“Rokko Mountain Snow Park” opens again this winter for skiers and snowboarders!

16.September.2017 | SPOT

“Rokko Mountain Snow Park” is a huge theme park-like resort offering wintertime leisure for adults and children alike, from skiing to snowboarding, sledding, or even just having fun in the snow. The park is open for business from November 18th.


The park normally opens in December each year, but since last season it has been able to open 2 weeks earlier after bringing in a new system that can produced 2.4 more times snow than before.

Now everyone can enjoy skiing and snowing at the park much earlier from November 18, 2017 to April 1, 2018. Rokko Mountain Snow Park strives to continue operating during current worries over the effects of warm winters as a result of climate change.

Last year’s hugely successful ski school for kids will also be running again this year to support your child’s debut onto the ski slope!


Enjoy your winter this season at the newly-improved Rokko Mountain Snow Park!



Rokko Mountain Snow Park
Open: Saturday Nov. 18, 2018 to Monday Apr. 1, 2018

*Subject to change depending on the condition of the ski slope

*Snowboarding begins from Friday December 1st

November – 9:00-17:00 (reception closes at 16:30)

December 1st-April 1st [Mondays-Thursdays] – 9:00-17:00 (reception closes at 16:30) (*does not include set holidays)
December 1st-April 1st [Fridays and Set Holidays] – 9:00-22:00 (reception closes at 21:30)
*Set holidays include set weekends and national holidays and December 25th-January 5th

*Snowland open 9:00-17:00

*Snowboarding on set holidays on weekends and national holidays until March 11th begins from 16:00


<Daytime Ticket>

Sold: 9:00-16:30

Price: ¥2,100 (nighttime tickets are sold 9:00-15:30)

Note: Separate fee charged to use lift

<Nighttime Tickets>
Sold: 16:00-21:30

Price: ¥2,600 販売時間:16:00~21:30
Note: Separate fee charged to use lift

Rokko Mountain Snow Park Homepage: http://bit.ly/2h0MMli


  • Go Skiing This Golden Week in Japan at Nekoma Ski Resort

    25.March.2020 | SPOT

    Nekoma Ski Resort, which is located on the northern slope of the Urabandai area, is holding a special spring ski event from March 30, 2020 called “Haru Nekoma ~Nekoma GO! GO! GO!”

    The spring season at Nekoma Ski Resort is the time to enjoy the compacted snow berms, with lots of different kinds of berms to try out. So skiers can enjoy the snow berms that pile up in the early morning, the resort is open from from as early as 5:55, and there’s also snow lifts, so they can maximise their piste riding experience to the fullest. Skiers can enjoy the full view of Mount Bandaiーwhich is officially listed as one of the 100 most famous mountains in Japanーas well as Lake Inawashiro too as they hit the downhill ski trails.


    Haru Nekoma ~Nekoma GO! GO! GO!

    Running: March 30, 2020 – May 6, 2020

    Times: [Weekdays] 7:30-15:00 / [Weekends & Public Holidays] 5:55-15:00

    Lift Price: [1 Day Ticket] Adults ¥3,818 / Junior & High School Students ¥3,091 / Elementary School Students ¥1,909 (Before Tax)

    Note: Dates and times subject to change depending on weather conditions


    Ride the springtime pistes of Alts Bandai too

    For the 2019-2020 season, you can ride the snow footpath that connects Nekoma Ski Resort to Alts Bandai. Go through the gate leading to it, walk through the Japanese beech trees for about 15 minutes, and you’ll arrive at the pistes in the deepest part of Alts Bandai which opens up to a spectacular view of Mount Bandai and the town of Inawashiro. Alts Bandai will be shut from March 29, but since there is still plenty of snow to ski down in the high-up pistes even in April, some of the lifts will still be operated. Enjoy a springtime walk and a springtime ski with the beautiful scenery before you with this special ski route.


    Running: From March 20, 2020 until the snow melts

    Gate Times: 10:00-13:30 (Last entries from Nekoma Ski Resort at 12:00)

    Price: Free

    Available Courses: Frozen 1, 2, 3 / Peak Lower 3 / Peak Lower 4

    Note: A valid day ticket from Nekoma Ski Resort is required


    Nekoma Terrace

    Bask in the springtime weather at the foot of the pistes in the Nekoma Terrace which has its own bar. After an early morning ski, take a break and relax at the terrace with a drink in hand and soak up the scenery around you as the temperature warms through the day.


