Takuma Usa to Appear in Kijyooo no Kuron #18 ‘Kemuri no Hada ni’ Stage Play

31.March.2023 | MOVIE

Takuma Usa will appear in the new stage play Kemuri no Hada ni by Kijyooo no Kuron this April. The theater group is led by Yosuke Nakajima.


Written and directed by Yosuke Nakajima, the play tells the story of an “unlikely everyday life.”




“Sumino is dead…”


I hadn’t heard from Masato in a while, but he called and told me. It looks like a suicide.
So, we decided to get together.


Masato Hirota and Sarasa Hasebe. When we were students, the four of us were always together. What did we do back then?
I wanted to remember.


I spent time with Sumino…the scenery is hazy…our conversations were normal…


We didn’t see each other for a while. And then, we never saw each other again.


“I should have at least called her…”


I was never the best with Sumino, and I never met up with her as an adult, but now, after so long, I’ve started to remember more about her.


This is the story of those left behind after her death.


  • Takuma Usa to Appear on Stage in BREAK FREE STARS Dance Performance

    28.August.2023 | MUSIC / Uncategorized

    Actor Takuma Usa will appear in the dance stage show BREAK FREE STARS at IHI Stage Around Tokyo starting October 23.


    The show is an original work based on the non-verbal dance work BREAK FREE by Go Ueki, the first Japanese creator to win the Asian Arts Award for Best Performance at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world’s largest theater festival, in 2018. Shinjirou Kameda and Takahito Onishi wrote the adaptation for the stage.


    The high-energy dance show takes place in a city where hip-hop is banned and focuses on the conflict between hip-hop stars and prison guards. It promises to make full use of video and lighting to bring the story to life.



    New City is a metropolis full of people from all walks of life. In this incredible place, you can have it all. There’s one thing you can’t have, however–freedom. Young people gather at the club ‘BREAK FREE,’ a sacred space for hip-hop lovers, to search for peace of mind and a bit of freedom that no one can take away.




    The government announces the Hip-Hop Prohibition, taking away these young people’s freedom. BREAK FREE’s hip-hop stars are thrown into jail and dubbed dangerous criminals.


    Hip-hop is not a crime. In order to take back their freedom and protect their music, the jailed stars must fight back against an overwhelmingly powerful force.

  • Gai Ueno to Star in Upcoming Film ‘Sensei! Kuchisake-onna desu!’

    12.May.2023 | MOVIE

    On July 7, the film Sensei! Kuchisake-onna desu!, starring Gai Ueno, will open in theaters.


    The coming-of-age battle and horror film focuses on the unlikely relationship between an urban legend and a group of high school punks. After three punks steal a motorcycle, they realize that the owner of the bike is none other than a Kuchisake-onna–in Japanese folklore, this is an evil woman with her mouth slit from ear to ear. Gai Ueno plays the role of F1, a member of the high school gang and a hotwiring genius.

    <Comment from Gai Ueno (F1)>

    “I’m Gai Ueno, and I play the role of F1. Sensei! Kuchisake-onna desu! is truly a film that I want everyone to see. The characters are somehow cute and you’ll immediately love them–I’m confident that this is the cutest-ever Japanese film focused on high school delinquents. Even now, I wonder if I can personally get fired up and serious about the smallest things. Working on this movie reminded me to have the power to believe in myself. Please enjoy the movie and take the time to think back to your high school days! I’ll be waiting for you at the theater.”


    <Comment from Director Yuu Nakamoto>

    “I guess it’s been about 10 years since I lived in Hiroshima, where I grew up. I’m really interested in motorcycles, and one day, I was just mindlessly driving along the country roads at night. Then, from the other side of the road, I heard a noise…and suddenly, there was a woman wearing a mask walking nearby. I had this intuition…I thought “she’s not from this world,” and in that moment, I lost consciousness. Before I knew it, I was here, directing this film. Hmm…strange, isn’t it?”



    High school students Takeshi (Taisei Kido) and F1 (Gai Ueno) work part-time stealing motorcycles and selling them to a gang of delinquents for cash. One day, Ayaka (Reina Kurosaki) decides to join after transferring to the boy’s school, and business booms. While trying to steal a bike parked at a deserted apartment, the group is discovered by a masked woman who seems to be the motorcycle’s owner. In a panic, Takeshi and his friends rush to escape but are quickly overtaken by the woman, who seems to have unbelievable physical abilities far beyond any other human. This woman running 100 meters in 6 seconds is actually the Kuchisake-onna, her mouth slit from ear to ear! What will happen to the group of high schoolers?! And just who is this Kuchisaka-onna?!

