Yutaro to Appear in TV Tokyo Drama Series ‘Nani ka Okashii 2’ with Theme Song by Atarashii Gakko!

12.January.2023 | MOVIE / MUSIC

The sequel to the May 2022 suspense drama series Nani ka Okashii (Something’s Strange) is now streaming on the Paravi streaming service. It has been announced that Atarashii Gakko! will provide the theme song titled Suki Lie.


The original series featured a mysterious radio program and a murder mystery. The story was first written by occult horror writer Uketsu, whose bestseller Strange House sold over 300,000 copies.


<Comment from Atarashii Gakko!>
“We’re honored that our song Suki Lie will be used as the theme song for Nani ka Okashii 2! Thank you so much!
The song is a strange pop tune, and that strangeness makes it perfect for this show. We’re looking forward to the show’s ending, where Uketsu will dance to our choreography! We also get to appear as radio guests in the drama in Episode 12, so keep an eye out!”

Atarashii Gakko!


<Comment from Yutaro>
“I’m Yutaro and I’ll be starring in the series as a listener. I’ve been watching Uketsu’s YouTube channel last year, so I was so happy to hear this new story. I really hope you’ll enjoy this unique drama series.”



<Comment from Director and Screenwriter Yu Ota (TV Tokyo)>
“Nani ka Okashii 2 is complete. In every episode, someone gets badly hurt, but a bad ending is rarely seen in Japanese dramas. The show sees someone hurt, and the malice born from that action splashes up and hurts someone else, and so on.
The cast for this series is incredible and extremely varied. The people on the radio booth side–who will be playing themselves–were asked to be calm with no connection or interest in horror or drama. On the other hand, those on the other side needed to have stronger personalities.
I’m also so happy to hear the theme song by Atarashii Gakko! Many people on the staff are fans of their music, and we thought it would be incredible to have Uketsu dance to their bizarre choreography as part of the series.”




  • ATARASHII GAKKO! Wows Audience of 12,000 at First Ever Budokan Concert

    12.January.2024 | MUSIC

    The vocal-dance group ATARASHII GAKKO! made their global debut in 2021 on the 88rising label, which promotes Asian music and culture to the world. The four members have continued to attract attention over the past few years, recently performing on NHK’s New Year’s staple Kohaku Uta Gassen for the first time and starting their own TV show. On January 9, the group held its first concert, SEISHUN SHURAI (Youth Invasion),  at Nippon Budokan.

    When the first notes of Tokyo Calling began playing, all 12,000 fans in attendance instantly reached maximum excitement as they focused their attention on the 360-degree stage. The LED lights covering the stage began to shine and the members, clad in red sailor uniforms, appeared to the sound of wild applause.
    After performing Toryanse, a new song released from embargo just before the start of the concert, and thePineapple Kryptonite Remix, the members began a brief MC, eager to address and thank the audience. “All of you fans out there, can you see us in all 360 degrees? We’ve dreamed of the day that all four of us would be here, standing on our own feet on this legendary stage.”

    After a short intermission, the group moved on to a block of songs appearing on their first and second albums, including Night Before the Exam, Tomei Boy, Koi Geba, and other fan favorites, followed by a medley featuring Freaks, NAINAINAI, and other songs released following the group’s international debut in 2021. Rin performed finger drumming and the members amused fans with a cover of the Beastie Boys’ classic Intergalactic while wearing traffic guard costumes.

    The audience’s excitement only continued to grow as the girls called out, screaming “Budokan, here we go!” before breaking into an intense performance of Saisyu Jinrui filled with head-banging and shoulder rides. During the last part of the concert, ATARASHII GAKKO! performed their new song BORN TO BE FREE!!!! for the first time. The track’s fast-paced sound immediately captured the hearts of fans, and the girls closed the main event with SEISHUN WO KIRISAKU HADO, an extremely popular song at their live performances.

    The first encore song, unsurprisingly, was OTONABLUE, the global hit that has pulled in over 3.3 billion views on TikTok. The audience cheered, joining in with the viral ‘neck swing’ dance during the chorus.

