerry is a staple of American culture, following a clumsy cat and a cunning mouse as they constantly fight and chase each other. The duo celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2020 and has become popular with audiences around the world.


Original Goods Included with the Tom & Jerry Two-tiered Osechi

Suguroku and Game Pieces

Envelopes for New Year’s Gifts (Set of 5)

Chopsticks (Set of 5)

First Layer (Japanese Cuisine)

Second Layer (Western Cuisine)


The top layer is filled with Japanese delicacies, including manju, tofu, tricolor dango, and much more. The bottom layer is packed with western goodies, like hamburger steak, chicken, and sweet potatoes. How delicious does this look?


TOM AND JERRY and all related characters and elements © & ™ Turner Entertainment Co. (s22)


  • Detective Conan Osechi to be Available Again for New Year’s 2023

    16.October.2022 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

    After becoming extremely popular in 2022, the Detective Conan Osechi will be back in time for New Year’s Day 2023! Osechi is eaten during the New Year’s holiday in Japan, and refers to a number of tasty goodies packed inside a special multi-tiered box. Packed with all the charm of the manga and anime series, the set will come with a special New Year’s greeting card from the original creator Gosho Aoyama. Orders are now open on the Ringbell website.

    This two-tiered Osechi is packed with charm and includes 28 items. From the selection of ingredients to the cooking methods, careful attention has been paid to every aspect of these dishes–the first tier offers nostalgic and traditional foods, while the second tier contains more unique goods inspired by characters from the series. The set includes a box with an original design that combines popular characters and traditional Japanese New Year’s patterns, a hand towel with a mini illustration of Conan, and three sets of festive chopsticks with illustrations. These are available to order while supplies last, so you might want to snag one before they sell out!

  • New Year’s Mini-Cakes Available for Preorder from Ginza Cozy Corner

    03.December.2021 | FOOD

    Ginza Cozy Corner, a popular cake store in Tokyo, has started accepting preorders for its beautiful selection of New Years’ mini-cake sets, called Sweets Osechi. In Japan, osechi refers to traditional foods eaten on New Years Day, which come in a special box, not unlike a bento box. Of course, they aren’t usually packed with sweets, but these look absolutely scrumptious. 


    In 2011, Ginza Cozy Corner started the ‘First Sweets’ tradition to invite people to welcome the new year by enjoying some sweets after finishing the traditional osechi dishes. This is when the idea of Sweets Osechi was born, sure to put a smile on your face going into 2022!



    9-piece Sweets Osechi: ¥2,400 (Tax Included) 


    12-piece Sweets Osechi: ¥3,000 (Tax Included) 



    This year’s selection includes tarts featuring the Chinese zodiac sign of the Tiger and the first sunrise of 2022. Each set will come in a special box in a bright red design perfectly exemplifying the holiday spirit!

  • Second Tom & Jerry Cafe Opens in Tokyo and Osaka for Limited Time Only

    05.October.2021 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD / SPOT

    Did you know that ‘Cheese Day’ takes place every year on November 11? To commemorate this tasty holiday, the second Tom & Jerry cafe will open for a limited time in Tokyo and Osaka, selling a variety of themed goods and original merchandise. 

    Original Postcards (4 varieties), given to guests who purchase advance tickets




    Jerry Cheese Omurice

    BOOM! Macaroni & Cheese Burger

    Rolling Meatball Pasta

    Jerry and Tuffy Tiramisu

    CHASE! Cheese Set 

    BE HAPPY Cheesecake Parfait

    Tom’s Little Cake Plate

    Jerry’s Little Cake Plate

    Tom’s Cream Soda 

    Jerry’s Cream Soda 

    Cheese Cream Tea

    Tom and Jerry Cafe Latte  


    Original Merchandise

    Sticker (6 varieties, random)

    Acrylic Charm (6 varieties, random)

    Acrylic Magnet (5 varieties, random)

    Acrylic Pin (5 varieties, random) / Clear Folder

    Memo Pad with Case / Tote Bag 

    Handkerchief / Mug


    The animated Warner Bros. series Tom & Jerry celebrated 80 years in 2020 and became a fast favorite with kids. Tom the Cat and Jerry the Mouse are the perfect slapstick duo, and even after so many decades, the two characters still have plenty of fans. 


