“MEET HELLO KITTY’S WORLD” will be held at Kiddy Land! A 2m high bottle will appear.

01.October.2017 | SPOT

At 38 Kiddy Land stores, a Hello Kitty campaign called “MEET HELLO KITTY’S WORLD” will be held.
メインビジュアル copy

New limited products such as a very cute “tote bag” and “lunch goods” will be sold and special amenities will be offered for purchasers of the products.

Moreover, an event called “HELLO KITTY ACTION ‘MEET BOTTLE’”will be held at both the“Harajuku Store” and the“Osaka Umeda Store.”

Amenities for the purchasers of the products.

お買上げ特典 キデイランド限定 ハローキティ ヴィンテージホテルキーチェーン copy

A “Kiddy Land-limited Vintage Hotel Key Chain (not for sale)” will be offered to customers who spend more than 2,000 yen on Sanrio Character (such as Hello Kitty) products.

※The quantity of the products is limited.


The automatic dispenser, “MEET BOTTLE”which accepts “MEET suru Taiken” instead of coins.

ボトル画像 copy ボトル-03 のコピー

A white bottle with the illustrations of Hello Kitty’s face and the letter “M” will be exhibited in the “Harajuku Store” and a white bottle with the pattern of Hello Kitty’s twin sister Mimi will be exhibited in the“Osaka Umeda Store.”(both bottles are 2m high)

The voice of Hello Kitty saying, “Please press the letter ‘M’” will be played when you come close to the bottle. The whole bottle will light up when a customer in Tokyo and a customer in Osaka press the letter “M” simultaneously and a present will be dispended from each bottle.

Limited products will be sold at Kiddy Land!

Flat Porch (Cake) 1,800 yen + tax ※the quantity of the product is limited

限定 フラットポーチ_ケーキ のコピー

Die Cut Porch (Popcorn) 2,800 yen + tax ※the quantity of the product is limited


限定 ダイカットポーチ_ポップ copy
ダイカットポーチ(ポップコーン)」 2,800円+税 ※無くなり次第終了

Examples of the initially-sold products
先行 ぬいぐるみS copy

Soft toy S 2,000 yen + tax



先行 筒型ペンポーチ 2種 のコピー

Cylindrical Pen Porch (two kinds) 880 yen + tax (main pattern / whole pattern)


先行 ランチトート_ミルク柄

Lunch Tote (milk pattern) 2,000 yen + tax


先行 アクリルキーホルダー 2種 copy

Acryl Key Holder (two kinds) 925 yen + tax (umbrella / candy)


先行 ヘアピン のコピー

Hairpin (three kinds) 2,800 yen + tax (pink / lemon / blue)

※Some products will be sold after October 7th (Sat.)


Let’s enjoy the world of Hello Kitty at Kiddy Land!





Stores which will hold this event:
Harajuku、Osaka Umeda、Hello Kitty Tokyo Staion、Venus Fort、Hikarigaoka、Akishima、Kichijoji、 Futakotamagawa、Musashi Murayama、Kohoku New Town Port Shona Hiratsuka、Shinkoshigaya、Saitama Habu、Numadu、Hamamatsu、Kiyomizu、Osone、Kamiotai、Dainichi、Kuzuha、Shijonawate、Pior Himeji、Takamatsu、Ogura River Walk、Fukuoka Parco、Kagoshima、Aomori、Elm、Fukui、Takefu、Korien、Toyooka、Kusadu、Kurayoshi、Yonago、Yamaguchi、Honami、Oto


“Harajuku” 10,7(Sat.), 8 (Sun.), 9 (Mon. / holiday)

“Osaka Umeda” 10,7 (Sat.), 8 (Sun.), 9 (Mon. / holiday), 12 (Thurs.), 13 (Fri.), 14 (Sat.), 15 (Sun.)

※The installation period may differ without notification

※Numbered tickets will be handed out in the case of a congestion situation

HELLO KITTY ACTION official website :https://www.sanrio.co.jp/special/hellokitty/action/

「MEET HELLO KITTY’S WORLD」」detailed information :http://www.kiddyland.co.jp/event/meet_hellokittys_world/