    During the final MC portion, there was a tearful moment in which Suzuka cried and hugged the other members. “I don’t want anyone to suffer alone,” she said. “We’re all here together. Thank you all so much.”

    The group’s first concert at Nippon Budokan ended with Mayoeba Toutoshi, known as a common final song at ATARASHII GAKKO! concerts. “If you ever feel lost, you can always rely on us–on our concerts, our videos, and everything else,” Suzuka said.

    Along with the announcement of a new fan club, the group’s first fan club tour, which will visit five prefectures, was announced during the show. Additionally, the new song Toryanse will be available to stream on January 26.

    Tokyo Calling
    Giri Giri
    Pineapple Kryptonite (Yohji Igarashi Remix)
    Night Before the Exam
    Sekigae Gattuso
    Tomei Boy
    Koi Geba
    Pineapple Kryptonite
    Saishuu Jinrui


    Que Sera, Sera
    Mayoeba Toutoshi

  • Miyu and ATARASHII GAKKO! to Participate in ‘True Colors DANCE 2024’ Dance Project for Diversity

    21.December.2023 | MUSIC

    As part of the True Colors Festival -Super Diversity Arts Festival-, the diversity dance project True Colors DANCE 2024 will be held alongside several other exciting events. The festival invites artists and audience members to celebrate their individuality in terms of disability, gender, age, language, and nationality through performing arts. Both Miyu and ATARASHII GAKKO! will participate in the project.


    Held in September 2019, True Colors DANCE wowed audiences and subverted expectations when focusing on disabilities. The multinational world-class breakdance team ILL-Abilities, whose members all have physical disabilities, and the Japanese group Bboy Shigekixx came together for some intense battles, leaving an impression on viewers.


    In 2024, a group of unique dancers, many of whom are junior high and high school students, will hit the stage along with ATARASHII GAKKO!, the dance and vocal group taking the world by storm. Under the themes of individuality and freedom, the unpredictable, wild, and powerful concert is sure to impress audiences next March. The theme song for the event has been announced as Odoru Honnou 001 by ATARASHII GAKKO!


    Miyu, active in many fields both in Japan and abroad, and the group SOCIAL WORKEEERZ will work as mentors to support the True Color DANCERS. The latter is led by DAIKI, a dancer with chondrodysplasia, and its members work in the welfare sector helping both children and the disabled.


    The schedule for the event next month will be posted on the special True Colors DANCE 2024 website, as well as the official YouTube channel and social media accounts. Details can also be found on the website of the high school dance club magazine D-S-K. We hope you’ll look forward to seeing how the True Colors DANCERS transform the stage with their unique personalities next year!


    The theme song for the project, Odoru Honnou 001, will also be aired as the January theme of HNK’s SDGs campaign ‘Minna no Uta ~Hirogare! Irotoridori.’ The project aims to share the fundamental power of dance with a wider audience.


    <Comment from ATARASHII GAKKO!>

    “Hi there, we’re ATARASHII GAKKO!
    We’re happy to announce that our song Odoru Honnou 001 has been chosen as the theme song for True Colors DANCE 2024! When we started performing overseas, we realized that dance is a form of communication that everyone can understand, regardless of differences in gender, language, nationality, or background. We’re looking forward to going all out on stage with these uniquely individual dancers while our song plays! We’ll put on a special show for everyone, so please come watch!”


    <Comment from Miyu>

    “Last year, I had the amazing opportunity to see True Colors Festival THE CONCERT 2022 in person and I was shocked by the wonderful performance. I hoped that more people would know about it, so when I was invited to participate, I immediately said yes. Though it’s my first time participating, I’ve been looking forward to it the moment it was announced.
    I’d like this year’s performance to express each dancer’s personality, and I hope that they can inspire the world itself through dance. I hope to open up even more possibilities while respecting the unique qualities of every person, so let’s have a fun and memorable time together!”

  • ATARASHII GAKKO! appeared on the popular U.S. late-night show Jimmy Kimmel Live!