    Spring Nekoma Terrace

    Time: 10:00-14:00

    Price: Alcohol ¥454 / Soft Drinks ¥182 (Before Tax)

    Location: Nekoma Ski Resort Centre House


    Spring discount tickets are also available, which can also be used at Alts Bandaiーwhich has the biggest pistes in Japanーuntil March 29. Ride across 189 hectares and enjoy 26 courses.


    Spring Discount Tickets

    Available: February 1, 2020 – May 6, 2020

    Valid: March 1, 2020 – May 6, 2020

    Price: Adults (20-23 Years) ¥20,000 / Junior & High School Students ¥10,909 / Elementary School Students ¥10,000 (Before Tax)

    Sold at: Alts Bandai / Nekoma Ski Resort Official Homepage / Alts Bandai and Nekoma Ski Resort sites

  • Hoshino Resort TOMAMU Ski Area Introduces New ‘Auto Gate System’

    09.October.2018 | SPOT

    The Hoshino Resort TOMAMU Ski Area, where you can enjoy one of the best powder snow experiences in Hokkaido, is introducing a new ‘auto gate system’ for the 2018-2019 winter season.

    Japan’s ski population was a staggering 18 million in 1998, but today it’s less than half. But the fine quality of snow at Japan’s ski locations has garnered much attention abroad.

    The new system being introduced enables people from all around the world regardless of nationality to purchase a lift ticket in advance on the resort’s homepage by credit card payment. This will save on waiting times to purchase a ticket on the day as guests will have already bought their tickets meaning they can board the lift without visiting the counter. They need only scan the QR code at the Pickup Box before which will have been given to them upon buying a ticket. This will issue a lift ticket.

    All gondola lifts will be fitted with gates that read the IC chips on your issued ticket. Simply insert the ticket and head through the gate. This too allows for smoother and quicker access and guests will not have to show their ticket to staff every time.


    If you’re never tried winter sports in Japan then why not visit Hoshino Resort TOMAMU for a stress free experience?

  • 6 Winter Sports Locations in Karuizawa – Where the Netflix Reality TV Show “Terrace House” is Filmed

    08.October.2018 | FEATURES / SPOT

    We previously covered 10 popular tourist spots and 7 must-visit cafes in Karuizawa where the Japanese reality TV show Terrace House, available on Netflix, was filmed.


    In this article we’re taking a look at 6 locations picked up by the show where you can experience and enjoy winter sports in Karuizawa.


    Karuizawa Kazakoshi Park Ice Arena

    This is the ice ring where Tsubasa from the show trains for ice hockey. You can rent ice skates there and enjoy free time where all people can slide around the arena or you can get involved in any of the ongoing events. They even hold figure skating and ice hockey tournaments there.



    Karuizawa Kazakoshi Park Ice Arena

    Address: 182-3 Nagakura, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku District, Nagano Prefecture

    Opening Hours: 8:00am-11:00pm

    Open All Year Round.

    TEL: 0267-48-3626

    Website: http://www.kazakoshi-park.jp/ice-arena/


    Kerachi Skate Rink

    This is where Shion and Tsubasa go on a date together. An outdoor ice rink surrounded by a forest, Kerachi Skate Rink is managed by Hoshino Resorts and is open only during wintertime. Since the skate rink is enveloped by trees, you can enjoy the chirping of the birds and the view of Mount Asuma as you skate. The cafe there serves hot drinks which you can sip on the round benches on top of the ice to warm yourself up.



    Kerachi Skate Rink

    Address: 2148 Nagakura, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku District, Nagano Prefecture

    Running: October 19, 2018 – March 10, 2019 (*Subject to change depending on weather conditions)

    Opening Hours: 10:00am-4:00pm

    TEL: 0267-45-7777

    Website: http://www.hoshino-area.jp/archives/area/skate


    Karuizawa Prince Hotel Ski Resort

    This is the ski resort where Taka and Yuudai had fun snowboarding. It’s rife with outdoor activities so you can get your fill of nature. As well as skiing and snowboarding, they also bring out the zip-lines, lifts and four-wheeler buggies during the green season. You can also enjoy a spot of shopping, bowling and other thing after skiing, making it a great day out for the family.



