Let’s enjoy Halloween in Shibuya! A collaboration city festival “Shibu Hallo 2017”

12.October.2017 | SPOT

From the 27th of October 2017 to the 31st (Tue), a collaborative city festival “Shibu Hallo 2017” will be held at three special venues and 20 clubs/DJ bars.


This fourth Shibuya-Halloween event (2017) will become a “city festival.” Around two million to 3 million people will gather for this Halloween festival in Shibuya and it is gathering much attention from the media, both at home and abroad! More and more tourists are visiting Japan to participate in this event.


This year’s “Shibu Hallo” will set up a special venue at Udagawa, Shibuya. The female shaver brand, P&G “Gillette Venus” will participate in this event for the first time and they will set up a limited booth decorated with cute Halloween goods. Official website: https://www.myrepi.com/tag/gillettevenus (a campaign page will be released soon)


Date: 2017,10,28 (Sat.) 16:00 to 27:00

Venue: B-flat Community Park Udagawacho, 36-14, Udagawacho, Shibuyaku


A masquerade party will be held at DAIA Shibuya which will be a collaborative party of Shibu Hallo and Jet Star. Students of Osaka Mode Gakuen will visit the party from Osaka to show their full-fledged costumes. An event which offers ten thousand yen-worth of flight vouchers to the winner will be offered too! The contest will be held from 20:00 (entrance fee: free).

Official site: http://campaign.jetstar.com/halloween2017/


Date: 2017,10,28 (Sat.) 18:00 to 21:00

Venue: Fontis Building B1, 2-23-12, Dogenzaka, Shibuyaku



A special event sponsored by the game-like candy “Bean Boozled” will be held at TOWER RECORDS Shibuya Store on the 28th (Sat.) 15:00 to 23:00 and “VO5 Airily Making 160g” will be offered to all female visitors at ATOM TOKYO (10,28 (Sat.).


Now an annula event, “SNS Tai” will walk around the city on the 28th of October (Sat.). They will take photos with passersby and hand out free tickets (usable on the 28th) to enter Shibuya style clubs to persons who upload their photos to SNS by lot. The participating stores are as follows.

【Shibu Hallo 2017 participating stores】10,28 nighttime (opening hours differ according to the stores)

AOYAMA Zero/ATOM TOKYO/CLUB camelot(plan)/fai aoyama/Glad/KOARA/LAUREL TOKYO/LOUNGE NEO/Night club TRUMP TOKYO/Organ Bar./R Lounge/Shibuya CLUB BALL/Shibuya no style/SOUND BAR POINT・66/SOUND MUSEUM VISION/TK SHIBUYA/UNDERBAR/VUENOS/WOMB/Shishi Shokudo ※Alphabetical order


Let’s enjoy this year’s Halloween event at Shibuya’s city festival, “Shibu Hallo 2017!”




Shibu Hallo 2017

Time: 2017,10,27 (Fri.) to 31 (Tue.)