    15.December.2023 | MUSIC

    After successfully holding their first solo arena concert in Japan and completing their first overseas tour for a total of 10 shows, ATARASHII GAKKO! performed on the popular ABC late-night show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on December 7, 2023.


    Hosted by popular comedian Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Kimmel Live! has been on the air since 2003 and attracts more than 1.3 million viewers each night. Countless famous guests have appeared on the program, including Taylor Swift, BTS, BLACKPINK, and former U.S. President Obama.


    The episode featuring ATARASHII GAKKO! also features Maroon5 vocalist Adam Levine and actress Halle Berry. The group will perform Tokyo Calling, released in October by the record label 88rising, and the performance will be available on the program’s official YouTube channel following the broadcast.

  • Concert Report: ATARASHII GAKKO! Mesmerizes Packed Crowd in St. Paul during the Final U.S. Performance of the Seishun Tour

    22.November.2023 | FEATURES / MUSIC

    Upon my arrival on Thursday, November 16, I wondered if the intimate space of the Amsterdam Bar & Hall in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota would be able to contain the massive personalities of ATARASHII GAKKO! The four members never hold back–either on or off the stage, it seems–and as fans began to arrive en masse, it was clear that the Twin Cities wasn’t lacking a fanbase for the dance-vocal group currently taking the world by storm.


    Just under three weeks prior, ATARASHII GAKKO! had performed for a whopping 8,000 fans at their first arena concert, held at the famed Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. Now, they were preparing to walk out to a crowd of only a few hundred, most with cocktails in hand and lyrics memorized. The majority of the concertgoers seemed more than passingly familiar with the group, though a few bewildered onlookers couldn’t possibly have been prepared for what the night would bring. Needless to say, although the stage was quaint, the concert was anything but. None of the members’ usual energy had diminished, and despite this being the final stop on the U.S. portion of the tour, there wasn’t a hint of fatigue to be found during the hour-long set.


    The show was sold out weeks in advance, and plenty of eager fans equipped with glowsticks and wearing the group’s signature socks rushed toward the stage to secure the best spot. Other attendees swarmed the merch booth, eager for a hoodie or bag to show their pride.


    For the show to be standing room only was a boon–it’s unlikely anyone in the audience could have remained seated once the four girls appeared following the intro, quickly leading into the high-energy number Seishun wo Kirisaku Hado. Fans were instantly chanting in unison, responding eagerly as Suzuka addressed the room, her enthusiasm bordering on contagious.


    Nine years after its formation, ATARASHII GAKKO! Recently announced that the group would be making its Kouhaku debut at this December’s 74th Kouhaku Uta Gassen. The New Year’s Eve staple features performances from the most popular musical acts of the year, proving that the group has found its footing both domestically and abroad.


    Fans swatted balloons around and jumped in time to the beat as saisyu jinrui, one of the group’s older songs, began to a sea of applause. Suzuka, Rin, Mizyu, and Kanon didn’t seem phased to hear the largely American audience singing along in Japanese, though their appreciation and joy were palpable as they moved in perfect unison. CANDY and The Edge followed, with the members taking turns asking the audience to raise their hands or clap along. Anyone who wasn’t already a fan was likely converted by the commanding energy sweeping the room, making it impossible not to move along.


    During the MC portion, the members showed off their English, asking the audience “do you know Seishun?” They explained that it means “to live your life to the fullest,” and quickly invited the audience to celebrate this important idea. Throughout the show, they would often initiate a call and response, teaching those assembled a few words in Japanese and expressing their interest in returning to America for another tour in the future. Given how quickly the tickets sold out this time around, the sky’s the limit for concerts in the future.
    In January, ATARASHII GAKKO! will perform at Nippon Budokan for the first time, ushering in a new era of popularity for the four members. It makes me wonder what massive U.S. venues may someday play home to another of their unforgettable shows. Madison Square Garden? Radio City Music Hall? The Hollywood Bowl?