    Karuizawa Prince Hotel Ski Resort

    Address: Karuizawa, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku District, Nagano Prefecture

    Running: November 3, 2018 – March 31, 2019

    TEL: 0267-42-5588

    Website: http://www2.princehotels.co.jp/ski/karuizawa/


    Yunomaru Ski Area

    This is the ski resort that Shohei took Ami to. Enjoyed for its powder snow, Yunomaru Ski Area boasts a wide location where you can gaze at the Northern Alps. They also have sleds and a boat park. As well as this, there are hot spring facilities and a roadside station in the surrounding area which are great places to stop by on your way back.



    Yunomaru Ski Area

    Address: Mihari Yunomaru, Tomi, Nagano Prefecture

    TEL: 0268-62-1515

    Website: http://yunomaru.co.jp/


    Resort Lodge Suzumoto

    This is the lodge that Taka visited, situated 1300m high with the fresh air. Here you can enjoy activities throughout the year while surrounded by the lush environment that Sugadaira Kogen has to offer. It’s well known to people as a ski resort with a history spanning 75 years. After activities you can enjoy a handmade meal from the owner with Kogen’s famous vegetables. There’s also a convenience store within walking distance if you need a nighttime snack or some quick shopping.



    Resort Lodge Suzumoto

    Address: 1223-5501 Sugadairakogen, Ueda, Nagano Prefecture

    TEL: 0268-74-2110

    Website: http://www.sugadaira.ne.jp/~suzumoto/


    Sugadaira Kogen Snow Resort

    Sugadaira Kogen Snow Resort is where Taka and Ami had their date. The site is split into two main skiing and snowboarding areas: the “Davos Area” and the “Taro Area.” The Taro Area is surrounded by trees and is home to the Taro Long Course. It’s a wide and the slope is steep so it’s recommended to advance skiers and snowboarders. The Davos Area on the other hand can be enjoyed even by beginners with its 1,000m long run. Guests can also enjoy trekking in snow shoes, taking the back country tour or getting involved with a lesson that suits your level.



    Sugadaira Kogen Snow Resort

    Address: 1223-1751 Sugadairakogen, Ueda, Nagano Prefecture

    Running: Open from December 1, 2018

    TEL: 0268-74-2137

    Website: http://sugadaira-snowresort.com/



    Try challenging yourself to one of the many exciting winter sports available in Karuizawa!

  • 6 Ski Resorts in Hokkaido ― Winter Sports in Japan

    31.August.2018 | FEATURES / SPOT

    Wintertime in Hokkaido means winter sports, like skiing and snowboarding. Every year, people from around Japan and overseas roll up to one of Hokkaido’s many popular snowy ski resorts, such as Niseko, Tomamu and Rusutsu.


    Len S.さん(@lensak)がシェアした投稿

    Niseko Mt. Resort Grand Hirafu

    Niseko Grand Hirafu is Japan’s largest winter resort, covering a huge area with an enormous amount of powder snow. It is the biggest of the four ski resorts in the Niseko area and boasts some of the largest quantity of powder snow around the world, gaining huge popularity from skiers overseas. There are 30 courses to pick from in addition to 15 lifts and 2 ski centers which are decked out in the latest facilities. Everything accommodates skiers of all levels from beginner to professionals. Enjoy gazing at Mount Yotei―one of the 100 famous mountains of Japan―while having the best snow experience you could imagine.



    Niseko Mt. Resort Grand Hirafu

    Address: 204 Yamada, Kutchan-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido

    Website (English): http://www.grand-hirafu.jp/winter/en/




    Rusutsu Resort

    Rusutsu Resort is a gigantic ski resort formed around Isola Mountain, the East Mountain and the West Mountain. Guests can enjoy plenty of space to ski in a magnificent location. There are 37 courses spanning 42km. Beginners can feel at ease at the wide open snow barn while intermedite and advance skiers can go straight for the freedom park or even the side country park which takes advantage of the natural shape of the mountain. There’s even sled dogs, ski mobiles, ice fishing and more. If you’re looking for lots of activities then Rusutsu Resort is the place to go.



