Enjoy Halloween with a glass of alcohol. “SHIBUYA Otona HALLOWEEN PROJECT 2017” will be held

20.October.2017 | SPOT

“SHIBUYA Otona HALLOWEEN PROJECT 2017” will be held from the 23rd of October (Mon.) to the 31st of October (Tue.).


This event started in 2013. It is an event based on the commercial facilities in Shibuya including Tokyu Group. It offers a style of enjoying Halloween with alcohol.


As a main event, “SHIBUYA Otona HALLOWEEN PROJECT 2017” will be held inside Hikarie Hall of “Shibuya Hikarie” on the 28th of October (Sat.). 25 restaurants/shops from each facility of Tokyu Group will gather at the venue and “Halloween Food Grand Prix” where the No.1 menu item will be chosen, will be held. The largest costume contest in Shibuya called “Kaso Contest” will also be held.


25 restaurants/shops chosen from “Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs,” “Tokyu Hotels” and “Tokyu Store” will sell their Halloween food items and desserts and the winner of the grand prix “Halloween Grand Prix” will be chosen by the visitors of the event.


In “Kaso Contest,” the final match (10 groups which won the elimination round will participate in the match) will be held and the participators of the match will perform on stage to win 600 thousand yen-worth of gorgeous presents.


Distribution of special cocktails, circulation of masquerade goods (free) and campaigns/events will be held at each facility of Tokyu Group which are “Tokyu Hyakkaten,” “Shibuya Hikarie,” and “Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel.” On the 27th of October (Fri.) a DJ live event “Shibuya Culture Crossing -Otona no Kamen Butokai” will be held at Whie (B2F of Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel). Plus, fitting rooms will be prepared.


Why don’t you enjoy an “adulty” Halloween in Shibuya?




Date: 10,28 (Sat.)

18:00 to 21:00 ※17:30 open

Venue: Shibuya Hikarie 9F Hikarie Hall A

18:00〜18:20 Opening

19:00〜19:20 Food recommendation stage

19:20〜20:00 Costume Contents

20:00〜20:20 Performance of the special guest (Wagyu)

20:30〜20:45 Result announcement of Halloween Food Grand Prix and award ceremony


Entrance fee: free (food/drink ticket 1,000 yen / 5 tickets will be sold at the venue)

※One food or drink can be bought per ticket

※Persons who are under 20 years old cannot enter the venue

※Fitting rooms are prepared inside the venue. Therefore, changing clothes or putting on makeup outside of the designated area is not allowed.


“Shibuya Culture Crossing -Otona no Kamen Butokai-“

Date: 10,27 (Fri.) 21:30 to 24:00 ※21:00 acceptation starting time

Venue: Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel B2F Whie ※acceptation is available at B1F


Requirements: Persons who are older than 20 years old can enter the venue. The visitors must wear a black item and a mask.

Fee: 6,000 yen (tickets must be ordered initially from the website) ※one drink will be offered.


Reservation: http://eventregist.com/e/SCC2017

Performers: <Live>Maki Nomiya, Motoharu (DJ), Syuya Okino (KYOTO JAZZ MASSIVE), Tomoyuki tanaka