    As the question “Suki?” rang out, the crowd cheered, as Suki Lie has become a fan favorite since its release earlier this year. The girl’s choreography, as usual, was a highlight of the show, with Fantastico and the Yohji Igarashi remix of Pineapple Kryptonite quickly sending the audience into a rhythmic frenzy.


    Just in front of me, I watched a couple mimic the vast majority of moves in perfect unison, taking time to laugh and joke when they failed to hit the mark. That’s the essence of ATARASHII GAKKO!–fun. The group represents ‘fun’ in its purest form, asking fans to recall the freedom of youth and to reach out to grasp it one more time, without fear of failure or embarrassment. Dance as if no one is watching, sing along in a language you cannot understand, and dress up in a school uniform despite being in your upper 30s. Why not?


    As expected, the entire building shook as fans marched along during the group’s newest release Tokyo Calling. It had been enough of a warm-up, and as each of the girls placed a hand behind their heads, Otona Blue, the group’s magnum opus, rang out to a sea of screams. The track has amassed an incredible response on TikTok over the past year; this, despite being released way back in 2020. ATARASHII GAKKO! performed the song on THE FIRST TAKE, with the YouTube video now sitting at 50 million views. Everyone likely woke up with a sore neck after mimicking the classic choreography during the chorus.


    After the explosive energy of WOO! GO! and NAINAINAI, the girls began to say their goodbyes, asking their fans to visit Japan someday and promising to return to St. Paul sometime in the future. Exiting the stage, they returned only a few minutes later after the audience demanded an encore, this time dressed more casually and eager to chat with a few fans at the front, one of whom was holding up a skilled drawing of Suzuka. The singer accepted the gift gladly, with other fans handing bouquets to the other members. As the lights in the venue brightened, the group snapped a few photos with the audience, creating the perfect keepsake for such a perfect night.


    No one wanted such an energetic time to end, and the group knew just how to bid farewell to America–with the lively rock track Free Your Mind. The venue became a sea of clapping hands, and the concert came to a close on the highest possible note.


    With a performance at Kouhaku fast approaching and their first-ever Budokan show only two months away, it’s almost certain that ATARASHII GAKKO! will return to the U.S. in the future. Until then, American fans will continue to support these four powerhouses from afar, eager for the day we meet–and dance–again.


    Report: Carley Garcia


  • ATARASHII GAKKO! Performs for 8,000 Fans at First Arena Concert, Budokan Show Announced for January 2024

    09.November.2023 | MUSIC / Uncategorized

    On October 29, ATARASHII GAKKO!’s First Arena Solo Concert 2023 HAMIDASHIHTEIKU was held at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium.


    The four members made their world debut in 2021 as part of 88risinng, a record label introducing Asian culture and artists to global audiences. Recently, they have continued to garner attention for their appearance on the music program Music Station and the premiere of their first-ever television show. Tickets for the first arena show were sold out immediately, including extra sales.


    The concert kicked off with MANINGEN, beginning with Suzuka’s commanding vocals as the group suddenly appeared on top of the massive set. The 8,000 fans in attendance were already as excited as they could be, and as Saishuu Jinrui began soon after, the group’s intense performance raised the energy in the venue to even higher levels. The girls even performed covers of Dounimo Tomaranai and Neraiuchi, and Suzuka asked the audience to clap along to these popular songs from the past. Following this, H ZETT M, who produced many tracks on the group’s first and second albums Maenarawanai and Wakage ga Itaru, appeared on stage. Fans cheered loudly for such a major player behind ATARASHII GAKKO!’s early hits, and the girls performed the tracks Koi no Jadanki, zzz, and Koigeba in quick succession, creating a super special collaboration for the audience.

    Although the members are typically seen in their signature school uniforms, they dressed up in the American Family costumes they wore in the music video forPineapple Kryptonite for a rare performance never seen at one of their live shows before. The audience roared in unabashed excitement as OTONABLUE, which has garnered 3.1 billion views in related videos on TikTok and subsequently won the 2023 TikTok Trending Grand Prize for the first half of the year, began to play. Fans were eager to move along with the chorus, performing the popular neck-swing dance with enthusiasm.

