A unique Halloween dessert! PAPABUBBLE “Nomiso (brain) Marshmallow” is now on sale.

11.October.2017 | FOOD


Following by the first Halloween item, “Mimi (ears) no Gumi” and the second item, “Jintai (human body) Lollipop,” “PAPABUBBLE” released their third Halloween item called “Nomiso Marshmallow” on the 7th of October 2017 (Sat.).  “papabubble” is an art-candy shop which originated in Barcelona, Spain.


Papabubble’s “Jitsubutsudai?! Nomiso Marshmallow” delivered a blow to the industry during the Halloween season of 2016 and they decided to take orders again because many people asked for a repeat of this item. This year, they prepared five flavors including the new flavor “pumpkin.”


The look of the product is gory but the taste is very rich as it uses fruit puree and dried fruits. Various generations can enjoy this product since the texture of it is chewy (the product is made of gelatin / no eggs are used). You can cut it into many pieces and share it with many people like party cake or you display it.


Don’t miss the other products too.



“Mimi no Gumi”

Price: 580 yen (tax included)

Flavor: 8 kinds (Japanese pair, Western pair, apple, orange, peach, banana, mango, strawberry)

Available date: until 2017,10,31

Available stores: PAPABUBBLE stores throughout Japan




Price: 600 yen~ (tax included)

Available date: until 2017,10,31

Available stores: PAPABUBBLE stores throughout Japan



Kabocha (pumpkin) Marshmallow

Price: 250 yen (tax included)

Flavor: pumpkin

Available date: 2017,10,13 to 2017,10,31

Available stores: PAPABUBBLE stores throughout Japan


Let’s have fun with these unique Halloween desserts!




Jitsubutsudai?! Nomiso Marshmallow

Price: 5,980 yen (tax included)

Flavor: Strawberry, apricot orange, pine coconut, peach, pumpkin


Content: about 670 g

Best-before period: three weeks

Available stores / selling method: PAPABUBBLE stores and mail orders (will arrive within 5 days at earliest) ※Shipping fee is not included in the price


Please note “Nomiso Marshmallow” on the subject line of the email and note the necessary information (address, name, TEL, desired arrival date) when ordering the products via E-mail.

Mail address: web@papabubble.jp


Store information:http://www.papabubble.jp