    The first Tom & Jerry cafe was open from March until May 2021 to celebrate the release of the Tom & Jerry film. Due to an overwhelmingly positive response, the cafe is back with an updated menu and new goods!


    The new menu includes a Macaroni and Cheese Burger inspired by the bulldog Spike, Meatball Pasta inspired by the diaper-wearing Toffee, a gorgeous cheese set, and character-inspired drinks. Popular at the previous cafe, the Omurice and Tiramisu are making a comeback. The space will be decorated with tons of cute and colorful character art, so don’t miss out!


    TOM AND JERRY and all related characters and elements © & ™ Turner Entertainment Co. (s21)

  • Tom and Jerry Movie x Maison de FLEUR Merchandise Collection Drops in Japan

    30.April.2021 | FASHION

    Maison de FLEUR has teamed up with the beloved animated cat and mouse pair Tom and Jerry, who celebrated 80 years since the release of their animated series last year, to release a special made-to-order collection on STRIPE CLUB that’s now available to buy in Japan.


    The Line-Up


    TOM and JERRY Frill Tote Bag | ¥5,489 (Tax Included)

    TOM and JERRY Basic Pouch | ¥3,949 (Tax Included)

    TOM and JERRY Ribbon Charm | ¥3,289 (Tax Included)

    TOM and JERRY iPhone Case | ¥4,389 (Tax Included)

    Maison de FLEUR’s collection is made in promotion of the Tom and Jerry movie that released this month and features a line-up of fake leather items including a tote bag, pouch, charm, and iPhone case with designs of the two characters, a cheese motif, and silhouettes of Tom chasing Jerry.


    ※本製品はワーナー ブラザース ジャパン合同会社との契約により、(株)グレイス社が製造したものです。
    TOM AND JERRY and all related characters and elements © & ™ Turner Entertainment Co. (s21)

  • A BATHING APE® x Tom and Jerry Collection Releases in Japan

    13.March.2021 | FASHION

    BAPE is set to release a clothing collection in collaboration with Tom and Jerry, which celebrated its 80th anniversary last year, on Saturday (March 13).


    The Line-Up

    The fun collection features a variety of designs including BAPE’s signature “ABC CAMO” as well as Tom and Jerry coming together with the brand’s own character BABY MILO as well as their main logo, the ape head, being made out of cheese.


    TOM AND JERRY and all related characters and elements © & ™ Turner Entertainment Co. (s21)

    ©2020 Warner Bros. All Rights Reserved.

  • Tom and Jerry themed pop-up stores to open in Japan

    04.March.2021 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    Tom and Jerry themed pop-up stores in collaboration with Village Vanguard are set to launch in Japan from March 5 to celebrate the Tom and Jerry movie releasing from March 19.

    Pop-up store exclusive goods

    Original stickers (random selection from 2 designs)

    Original place mat


    The concept of the pop-up stores is ‘I Love to eat’ which is inspired by the food that appears in the familiar scenes of Tom and Jerry’s extreme catch and runs such as cheese, burgers and breads. Don’t miss out on the special event to enjoy the world of Tom and Jerry.

  • Japan’s Tom and Jerry Exhibition Celebrates 80 Years of the Animated Series

    23.November.2020 | SPOT

    Tom and Jerry is an animated franchise created in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Adored worldwide for its titular rival characters, the hit series has won Academy Awards for Animated Short Film.

    The series is now getting its first ever exhibition, and it will take place in Japan, celebrating 80 years of the beloved franchise. Fans can look forward to seeing 250 original illustrations, animation cels from the debut animation short in the series Puss Gets the Boot, rough sketches, storyboards, and more. There will also be exhibits of the Hanna-Barbera cartoons loved by Japanese children.