    “Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, can we keep going,” the girls asked as they performed SEISHUN WO KIRISAKU HADO, showing the true extent of their energy. During the interlude towards the end of the concert, the venue was full of over-the-top cheers and dances as fans begged for more.


    To bring the show to a close, ATARASHII GAKKO! performed Tokyo Calling, their newest song released on October 20. Wearing their Earth Defense Force costumes that were shown in the music video, Suzuka addressed everyone in attendance. “From Tokyo, Japan, to the world, let’s show our power! You all represent the youth of Japan!”


    During the encore, ATARASHII GAKKO! announced that their first solo Budokan concert would be held on January 9, 2024. “You’re all coming, right,” the members called out.


    The girls performed a total of 25 songs to an overjoyed sea of fans. ATARASHII GAKKO! will begin their first overseas tour in November, and this rare domestic solo concert ended as a massive success.

    01. MANINGEN
    02. Saishuu Jinrui
    03. Koibumi
    04. Suki Lie
    05. Giri Giri
    06. Dounimo Tomaranai
    07. Neraiuchi
    08. Koi no Shadanki
    09. zzz
    10. Koigeba
    11. Happy Hormones
    12. CANDY
    13. Fantastico
    14. Pineapple Kryptonite
    15. Free Your Mind
    17. NAINAINAI Remix
    19. Pineapple Kryptonite Remix
    20. Odoru Honno 001
    22. Tokyo Calling


    01. OTONABLUE (Hyperschool Remix)
    02. Que Sera Sera
    03. Amoeba Toutoshi

  • ATARASHII GAKKO! Appointed as Image Characters for the 61st Sendenkaigi Awards

    25.August.2023 | FASHION

    The members of ATARASHII GAKKO! have been chosen to appear as image characters for this year’s Sendenkaigi Awards. The monthly Sendenkaigi magazine sponsors the event focusing on creativity and trends in the world of marketing.


    Many people from both inside and outside the advertising world submit their creations, and the Sendenkaigi Awards has become a place for creatives to discover words that shine. This year’s applicants were encouraged to explore new ways of expression to break stereotypes and foster new ideas. The members of Atarashii Gakko! are a fitting addition to this year’s event, as the group is known for its unapologetic individuality.


    ATARASHII GAKKO! will appear on official posters displayed at train stations and bookstores. The group will also appear on the cover of the October/November issue of Sendenkaigi magazine.

  • ATARASHII GAKKO! Announces First Overseas Tour

    18.August.2023 | MUSIC

    After releasing the new MANINGEN EP on August 16, the members of ATARASHII GAKKO! announced that they would embark on their first overseas tour, ATARASHII GAKKO! The SEISHUN Tour, this November.


    The group’s song OTONABLUE has reached an astounding 3.1 billion views on TikTok, winning the TikTok Trending Award for the first half of 2023 with over 14 million followers on the social media site. ATARASHII GAKKO! performed in New York in May and at the Head in the Clouds festival in Los Angeles in July, continuing to make headlines. Their tour will kick off at the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles and continue for 10 shows across North America, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.


    Before embarking on their global tour, the group will perform a solo show at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium on October 29. Tickets sold out quickly, and the group’s more dedicated fans can’t wait for the rare opportunity to see ATARASHII GAKKO! perform solo in Japan.

  • Report: Actors Reveal All at ‘Zenra Meshi’ Official Photobook Press Conference–“My Favorite Shot Is the Two of Us Taking a Bath Together”

    10.July.2023 | FOOD / MOVIE

    On June 24, a special event was held at HMV&BOOKS SHIBUYA to celebrate the release of the official Zenra Meshi photobook. The popular drama series, currently airing on Kansai TV, stars Yutaro and Shori Kondo, who both took the stage for a press conference prior to the start of the event.


