Popular Mobile Game Puzzle & Dragons to Get Soundtrack Release

04.October.2022 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

The mobile game Puzzle & Dragons has been around for ten years, with over 90 million downloads worldwide. Continuing its incredible popularity to this day, Universal Music has announced that a best-of album would be released on November 23, 2022, featuring a number of popular tracks from the game.


The album, titled Puzzle & Dragons 10th Anniversary Festival, will feature a collection of original songs by famed game composers Kenji Ito and Yukio Nakajima. Fans of the series will be excited to hear Departure Ver.0, created by Ito before the well-known song Departure was released. This will be the first time that the song has ever been released.


The album jacket features newly-drawn illustrations of Ideal, who won the top spot in last year’s character ranking, Sonia, Roche, Valeria, and Mil. 


The album will be released as a CD and will also be available to stream and download. Those buying the CD will enjoy a two-disc set and special packaging, with a booklet featuring illustrations and interviews by Kenji Ito, Yukio Nakajima, and the producer Yamamoto. 100 lucky winners will be selected by lottery to win an original towel featuring exclusive art.


Over the past decade, Puzzle & Dragons has brought plenty of joy to people’s lives. Have you ever played the title? Is the music special to you?


Don’t miss the 10th-anniversary celebration of Puzzle & Dragons!


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  • Soundtrack to Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack Sees Vinyl Rerelease by Bernie Grundman

    21.November.2022 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Released in 1988, the film Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack remains popular with fans of the series over 30 years later. A rerelease of the original soundtrack on vinyl has been announced, coming on February 18, 2023. The record will be cut by Bernie Grundman and will feature Shigeaki Saegusa’s magnificent score and the theme song BEYOND THE TIME ~Beyond the Mobius Universe~ by TM Network.

    The three-sided panoramic jacket for the record was illustrated by Naoyuki Kato, and fans will love the red record itself reminiscent of Char’s personal emblem and Gundam.


  • Tetsuya Komuro and MARiA from GARNiDELiA Release Collaboration Song and Music Video

    21.October.2022 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    The famed Japanese musician and producer Tetsuya Komuro and MARiA from GARNiDELiA have released a collaboration track and music video. Trust On Me -Theme of E.T.E- was released on October 16, 2022.


    The track serves as the theme song for the new mobile game E.T.E. Chronicle, launched by bilibili on October 14. The game’s music was written, composed, and arranged entirely by Tetsuya Komuro. MARiA from the music duo GARNiDELiA provided vocals for the theme, known for her work on a number of anime and game properties. 


    The music is reminiscent of TM NETWORK’s TIME TO COUNT DOWN released 32 years ago, starting with an incredible piano solo and a sense of speed and urgency. Featuring lyrics about trust and faith, the song is a perfect fit for the game.


    The music video features full 3D game footage interspersed with footage of MARiA and Tetsuya Komuro in the recording studio.


    “I asked MARiA to provide the vocals because I knew that she could embody the game’s message,” Komuro said. “The most important thing was expressing a sense of speed and femininity.”


    “I’m so happy and honored to have been chosen to take part in this wonderful and timeless collaboration,” MARiA said. “I hope this song pulls everyone into the world of E.T.E. Chronicle.” 



  • Attack on Titan Song ‘ətˈæk 0N tάɪtn<TFSv>’ Gets Anime Music Video

    21.June.2022 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    An animated music video for the track ətˈæk 0N tάɪtn<TFSv> from Attack on Titan The Final Season has been uploaded to YouTube. The song will be featured on the upcoming second soundtrack, scheduled to be released on June 22 and composed by Hiroyuki Sawano. The track itself was played during a crucial moment in Episode 87. 


    The music video features footage from The Final Season Part 2, which aired from January to April.


    ətˈæk 0N tάɪtn<TFSv> – Attack on Titan The Final Season OST (Official Music Video)

    The soundtrack will include 15 tracks including Ashes on the Fire -PTV- and Footsteps of Doom. Fans of the series won’t want to miss picking it up, and it will also be available to stream on all major streaming services this week.


    The final episodes of Attack on Titan The Final Season will air on NHK General in 2023.

    ©諫山創・講談社/「進撃の巨人」The Final Season製作委員会


  • Attack on Titan Song ‘Ashes on the Fire -PTV’ Gets Animated Music Video

    14.June.2022 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    An animated music video for Ashes on the Fire -PTV- from Attack on Titan The Final Season has been released! Featuring music by Kohta Yamamoto, the upcoming second soundtrack, set to be released on June 22, is already becoming a hot topic online. It will also include the full version of Footsteps of Doom, which played during a vital scene in episode 80. The song has over 4 million plays on YouTube, an incredible feat for a song from an anime soundtrack. The final episodes of Attack on Titan The Final Season will air on NHK General in 2023. 


