Add some spice to the Halloween masquerade party! “Cosplay Bras” of YUMMY MART are now on sale

21.October.2017 | FASHION

Peach John’s lingerie brand, “YUMMY MART” is selling “Cosplay Collection” to add some spice to the Halloween costume culture which is stuck in a rut. The lineup of the collection consists of decorated brassieres, panties, lingerie and bathing suits and there are more than 10 items available. Although each brassiere is created as a cosplay item, there are many sizes available and the fit of these items is comfortable. These items can be bought at the official online store, YUMMY MART and at concept shops.


The standard cosplay item “Nurse”


YM Bolero Nurse Strap Press Set / 5,980 yen (+tax)

Size of the brassier (Cup B~D, under 65~75)

A fetish set colored in red and white created based on the image of a nurse’s costume, a standard item of cosplay. The product comes with six items that are brassiere/panty which can be wore without using straps, head accessary, bolero, apron and porch.


“Pink Poodle” is pink color-colored /dog lover’s will love this item


YM Poodle Brassiere Set / 5,480 yen (+tax)

Size of the brassier (Cup B~D, under 65~75)

A set which combines the allurements of girls and poodles. The impact of the product is huge since it has many pompoms. The set comes with a cachucha, a velour choker and two bracelets.


“Army” is recommended to those of you who like stylish costumes


YM Army Brassier Set / 5,480 yen (+tax)

Size of the brassier (cup B~D, under 65~75)

A stylish set created under the theme of “army style” which many girls love. The perfect balance of the set which has a cool impression (camouflage pattern/khaki color) and cute impression (garter belt) is the sales point of this set. The set comes with five items including the hat, bolero and garter belt.


Probably the most “Halloween-ish” set! The standard set “Maid”


YM Maid Body Set / 5,480 yen (+tax)

S/M, M/L

“Maid” costume is the standard item of cosplay. Based on “Body,” and Western style clothes, the set includes items such as a cachucha, cuffs and an apron. The dark image of the set is suitable as a Halloween costume.


“Bunny” which is recommended to persons who love lovely designed items


YM My Bunny Body Set / 5,380 yen (+tax)

S/M, M/L

A less-revealing set which is recommended for beginners. This set comes with the same body as Maid, a mask using eco fur, a choker and a cute tail. The top of the body is high neck made with a rib and the set can be used in daily basis, not just during the Halloween season.


A bathing suit!? Very cute “Tentomushi (ladybug)”


YM Tentomushi Mizugi Set / 5,380 yen (+tax)

Size of the brassier (Cup B~D, under 65-75)

A cosplay set created under the theme of “ladybug.” You can become the leading figure at the party by wearing this set which comes with a cachucha with heart-shaped antennas and wings which can be attached to your shoulders. The set is made with swim wear material, so it can be used during the summer season as well. The set has a retro impression since it is a high-waist item and has a dot-pattern.


Many cute items are available other than the items noted above! Let’s enjoy Halloween with lingerie which are different from your usual everyday lingerie!



YUMMY MART official online store:



  • Enako and P Maru-Sama Collaborate on Onimai: I’m Now Your Sister! Anime Opening Theme

    30.September.2022 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    The popular manga series Onimai: I’m Now Your Sister!, currently serialized in Monthly Comic Rex, will be adapted into an anime series in 2023. Nekotofu’s series has sold over 500,000 copies since 2019.


    The comedy follows Mahiro Oyama, an otaku living with his younger sister Mihari, a scientist. One day, he wakes up in the body of a young girl as a result of Mihari’s experiments. Learning to live as a middle school girl, the series is full of hilarity and nonsense and is sure to adapt well to the small screen. The manga series ranked fifth in Da Vinci’s Next Manga Award 2018 in the web manga category and ranked ninth in the Web Manga Overall Election 2019. It also ranked third in AnimeJapan’s Manga We Want to See Animated Ranking in 2020.


    Multi-genre entertainer P Maru-sama and cosplayer Enako are teaming up to perform the anime’s theme song Identeitei Meltdown. Enako has been featured on 70 magazine covers and won the 2022 Cover Girl Award, while P Maru-sama has received an incredible 1.9 billion video views on his YouTube channel. 


    Marika Kono, Kaori Ishihara, Hisako Kanemoto, and Minami Tsuda–the four main voice actresses–will sing the ending theme, Himegoto, under the group name Onimai Sisters.


    The opening and ending theme CDs will be released simultaneously on February 15, 2023. Will you be watching the series next year?


    Comment from Enako

    “I’ll be working with P Maru-sama to create the opening theme for the anime series Onimai: I’m Now Your Sister!


    Identeitei Meltdown is an absolutely adorable and speedy duet, and I hope that this peppy track makes people super excited for the series!

    Be sure to watch Onimai along with me!”


    Comment from P Maru-sama

    “I’m so thankful to be asked to participate in the Onimai opening theme! 


    This song is super cute and super energetic, and I’m so happy I could sing with Enako herself! I’m looking forward to watching the anime! Hooray!!!”



  • Terrifying Halloween Night Yokai Tour to be Held at Kokuminshukusha Shodoshima in Kagawa Prefecture

    29.September.2022 | FASHION / SPOT

    In conjunction with the autumn segment of Setouchi Triennale 2022, the Yokai Halloween 2022 event will be held for the first time at the Yokai Art Museum in Shodoshima in Kagawa. During the event, guests can take part in the Halloween Night Yokai Tour on Saturdays, which will invite them to transform into terrifying ghouls! Each guest will receive a yokai mask and will be tasked to test their courage in this unique Halloween event. Those visiting the museum in costume will receive a discount, and visitors can also enjoy some spooky treats at the Yokai Bar. This is one museum horror fans won’t want to miss!