    The book includes over 30 pages of gravure photos of Yutaro (Miki Mahiro) and Shori Kondo (Futa Ichijo). Also included are 20 pages of solo photos of Futa wearing a suit and posing in front of a beautiful night scene and Miki wearing a hoodie in a restaurant that smells of spices. Both shoots were intended to look as though a lover snapped the images. The photobook also includes Mizuchi’s Recipe Notebook, highlighting recipes from around the world with comments by popular cookbook author Yummy. Fans can also enjoy plenty of interviews with the cast and crew along with behind-the-scenes filming and production details.


    ――What were your thoughts when you first held the photobook in your hands?


    Kondo: “To be honest, I didn’t expect these images to be released in photobook form. I was surprised but happy.”


    Yutaro: “During filming, the producer and I chatted a ton about how we wanted to create this. We took so many pictures of each other, but I didn’t expect doing that to take an entire day, and I didn’t expect to see interviews with the director and producer included too. When I first saw the book, I felt nostalgic…a little warm and fuzzy too.”


    Kondo: “I didn’t know you wanted to do this from the beginning. (Laugh)”


    ――Tell us some of your favorite moments from shooting or the setups you like most!


    Kondo: “I have some good memories of the swan boat race. Even though the two of us were in a swan boat, the photographer was shooting from a canoe. It was a ton of fun–we’d try to paddle away from him and things like that. There was this playfulness that I really love.”


    Yutaro: “We had our first photo shoot at Ueno Park, and we did so much–had a picnic and ate together, played badminton, just had fun. I used Shori-kun’s legs as a pillow, which was so boyfriend-like. Finally being able to see what those shots looked like in the photobook made me smile. Obviously, I couldn’t see them during the shoot itself.”


    Kondo: “We were pretty awful at badminton, weren’t we?”


    Yutaro: “That’s why there are only three shots of it. (Laugh)”

    ――Which is your favorite shot of each other?


    Kondo: (Immediately) “I have one! The one with the toothbrush…”


    Yutaro: “Oh, totally!”


    Kondo: “Yutaro was wearing glasses and PJs, brushing his teeth, right? It looks like a candid shot, like it was just shot at home. I love it.”


    Yutaro: “Mine would be the shot of the two of us taking a bath together. Even though it’s my favorite, it doesn’t have a huge presence in the book, and it wasn’t even planned too far in advance. We were asked to come in and take that picture together at the last minute.”


    Kondo: “We took it while I was asking if we could get in the tub in our PJs. (Laugh)”


    Yutaro: “I just love that picture. We look so cute.”

    ――What does Zenra Meshi mean to the two of you today?


    Kondo: “It’s my first drama and my first acting role, so it’s something that will stick with me for a long time.”


    Yutaro: “I’ve done more drama work than Shori-kun, and compared to those, this series allowed the two of us to spend so much time together. Even after shooting ended, we’d meet up for dinner and chat about all the people we worked with and how much we missed each other. We really care about each other and that’s why this project worked so well. I don’t usually watch the drama series I star in, but I am watching Zenra Meshi on TVer, so I think that’s subconsciously causing me to become a fanboy.”


    Kondo: “I watched the first episode so many times I lost count. I couldn’t believe it was me on the screen. I was so incredibly happy. I watched the video sent to me, then I watched it on TVer, then I watched it on Hulu!”


    Yutaro: “You watched it live at your parent’s house too.”


    Kondo: “Yeah. I watched a video of myself eating dinner naked with my mom. (Laugh) I told her that it would be too embarrassing to watch with her, but she called me and told me to come home. (Laugh) I was in Osaka at the time, and she told me that we’d never get another opportunity like this again. It was my first drama series, so we needed to watch it together. I got home, woke her up, and we watched it together. (Laugh)”


    ――Do you feel like the response to the series has been positive after 11 episodes?


    Kondo: “So many people I know have been watching, including my friends back in Osaka and my old teachers. They’ve reached out to me to let me know! I mean, people I haven’t heard from in years have told me that they’re tuning in. I’m realizing how great it is to have media available in so many ways.”

    ――Yutaro-san, you mentioned that you’re watching the show on TVer. How is the response on social media in real-time?