    Ashes on The Fire -PTV- / Attack on Titan The Final Season OST



    Footsteps of Doom / Attack on Titan The Final Season OST 



    Attack on Titan The Final Season OST 02 Announcement Trailer



    The soundtrack will include 15 tracks including the popular song the ətˈæk 0N tάɪtn<TFSv>. Be sure to give it a listen whenever you’re feeling nostalgic for this incredible series!

  • Second Attack on Titan The Final Season Soundtrack to be Released, Featuring ‘Footsteps of Doom’

    07.June.2022 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    A second soundtrack for Attack on Titan The Final Season will be released on streaming services on June 22, 2022.


    Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 2 aired from January to April of 2022. The new soundtrack will include the full version of Footsteps of Doom, written by Kohta Yamamoto and played during episode 80. The song has over 4 million plays on YouTube, an incredible feat for a song from an anime soundtrack. 


    The album will also include a new version of Ashes on the Fire and the track ətˈæk 0N tάɪtn<TFSv>.


    Attack on Titan The Final Season Original Soundtrack – Footsteps of Doom Sample Video


    The album jacket features a new illustration of Eren Jaeger drawn by animator Takashi Kojima, who was in charge of the opening animation for Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 2.


    The final episodes of Attack on Titan The Final Season will air on NHK General in 2023. 


    ©諫山創・講談社/「進撃の巨人」The Final Season製作委員会


  • Anime Series World Trigger Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 to be Released in April

    15.April.2022 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    The soundtrack for World Trigger Seasons 2 & 3, which both aired in 2021, will be released on April 27, 2022.


    The anime adaptation of Daisuke Ashihara’s sci-fi action manga, currently serialized in Jump Square, first premiered in 2014. A second season aired from January to April 2021, and a third season ran from October 2021 until January 2022. 


    The soundtrack will contain a total of 39 sounds. The music was composed by Kenji Kawai, who has written the music for the series since season one. On October 17, 2021, the World Trigger Symphonic Band event was held at the Tokyo Garden Theater.




  • Original Soundtrack for Anime Series takt op.Destiny Released

    03.March.2022 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    The soundtrack for the anime series takt op.Destiny, which wrapped in December 2021, was released on February 23, 2022! Available in standard and limited-edition versions and on streaming services, a trailer for the collection of classical tracks has also been uploaded to YouTube!


    The standard two-disc set includes 52 tracks from the anime series, while the limited edition includes 4-discs covering all classical tracks found in the show and voice tracks by the main cast. A 68-page booklet includes interviews with the show’s director and composer, original drawings, storyboards, and more behind-the-scenes details. 



    Composer Yorihiro Ike commented on the soundtrack. “It’s still so fresh in my mind. I realize now that the series was actually a love-focused drama, so when I wrote the song With Love, it was all the more meaningful. It was an important piece of work for me. The soundtrack includes everything from classical pieces to jazz riffs. It won’t disappoint, so please, give it a listen.” 


    The teaser trailer includes the song With Love, an important song inspired by the show’s main character.


    takt op.Destiny Original Soundtrack Teaser Trailer


    The series, available to stream in the west on Crunchyroll, tells the story of a world shaken by a black meteorite. Monsters appear from the crater, and those who hold the power of the “Musicart” can use the power of music and sound to defeat the beasts. Produced by MAPPA and MADHOUSE and directed by Yuki Ito, it became a global hit, and will expand into the video game market in the future.


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  • Yokohama Tokyu REI Hotel and La Corda d’oro Starlight Orchestra Collaborate for Special Menu

    01.March.2022 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD / SPOT

    Yokohama Tokyu REI Hotel is teaming up with the otome smartphone game La Corda d’oro Starlight Orchestra from February 19 until March 27, 2022! The event is being held to celebrate the game’s first anniversary, and fans can enjoy a special menu inspired by the title’s many characters.



    Welcome to Bistro China ENCORE ~Sauteed Pork & Veggies~

    Do you have the guts? ~Hot Soup Gyoza~

    The Ultimate Cheeseburger ~Demi-glace Sauce with Ratatouille~

    Twinkle Double Star ~A Miracle Session of Eel and Tempura~

    “We thought fried chicken was the best back then.” 

    Vegetables! Okinawa! Taco Rice!!

