A MINIONS’s costume will be handed out to the participators! Kawasaki Halloween parade “MINIONS RUN KAWASAKI Halloween”

10.October.2017 | SPOT

Detailed information RE: “MINIONS RUN KAWASAKI Halloween 2017” which will be held at LA CITTADELLA and in the area around JR Kawasaki Station was released on the 28th of October (Sat.).


For many people when they hear the word “Halloween” they imagine

the events held in Tokyo Disney Land and in Shibuya but the parade in Kawasaki is one the biggest Halloween Parades in Japan. The parade “Kawasaki Halloween Parade” gathered much attention when it was held for the first time on the 31st of October 1997 and it became the spark of the Halloween events boom in Japan. About 2500 people participated in the parade and about 130 thousand viewers gathered.


For this year’s event “Peko and Ryucheru” will appear on the opening stage of “Kawaharo MINION Daikoshin” as special guests with the MINIONS. The event is an “experience based event” where “MINIONS costumes” will be handed out to the participates and a quiz-based stamp rally and lots of photo taking can be enjoyed.


Plus, DJ “ALISA UENO” who is actively performing at clubs in Japan and abroad will perform at the midnight after party, “Kawaharo Midnight Daiakuto Taikai” which will be held at “CLUB CITTA!”  Check out the latest information RE other performers.


This year’s costume which will be handed out at the events is a “Prison Clothes Version” which suits the atmosphere of Halloween.


Participation tickets for “Kawaharo MINION Daikoshin” and “Kawaharo Midnight Daiakuto Taikai” will be sold at each play guide from the 7th of October (Sat.) 10:00. Please refer to the official website for “MINIONS RUN  KAWASAKI Halloween 2017” (http://www.minions-run.jp) with regards to detailed information.


Let’s have a memorable day by participating the historical Halloween party in Kawasaki.



『MINIONS RUN KAWASAKI Halloween 2017』Detailed information

Date: 2017,10,28 (Sat.)

Venue: Commercial areas around Kawasaki Station

(Each commercial district around Kawasaki Station / Lazona Kawasaki Plaza / Musa Kawasaki / Kawasaki Le FRONT / Marui Kawasaki Store / Kawasaki Azalea / Kawasaki DICE / each commercial district / LA CITTADELLA)


Host: MINIONS RUN Planning Committee

Co-host: KAWASAKI Halloween

Contact: https://minions-run.jp/contact/

※Please refer to the official website (http://lacittadella.co.jp/halloween/) RE: detailed information


<Kawaharo MINION Daikoshin>

Time: 11:00 to 11:30 Opening stage

<Guests: MINION, Peko and Ryucheru (special guests)

11:30 to 17:00 Quiz based stamp rally

(the event will be started and ended subsequently)

Ticket: Normal ticket / Adult (high school~) 7,500 yen / Child (four to twelve years old): 6,000 yen

Family discount ticket / Adult (high school~): 7,000 yen / Child (four to twelve years old): 5,500 yen

Student discount ticket: 12 to 21 years old: 7,000 yen ※All the prices noted above include tax

※One original costume (size M/L/KIDS) will be handed out to each participator as an amenity.

※Walk-up ticket will be sold at the MINIONS RUN front counter inside Lazona Kawasaki.


【Normal ticket】date: 10,07 (Sat.) 10:00~ ※Pia / e+ / LAWSON ticket / Yahoo! ticket


<Kawaharo Midnight Daiakuto Taikai>

Time: 23:00~


Performers: ALISA UENO etc… (the names of the performers will be announced later)

Ticket: 4,500 yen (tax included) ※Persons under 20 years old cannot enter the venue

※One original costume (size M/L/KIDS) will be handed out to the visitors as an amenity.

【Normal ticket release date】

10,7 (Sat) 10:00~ ※Pia / e+ / LAWSON Ticket / Yahoo! Ticket


<Kawaharo MINIONS RUN Park>

Time: 11:00 to 23:00 (plan)


Entrance: Free ※Anyone can enter the venue


MINIONS RUN official website: http://www.minions-run.jp