    Yutaro: “The show is available to watch around the world, and I’ve found out that it’s popular in Brazil. If you look at the show’s Instagram page, you’ll find people from other countries summarizing the series for those who can’t tune in and who have trouble understanding. I’m so glad that we were able to share this series with fans around the globe because they send so much love on social media.


    ――Do either of you want to do a sequel in the future? Maybe Season 2 or a movie?


    Yutaro: “I feel like a movie would be good, right?”


    Kondo: “I was talking to some of the higher-up staff behind the scenes, and a bunch of them were talking about heading to Okinawa. (Laugh)”


    Yutaro: “Why Okinawa though? (Laugh)”


    Kondo: “No idea, they just said they wanted to go. (Laugh)”


    Yutaro: “Would this be set years later or something? (Laugh) That sounds like fan service! We were close, even if it was just for two months.”


    Kondo: “We shot in specific places and all of the actors and staff members ate together, so we still hang out like we’ve been friends forever.”


    Yutaro: “It looks like we’re doing a barbeque soon. I’ll have to tell everyone to come.”


    ――Fans would love to see the two of you having a barbeque together.


    Kondo: “Well, maybe if there’s a Season 2…I’m not sure how that would work though.”


    Yutaro: “Since it’s an original series, we could really put the characters into any situation.”


    Kondo: “I think my character would get angry again. (Laugh) Basically, I’m the source of all the trouble, so I’m sure I’d get carried away…(Laugh)”


    ――If there is a sequel, do you think it would be difficult to stay naked?


    Kondo: “I think so. I’ve become much bigger than when we first started filming. I was so skinny then, but it was what it was. I have a little more muscle and a better overall body now. (Laugh)”


    ――We’re looking forward to hopefully seeing that in the future.


    Kondo: “Oh, I’ll always take it all off. (Laugh)”


    ――Do you have a message to the fans ahead of the final episode?


    Kondo: “It seemed like everything would be tied up in Episode 11 and that a happy ending was on the way, but things suddenly got muddled. Since everything will wrap up in Episode 12, I think fans have a lot of action to look forward to. I really love the last scene, and I can’t wait for people to see it. It’s so sweet.”


    Yutaro: “The series has everything–gourmet flavors, human drama, romance. Each time I see the bittersweet feelings the two main characters share, I feel a little impatient, sad, and frustrated. Even though I know how it ends, I want to watch it at the same time as everyone else. I’ve been watching every episode on TVer, and there were so moments when I wondered how we filmed certain scenes. I was happy to be able to watch them at the same time as the fans so that I could really hear their honest feedback. The ending is filled with hope for the future, and I hope that everyone will tune in to see how things work out for our protagonists. Even though it’s fictitious, the photobook shows how the two live their daily life together, so I hope you’ll enjoy it while you watch the show.”


    Kondo: “If you check out what people are saying on social media, they always say that Ichijo is mad all the time. At least, up until Episode 10. In Episode 11, he finally takes a proper step forward, and we see how much he’s grown since meeting Mahiro. I feel like I also grew as an actor. I’m happy that I met Mahiro, and I hope that the fans feel that way too.”

  • ATARASHII GAKKO! Wins Grand Prize in the TikTok Trend Awards for the First Half of 2023 with ‘ATARASHII GAKKO! Wins Grand Prize in the TikTok Trend Awards for the First Half of 2023 with ‘OTONABLUE’

    04.July.2023 | MUSIC

    The wildly popular track OTONABLUE by ATARASHII GAKKO! won the top prize for the first half of 2023 in the TikTok Trend Awards.


    Although the track was initially released years ago, OTONABLUE became popular this year after its curious neck-swing dance became a popular subject on TikTok. As of June 21, 2023, the total number of videos using the song on the short video app exceeds 3.1 billion. The award recognizes the track’s incredible impact on TikTok, considering the total amount of likes and views on related videos. The neck-swing dance has become a major trend with young people both on the app and outside of it.


    The group performed OTONABLUE live at the awards ceremony, wowing the crowd with their rendition of the iconic choreography. The award was bestowed by Ichiro Yamaguchi of Sakanaction, a TikTok ambassador and presenter at the ceremony.