    The Exhibition Break-Down
    Chapter One: The Birth of the Legendary Duo

    Chapter One of the exhibition will look at the history behind the birth of Tom and Jerry in 1940, and visitors will be able to watch the episodes that received Academy Awards.


    Chapter Two: The Charm of the Tom and Jerry Series

    The episodes, layout, secondary characters, title backgrounds, and more will be explored in detail. There will also be 3D recreations of Tom being out-done by Jerry.


    Chapter Three: Passing Onto Future Generations

    This chapter will explore Tom and Jerry from 1986 onwards. Visitors will also be able to see a recreation of the desk of American animator Spike Brandt who worked on numerous Tom and Jerry films.


    Chapter Four: Onto Television

    Chapter Four will explore the limits of what Hanna-Barbera were able to do in the early days on a low budget. Episodes and sounds nostalgic to Japanese people who grew up with their animations will also be played.


    Chapter Five: Tom and Jerry’s Eternal Chase

    Exhibits of the Tom and Jerry Show, as well as an exclusive animation made for this exhibition, will be showcased. Visitors can also get their hands on a selection of 200 pieces of exclusive merchandise and pre-sales on original items.


    TOM AND JERRY and related characters and elements ⓒ & ™ Turner Entertainment Co. (s20)

  • Prepare for New Year by Ordering a Minion or Hello Kitty-Themed New Year Osechi Food Bento in Advance

    28.August.2019 | FOOD

     To properly celebrate a Japanese New Year, Osechi cannot be overlooked. Osechi is a Japanese term referring to special food traditionally served during the New Year holidays. The food is filled with the hopes, wishes and happiness of people. This year, Belle Maison has released Minion-themed and Hello Kitty-themed osechi bento boxes.


    Belle Maison opened their reservation website for these Osechi Bento boxes on August 23rd. 

    2-Tier Minion Osechi Bento Box: ¥22,000 (after tax)

    Underneath the dazzling smiling face of the minion is a bento box packed with delicious New Year’s goodness. The box contains a mix of traditional flavours as well as small appetizer-style bites. This is something that children as well as adults would love. The box even includes a delicious soup and a cured and steamed white fish kamaboko, which bears the image of a minion.


    3-Tier Hello Kitty Osechi Bento Box: ¥19,900 (after tax)

    The Hello Kitty Osechi comes in a Hello Kitty 45-year anniversary box. From the Hello Kitty ribbon-shaped mochi to the pink lilies made from yokan jellied red bean paste, this bento box is packed with cute and beautiful Hello Kitty goodness. There is also Hello Kitty mousse made from whipped cream and a Hello Kitty steamed bun with a sweet potato and chunky adzuki bean paste filling. This box is packed tightly with so many delicious desserts. 


    Order online during one of the following advanced sale periods for a discount:

    Period 1 (10% off): August 23 ー September 30, 2019

    Period 2 (7% off): October 1 ー 28, 2019

    Period 3 (3% off): October 29 ー November 25, 2019 

     The earlier you order, the larger the discount so if you are interested, you should order earlier rather than later. 


    There is no better way to experience a Japanese New Year than with a Minion or Hello Kitty-themed Osechi Bento Box. 



    ⒸUniversal City Studios LLC. All Rights Reserved ©1976,2019 SANRIO CO.,LTD. APPROVAL NO.G600783

  • Hello Kitty & Mickey and Minnie Mouse New Year Osechi Food Orders Now Open

    22.August.2019 | FOOD

    Osechi is a Japanese term referring to special food served during the New Year holidays. The food is filled with the hopes, wishes and happiness of people. Kibun Foods began taking reservations for new Hello Kitty and Disney osechi assortments via their online shop on August 1. Reservations will also began rolling out at retail stores throughout the year.

    The Hello Kitty box contains a selection of traditional osechi items including red and white kamaboko cured fish paste and datemaki sweet rolled omelette as well as more modern cuisine like smoked duck.