    An Ancient City Drenched in Duck Broth ~Nanban Soba Tsukemen Style~

    Cold Weather Meat Curry Pilaf with Cheese & Egg

    Starlight Orchestra! ~First Anniversary Cream Soda~


    Located on the 9th floor of the hotel, Bistro China ENCORE will offer a gourmet menu associated with the eight high schools appearing in the game. Takahide Suzuki, the restaurant’s chef, will add playful twists to each dish, and guests can wash down these tasty dishes with a commemorative first-anniversary cream soda. Those showing staff the game’s home screen will get an anniversary coaster!


    Select hotel rooms will be Starlight Orchestra-themed during the event run, and those who stay in the room will receive a welcome message card from the characters along with other souvenirs. Starlight Orchestra goods will be on sale at the front desk GRAB & GO store as well. 


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  • Mobile Game Identity V Starts First Collaboration with Detective Conan

    06.November.2021 | ANIME&GAME

    Netease’s asymmetrical competitive mobile game Identity V has just started its first collaboration with ultra-popular anime and manga series Detective Conan! In the past, the game has already held crossover events with a number of popular franchises, such as Danganronpa, Persona, Edward Scissorhands, The Promised Neverland, and Death Note. Given that the game is all about solving a murder mystery, it makes sense that Conan would be the next best choice!


    Detective Conan is one of the most popular manga series of all time in Japan, with over 250 million copies in circulation as of 2021. The story follows Shinichi Kudo, a high school detective who sometimes works with the police to help solve cases. Attacked by members of the Black Organization crime syndicate, Shinichi is forced to ingest a potion that transforms him into a child! Adopting a pseudonym and keeping his true identity a secret, he continues to solve crimes and help bring peace to the people of Japan. 


    Identity V features gameplay for five players. One player, the hunter,  is tasked with eliminating the other four players, the survivors, before they complete their objectives. During this collaboration, each player character will be clad in Detective Conan costumes as they solve the mystery before it’s too late!


    Four rare skins will be available: a lawyer costume (Kogoro Mori), an air force costume (Ran Mori), a perfumer costume (Shiho Miyano), and an office outfit (Heiji Hattori). A collaborative gift pack is also available in the game’s store and will feature two more exclusive costumes–Shinichi Kudo and Conan Edogawa. The pack will also include doodles, mobile icons, and more digital goodies. 


    The game is free to play on iOS, Android, and PC, so be sure to grab it now!


  • Anime Visual Prison Blu-ray/DVD Collection and Soundtrack Released

    22.October.2021 | ANIME&GAME

    A four-part Blu-ray and DVD version of new anime Visual Prison, airing from October 8, has been announced, along with a 43-track soundtrack titled ‘Visual Prison Original Soundtrack.” Produced by A-1 Pictures, the anime was written by Agematsu Noriyasu, with music from Elements Garden and character designs by Katagiri Ikumi. 

    The DVD Vol.1 jacket and bonus items have also been revealed, both featuring illustrations from character designer Katagiri Ikumi.



    “Visual Prison” Blu-ray & DVD Vol.1


    Original Soundtrack


    The Limited Edition Vol.1 DVD comes with a three-sided case illustrated by Katagiri Ikumi, a Digi-Jacket featuring the characters, a selection of character songs, the Katagiri Ikumi Setting Collection, a color booklet, and a Polaroid-style Photo Card. The first volume features O★Z as drawn by Katagiri Ikumi alongside a whole selection of bonus goodies, so be sure to check it out!


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  • BanG Dream! Girls Band Party x Fuji-Q Highland Summer Event Announced

    25.July.2021 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    Fuji-Q Highland is set to host a summer event in collaboration with the mobile rhythm game BanG Dream! Girls Band Party from August 7 to September 12.


    This marks the amusement park’s 4th collaboration with the game which will see newly-illustrated artwork of the characters decorating the attractions, a special talk show hosted by the voice actresses, limited-time announcements on the attractions recorded by the voice actresses, a themed food menu, original merch, and more.


    A digital stamp rally will also take place which will have guests locating life-sized panels of seven characters which they need to scan with their smartphone. This will give them a special voiced story. Those who obtain all the digital stamps by scanning all the panels will receive a free novelty as well as an original voiced guide for boarding the amusement park train. The train too will be decorated in BanG Dream! artwork.

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  • Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure Anime Film Main Theme and OST Release Announced

    21.July.2021 | ANIME&GAME / MOVIE / MUSIC

    The new anime film Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure is set to hit theatres in Japan on October 23, 2021. Before that, however, fans can get their hands on the film’s main theme single and soundtrack which is set to drop on October 21. Examples of songs include the insert song Chandelier Shiawase no Kuni which features five of the main cast members singing, the ending theme, Daisuki no Snowball sung by Machico, and more.


    Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure Key Visual Reveal

    The soundtrack is composed by Shiho Terada who also composed for the the TV anime series. It includes the BGM, insert songs, and more.

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