  • ‘MANINGEN’ by ATARASHII GAKKO! Chosen as Theme Song for TV Asahi Drama Series ‘Keibuho Daimajin’

    22.June.2023 | MUSIC

    MANINGEN, a new song from ATARASHII GAKKO!, will be the opening theme for TV Asahi’s Friday Night Drama series Keibuho Daimajin.


    The series is an adaptation of the popular manga series of the same name by Richard Wu (Takashi Nagasaki) and will star Toma Ikuta. Directed by Takashi Miike, fans are excited to see artist Kouji Kouno and Richard Wu reunite to create something new following the successful drama series Inspector Kurokocchi. A special teaser trailer featuring the new theme song is available on the TV Asahi YouTube channel.

    An EP featuring MANINGEN will be released physically on August 16. The track will be available to stream worldwide on August 9.


    <Comment from Keibuho Daimaijin Star Toma Ikuta>

    “I’ve been a massive fan of ATARASHII GAKKO! for years. I love the girls’ music and performances, so I’m thrilled to be able to work on this project together with them. They put so much effort and energy into their dance routines and stage performances, and they always have this over-the-top presence. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of performance they come up with this time. The track starts with Suzuka’s elongated vocals, which sound incredible as expected. I think it matches the series perfectly, and listeners will get the sense that the drama will only continue to grow. You’ll feel as though the story has only just begun.”

  • ATARASHII GAKKO! Releases Legendary ‘OTONABLUE’ Performance from THE FIRST TAKE on Streaming Services

    21.June.2023 | MUSIC

    On June 16, the girls’ vocal and dance group ATARASHII GAKKO! released OTONABLUE – From THE FIRST TAKE on streaming services.


    Originally released in 2020, OTONABLUE has become incredibly popular over the past year, with its ‘neck-dance’ choreography trending on TikTok. With views on the social media site surpassing 2.5 billion, a music video was thrown together and released, pulling in over 20 million views in two months.



    On April 7, ATARASHII GAKKO! performed a special version of OTONABLUE on THE FIRST TAKE, commemorating their first time on the program with new choreography. Filmed in a single take, their appearance pulled in 20 million views in record time, becoming the channel’s most popular video of 2023. This special live version is now available to stream.


  • Yutaro to Star in TV Tokyo Drama Adaptation of ‘Nare no Hate no Bokura’

    15.June.2023 | MOVIE

    Yutaro will star in the TV Tokyo drama series Nare no Hate no Bokura, scheduled to air starting June 27.


    The series is based on Yae Utsumi’s manga series, serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine and available digitally by Magazine Pocket. A group of classmates gather for an elementary school reunion, but what happens isn’t so heartwarming–over a 52-hour period of confinement, the suspenseful series shows what humans will do when trapped in extreme conditions.


    Yutaro plays Kohei Tachibana, a young man called the ‘Chairman’ by his classmates. A dependable leader, he also has a dangerous side after being raised with impossible expectations.


    <Comment from Yutaro (Kohei Tachibana)>


    “I’m Yutaro, and I play Kohei Tachibana, also known as the ‘Chairman.’ The original manga was just so interesting and so shocking–I was really looking forward to seeing how it would translate to the small screen. I remember being so excited that I couldn’t stop flipping through the pages. As we work on the final pieces and hope for rave reviews, please pray for Tachibana’s life as he hopes to maintain his relationships with his dear friends. Look forward to the first shocking episode on June 27!”



    A repulsive experiment to test the “goodness” within people–


    Nezu and 23 other former sixth-grade students from class 2 gathered at their alma mater for a reunion only to be held captive for three days, resulting in the deaths of 13 people. The culprit was Mikio Yumezaki (Inukai Atsuhiro), a former classmate. His goal? To test the bounds of human goodness in such an extreme and life-threatening situation. Who would betray who? Who would kill who? What would people do when faced with such difficult decisions? Revenge, bullying, betrayal, shocking revelations–you won’t want to miss this suspenseful series!