    The cute box comes with the original 1970’s Hello Kitty design to celebrate her 45th anniversary. It’s exclusive to Kibun Foods and can be reused as a lunchbox.

    The Disney box design features Mickey and Minnie Mouse wearing traditional kimono. This box also contains traditional foods like red and white kamaboko cured fish paste and datemaki sweet rolled omelette as well as chicken in tomato sauce, smoked duck and more.

    The plum blossoms and peonies give a traditional and luxurious feel to the box.


    Enjoy a kawaii-charged New Year’s this year with these beautiful osechi gifts.


    ©1976,2019 SANRIO CO., LTD. APPROVAL NO.G601662


    *Photos are for illustrative purposes only

  • The world’s first Tom and Jerry exhibition opens at Matsuya Ginza!

    13.March.2019 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    William Hanna and Joseph Barbera are two genius cartoon animators who took the world by storm with their cartoon show “Tom and Jerry”; a series of adventures between a cat and mouse. The series was first released in the year 1940 and quickly became a massively popular hit series worldwide and even earned seven Academy Awards.


    The year 2020 will mark the 80th anniversary of the series. To commemorate, Japan is hosting the world’s first “Tom and Jerry” exhibition called “Tom and Jerry-ten Cartoon no Tensai Combi Hanna = Barbera”. The exhibition will run from Wednesday 17th April ー Monday 6th May 2019 at Matsuya Ginza’s event space located on the 8th floor. The exhibition will feature approximately 250 special materials and additional contents preserved by the Warner Archive. You can explore the creator’s original starting ideas and many documents and materials they used to make the show.

    TOM AND JERRY and all related characters and elements c & ? Turner Entertainment Co. (s19)

    TOM AND JERRY and all related characters and elements c & ? Turner Entertainment Co. (s19)


    One of Japan’s most famous book designers Shin Sobue designed the visuals of this exhibition and its logo.

    Puss Gets the Boot short cel setup 

    TOM AND JERRY and all related characters and elements c & ? Turner Entertainment Co. (s19)


    Part 1: Tom and Jerry ー the birth of history’s strongest animation duo 

    The exhibition will include the cel setup animations and documentation involved in making the short “Puss Gets the Boot”. This is your opportunity to find out more background information to the birth of the cartoon and uncover its secret story.

    Tom and Chérie short cel setup

    TOM AND JERRY and all related characters and elements c & ? Turner Entertainment Co. (s19)


    Part 2: Popular stars ー Tom and Jerry’s rise to to the top

    In this corner, you can take a look at the rough sketches and storyboards for the making of Academy Award-winning shorts “The Cat Concerto”, “Tom and Chérie” and much more. The original short will also be running in this corner.

    Tom and Jerry layout sketch

    TOM AND JERRY and all related characters and elements c & ? Turner Entertainment Co. (s19)


    Part 3: Tom and Jerry ー the fascinating series  

    Here you can discover the episode layout, sub characters and title backgrounds, unravelling the secrets of the cartoon series by gazing over documents and cel setups.  There’s also a 3D exhibition featuring Tom who was completely defeated by Jerry. How embarrassing!

    From the Spike Collection

    TOM AND JERRY and all related characters and elements c & ? Turner Entertainment Co. (s19)


    Part 4: Tom and Jerry inherited by the next generation 

    Hanna and Barbera’s will have continued into the next generation through the character “Spike”. Longer episodes of “Tom and Jerry” started to be written. You can enjoy the “Spike Collection” at the exhibition along with the animator’s disk which will be running simultaneously.  

    The Flintstones cel setup

    THE FLINTSTONES and all related characters and elements c & TM Hanna-Barbera. (s19)


    Part 5: Hanna and Barbera continue to impress the world 

    Working on a low budget, Hanna and Barbera were determined to produce a new episode every week. Through trial and error, they decided to use the “limited animation” technique for their cartoons which involves reusing frames. This part of the exhibition will introduce you to other well-known original cel series made by Hanna and Barbera including Japan’s favourites “The Flintstones,” “Yogi Bear”, “Wacky Races”, “Scooby-Doo”, “The Jetsons” and much more!