    Rusutsu Resort

    Address: 13 Izumikawa, Rusutsu-mura, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido

    Website (English): https://www.hokkaido-rusutsu.com/en-gb



    Snya Mtaniさん(@mii._.iick)がシェアした投稿

    Niseko Annupuri Kokusai Ski Area

    This is the best ski resort in the Nisekoi area for beginners and families. There are 13 courses catered towards beginners that are spacious, simple and not scary. We recommend the Long Cruise when the weather’s nice which stretches 4,000 meters! After skiing you can enjoy a nice hot soak in the natural hot springs or open air baths to warm up!



    Niseko Annupuri Kokusai Ski Area

    Address: Niseko-485 Niseko, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido

    Website (English): http://annupuri.info/winter/english/



    池端 清美さん(@kiyomi.ikehata)がシェアした投稿

    Sapporo Teine

    Sapporo Teine hosted several events for the 1972 Winter Olympics. The ski resort is located on Mt. Teine elevated 1,023m. It’s split into the upper Highland Zone and middle Olympia Zone with 15 courses to choose from which people of all ages can enjoy, including kids and adults alike. From the top of the mountain you can catch sight of the Sapporo towns and Ishikari Bay. It’s easily accessible by car just 40-minutes from central Sapporo.



    Sapporo Teine

    Address: 593 Teinehoncho, Teine-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido

    Website (English): https://sapporo-teine.com/snow/lang/en/



    chikanori uriyaさん(@uriuri72)がシェアした投稿

    Kiroro Resort

    Kiroro claims to have the snowiest winter valleys on earth and boasts an abundance of powder snow with a 5m depth at the top of the mountain. This dreamlike world of silvery snow has 21 varied courses for beginners to expwerts. Beginners can choose from 3 different 2km beginner courses. There’s also a ski school for children from the age of 3 where they can learn the ins and outs of skiing. There’s also hot springs, a pool and more to enjoy in addition to skiing. There’s also an indoor entertainment facility which can be taken advantage of during in all weathers.



    Kiroro Resort

    Address: 128-1 Tokiwa, Akaigawa-mura, Yoichi-gun, Hokkaido

    Website (English): https://www.kiroro.co.jp/




    Hoshino Resorts Tomamu

    Hoshino Resort Tomamu has a total of 29 courses for beginners to experts, with each course balanced perfectly for every skill level. It is the only ski resort in Hokkaido that has individual lanes for each level where you can enjoy safe and fun slope skiing. There’s also a 4,020m snow cart course―the longest in Japan―as well as lots of activities to pick from like snowmobiling, snow rafting, sledding night snow cruises and more. The resort is easily accessible from New Chitose Airport, Asahikawa Airport and Tokachi–Obihiro Airport too, making it a great choice when planning your trip.



    Hoshino Resorts Tomamu

    Address: Nakatomamu, Shimukappu, Yufutsu District, Hokkaido

    Website (English): https://www.snowtomamu.jp/winter/en/



    Did you enjoy this list? Be sure you get the full Hokkaido experience by getting involved with the winter sports!

  • “Okuibuki Snow Resort” in Shiga Prefecture will be opened until April! Let’s enjoy skiing and snowboarding

    13.March.2018 | SPOT

    Okuibuki Snow Resort is the largest ski slope in the Kansai Region located in Yonehara-shi, Shiga Prefecture. The site will be opened until the 8th of April.



    ​During March/April when spring skiing can be enjoyed, it is easy to get to the  ski slope since there is no snow on the roads. You don’t have to use winter tires for  most of the time and the weather conditions of the ski slopes are    good for most of the time.




    Events which offer discount lift tickets will be held on special days and periods such as Couple’s DAY, School appreciation Day and Junior/Senior appreciation Week.



    In addition, parking fees during weekdays will be free from the 5th of March.

    Moreover, a “Garden Chair”area where you can view the slopes, will be installed in the open terrace. Why not enjoy winter sports during this spring season with your family, friends or your boyfriend/girlfriend!



    Okuibuki Snow Resort

    Business hours: until 2018/04/08

    Address: Okuibuki, Kozuhara, Yoneharashi, Shiga Prefecture

    Business hours: 8:00 to 17:00 (detailed information – please refer to the website)