  • Takuma Usa Appears in Short Drama series ‘Sarashiai, Konna Yoru wa Dare no Sei?’

    31.March.2023 | MOVIE

    Takuma Usa appears in the new YouTube short drama series Sarashiai, Konna Yoru wa Dare no Sei? (Exposed Love: Who’s to Blame for a Night Like This?)


    The romance-focused ensemble drama touches on a wide array of difficult subjects found in today’s society, like adultery, sugar daddies, plastic surgery, friends with benefits, doxxing, betrayal, and redemption.


    Takuma Usa, who portrays the host Tsukasa, appears in the third episode.


  • Takama Usa: “MY FASHION & MY LIFE”

    05.April.2019 | FASHION / FEATURES

    Takama Usa is a well talked-about Japanese actor who appeared in the popular TV series Ookami-kun ni wa Damasarenai and has feature in several TV commercials.


    In this special feature, Usa attempts to find his own style through fashion. He will showcase two completely different styles: grown-up/sophisticated and street. There is also an interview with him at the end where he talks about the latest fashion, his work and his private life. Usa is maturing as a person day by day, so join him as he seeks to draw out new great things from himself.


    mode style through beige gradations

    By making your entire look beige you can eliminate that all-too-often firmness or hardness that jackets like this can have, instead giving them a softer appearance. The outfit is made more beautiful by adding tight accessories like glasses and loafers, giving an overall adult-look.

    KINSELLA: Used Jacket ¥6,900, Used Turtle Neck Cut & Sewn ¥5,200 / Harajuku Chicago Omotesando: Used Pants: ¥1,900 / Gravis: Loafers ¥9,000 / Socks and glasses belong to the stylist


    adding a touch of fun with trendy neon colours

    Usa has constructed an edgy street style by having black as the base colour and adorning on it all a neon coloured jacket and bag. Sporty is the trend this season so he has stayed conscious of that while incorporating chicness with the turtle neck and skinny pants.

    CaliforniaDept. Harajuku: Vans Coach Jacket ¥10,800, Vans Pants ¥13,000 / Gravis: Sneakers ¥10,000 / KINSELLA: Used Bag ¥2,400 / Socks belong to the stylist




    “Both of these styles were a challenge, but I really liked the beige one. Although it’s not a colour scheme I wear much the items were easy to co-ordinate and the overall balance was close to what I usually go for. The glasses added freshness too. It made me want to start trying out this look. As for the neon style, it’s close to what I look like a year ago. Although it felt a little embarrassing [laughs], I’m glad I was accustomed to the combination of black. My recent everyday looks have been all monotone recently. That’s precisely the reason why it was my primary colour scheme until a year ago. I liked cute outfits too but I was influenced by friends around me when I went to Tokyo, plus I’m shifting more towards looking mature. I like second-hand clothing so I wander around Harajuku and Shimokita. Shibuya has some of my favourite shops too so I go there a lot. My friend also works there so I’m a frequent customer [laughs].”

    −Hobbies, Private Life–

    “My hobbies are drawing, songwriting and playing instruments. I write down lyrics on my smartphone when things flash to my mind after seeing something and build from there. When it comes to the song I play the relevant instrument and find phrases that I think are good. I also like anime and I also started a manga collection recently. I really recommend Act-Age. Oh… you’ve probably realised, but I’m a bit of a shut-in [laughs]. I’ve also been crazy about skateboarding with my friend recently. That’s my sole reason for going outdoors. I have a pet cat too so I play with it a lot.”



    “What made me want to become an actor was performing at the Shiki Theatre Company in addition to various after school activities during elementary school. I learned many things there. I think those are the main things that led me to this job. When I thought about what I would be doing in the future I couldn’t see anything else but this. My acting has changed recently, I feel it’s become second nature to me. Becoming someone else through performing is a kind of stress reliever. I normally don’t showcase my emotions, so it feels fresh to let it out in a big voice. I do get tired and there are tough times but I want to pile up plenty of experiences.”


    –Future Goals–

    “On the bigger scale of things, world peace… This is said in a lot of places though [laughs] I spoke with another actor one time. He told me about a person who made jeans and donated all of the proceeds to someone else. I hope I can contribute to something in such a way―a way only I can.”


    Participating Stores

    CaliforniaDept. (03-5413-6947)

    KINSELLA (03-6447-4544)

    Gravis (03-3476-5638)

    Harajuku Chicago Omotesando (03-3409-5017)


    Writer: Manami Ishi

    Photographer: Kayo Sekiguchi

    Translator: Joshua Kitosi-Isanga