    Part 6: Tom and Jerry’s game of tag continues forever…

    This part of the exhibition introduces s range of materials for “The Tom and Jerry Show” which formed from “Tom and Jerry”. You can also watch a special film in a theatre that chases Tom and Jerry’s adventures and shows how they unfold.

    c 2019 MEDICOM


    The exhibition also holds approximately 200 limited edition and original goods that you can order in advance. Step into the world of Tom and Jerry at the world’s first ever Tom and Jerry exhibition!


  • 5 New Year’s Holidays Foods to Devour at Daimaru Tokyo

    29.December.2018 | FOOD

    With the New Year almost upon us, lots of restaurants are prepping ‘osechi’―food served during the New Year’s Holidays.


    Over at Daimaru Tokyo they have 25 different osechi ready to serve from 20 brands which can be bought from 10:00am to 6:00pm on December 31. Here are 5 you can expect to be sinking your teeth into.

    Rakushougatsu (Serves 2) @ Nadaman Chubo – ¥12,960

    This long-standing restaurant is cooking up a very traditional meal. Indulge in New Year’s classics like sweet rolled omelette, black soybeans and herring roe. Added to this is roast beef.


    Edo no Niji (Serves 2-3) @ Kanda Myojinshita Miyabi – ¥15,660

    Enjoy the flavours of Edo with this dish that both looks and tastes delicious. It comes in three mini boxes portioned very cutely!


    Wafuu Osechi Ichidan’e (Serves 1-2) @ Minokichi – ¥14,040

    Minokichi has created this delicate arrangement of party snacks, fried food, vegetables and more.


    Gyutan Otsumami Osechi (Serves 2-3) @ Gyutan Kanezaki – ¥16,200

    From classic osechi picks to otsumami―snacks that go with alcohol―this one has it all.

    Gindara Nishikyou Yaki Osechi Wafuu Nidan’e (Serves 2-3) @ Aji no Hamato Tsukiji – ¥21,600

    The ultimate celebratory selection consisting of Japanese bluefish, fried food, boiled food and more.


    There’s plenty of great osechi to be enjoyed in Japan for the New Year so don’t miss out.

  • Desserts only! Reservation of “Sweets Osechi 2018” can be made (quantity limited) at LeTAO’s online shop

    26.November.2017 | FOOD

    Otaru’s dessert brand LeTAO is accepting reservations for “Sweets Osechi,” (250 cases – limited) which is a box with many kinds of desserts inside, for a limited time offer.


    Osechi is a special food which Japanese people eat on New Year’s Day. It is said that each traditional food included in the box brings luck.


    “Sweets Osechi” which sells out every year is made by patissiers.

    “Sweets Osechi” of 2018 is a special box created by the two parissiers of LeTAO.

    d13125-254-801634-3 d13125-254-324664-8

    You will be surprised with the content of the boxes which will include the standard sweets item called Double Fromage and a new cake and pudding.

    d13125-254-440138-9 d13125-254-368994-5

    【First box (left) Hana】

    Upper left: Pudding A La Mode with lots of fruit

    Upper Right: Rare cheese wrapped with rice cake

    Left below: Double Fromage

    Right below: Anno potato tart and maccha (green tea) roll


    d13125-254-951177-1 d13125-254-107947-0

    【Second box (right) Irodori】

    Upper left: Pistachio cake

    Upper right: White chocolate sensacion

    Apricot pound

    Below left: Marron cup cake

    Black tea brownie

    Below right: Berry chocolate



    Let’s enjoy the New Year’s Day with the popular desserts from LeTAO




    Otaru Yogashi LeTAO Sweets Osechi 2018

    Price: 2,5920 yen

    Purchasable date: until 2017,12,23 (Sat) ※Please note that the number of the product is limited.

    Delivery date: 12,27 (Wed) to 12.30 (Sat.)

    TEL 0120-222-212(9:00~18:00)