Tokyo Stroll: A relaxing date with Yutaro at Shibuya’s Cat Cafe MoCHA!

18.October.2017 | FEATURES / SPOT

Since all the cats on the top floor were tired out from all that playing, we headed to the bottom floor. Shibuya’s Cat Café MoCHA has “Oyatsu Time” which runs from 11:00 to 18:00. During “Oyatsu time”, visitors can give snacks to the cats. We chose ice candy!


The ice candy smelt like fish. It cost ¥500 (+tax). The cats gradually drew near, sniffing out the delicious smell…


At first they approached slowly, but then they became more daring! One eventually jumped onto Yutaro’s lap and then licked the candy!


“Here kitty, kitty〜”


Isn’t this just the cutest photo? Both cat and human in perfect harmony! A photo of Yutaro and a cat makes for the ultimate shot!


At 19:00, it’s time for all the cats to line up for dinner! Just watching them all gobble up every single bite was the highlight of the night.


Once they were full, they started to doze off into a deep slumber.


Finally, Yutaro took one last photo with one of his new friends before bidding farewell.

Returning back to the entrance, Yutaro took one of MoCHA’s original cat Mikuji fortunes (¥100). This was where the date ended.


Incase you’re wondering what kind of blessing Yutaro got from the fortune slip, he got a “middle blessing”! According to the slip of paper, Yutaro must work his hardest with a meow!
Watching Yutaro tire from all that exercise with the cats was very relaxing for me, so the person who was the most relaxed by the end was probably me?! I want to go on another date with Yutaro, so I’ll be working hard everyday with a meow!


※ At MoCHA, you are not allowed to forcibly hug the cats or force them to sit on your lap. If the cat jumps up onto your lap at its own will, then it’s ok. However, there are many timid cats so if one jumps on you, please leave them in peace.



Cat Café MoCHA Shibuya

Assorti Building Floor 8 & 9, 32-12, Udagawa-cho, Shibuya

Times: 10:00 〜 22:00 Last entries: 21:30

No closing days all year round

Access: A five-minute walk from Shibuya station


Model:Yutaro @aaaoe__

Our Yutaro was born in Hiroshima on 3rd June 1998. His modeling career has earned him lots of attention as a fashion icon of the new generation. The famous model also works as a “charisma” shop assistant. Yutaro has gained his reputation as a “mysterious and handsome guy” from his appearance on Japanese variety shows. His debut was made on the show “Gyoretsu no Dekiru Horitsu Sodanjo” and has since then appeared on numerous different TV shows. He challenged himself to appear on stage for the very first time this year and is gaining popularity by the day for his diverse work.

Photographer:Kayo Sekiguchi
Original text by: Sayuri Mizuno (ASOBISYSTEM)

Translated by: Samantha Fernandes


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