    Visit the Yokai Art Museum at Night 

    Unlike daytime, the Yokai Art Museum is filled with a mysterious energy at night. With a flashlight in hand, staff members will lead guests on a tour through the museum, which exhibits more than 800 yokai sculptures. Visitors can wear yokai masks and costumes, and unlike a haunted house, you won’t need to worry about yokai jumping out at you. However, the staff may ask you to keep an eye out for anything mysterious. Guests are permitted to take as many photos as they like inside the museum, so be sure to share your experience on social media!

    Too Realistic! Enjoy Finger Cookies at the Yokai Bar

    At the Yokai Bar attached to the museum, guests can find these terrifying finger cookies! These were made in collaboration with FUJI, a popular snack shop in Shidoshima. While tasty, they might be a little too realistic for some people. These will be available in two flavors: spicy and sweet. 


    Rent a Halloween Lantern for Free

    A Night Walk through the Shidoshima Maze will invite visitors to carry a Halloween-themed lantern through the town. This event is being held to promote tourism in the town at night, and lanterns will be free to rent! These will be available in different colors from the first floor of the nearby Shodoshima International Hotel. Shodoshima, known as the City of Mazes, has over 60 streets with three-way intersections and many mysterious alleys. Walking through the town at night will be an experience you’ll never forget, especially during the spookiest time of the year!

  • NAKED’s Halloween Event Coming to Tokyo Tower for a Limited Time

    22.September.2022 | SPOT

    Digital art collective NAKED will hold a special Halloween projection mapping show at Tokyo Tower! The Tokyo Tower City Light Fantasia ~Halloween Party 2022~ event will run from September 16 until October 31 on the 2nd floor of the tower’s main deck. 


    NAKED has collaborated with Tokyo Tower in the past to create shows inspired by the seasons. These incredible illuminations captivate audiences at night, and this fall, visitors will be captivated by autumn leaves dancing in the breeze along with silvergrass swaying and the sound of chirping insects. The scene will eventually change into something more spooky–a ghost will appear alongside witches, bats, and pumpkins! The main deck will be enveloped in Halloween colors perfect for a fall photoshoot!

  • Sanrio Puroland Begins Autumn’s Puro Halloween Event

    15.September.2022 | SPOT

    From September 9 until November 1, Sanrio Puroland is celebrating the spookiest season of the year with the Puro Halloween event. On the first day of the event, guests immediately showed up to enjoy the new additions to the park, including the light show, Halloween photo spot, and an exclusive food menu filled with autumn flavors. 


    The theme of this year’s event is the popular Halloween phrase “Trick or Treat!” Popular Sanrio characters are all dressed up in spooky costumes, with each joining Team Trick or Team Treat!

    First Set of Seasonal Goods (Costume ver.)

    Light Show


    At Puro Village, guests can see the incredible Trick or Treat light show, perfect for getting into the Halloween mood!


    Fairyland Theater will present the new ‘Let’s Trick or Treat’ stage show as well, with Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel dressed in new costumes as they dance and play games with each other.

    Special Greeting

    ‘Vampire Butler Cafe ~Broken Rules~’ Immersive Horror Experience

    Along with these new shows, those looking for a fright can visit the Vampire Butler Cafe, Puroland’s first immersive horror show featuring handsome actors dressed as vampires. This will only be open after Puroland closes, and only on select dates. Younger children can also enjoy a special candy-catching event sure to excite!

    Starting October 1, a Halloween version of the Mewkledreamy March stage show will wow audiences. Everyone’s favorite characters Mew, Peko, and Su will appear in new costumes, so don’t miss it!

    Limited Time Food Menu

    Limited Time Photo Spot

    In the Rainbow Hall on the third floor, guests can take pictures a bright orange and purple photo spot. In the Character Food Court on the first floor, new menu items are available, served on decorated tables. The limited food menu offers everything from Meatball Curry to a Luxurious Sweet Potato Parfait. If you like autumn treats, be sure to enjoy while taking some pictures to post on social media!


    Come enjoy the Halloween season with your favorite Sanrio characters, and don’t forget to say “Trick or Treat!” 


    © 2022 SANRIO CO., LTD. TOKYO, JAPAN MMP,TX 著作 株式会社サンリオ

  • Yokohama Royal Park Hotel to Hold Halloween Sweets Fair in October

    13.September.2022 | FOOD / SPOT

    From October 1 until October 31, Yokohama Royal Park Hotel will hold a special Halloween Fair at its delicatessen and lounge Coffret. In addition to six playful sweets from the Halloween Frankenstein to the Halloween Mummy, two types of autumn bread featuring pumpkin and purple sweet potato will be available, allowing guests to enjoy the taste of the season!


    Halloween Frankenstein

    Halloween Cat

    Halloween Mont Blanc

    Halloween Mummy

    Halloween Pudding

    Halloween Pound Cake

    Pumpkin Cream Fondue / Halloween Anpan


    Come enjoy this Halloween with some cute and silly sweets!

  • Q-pot CAFE to Offer Cute Halloween Sweets to Celebrate 10th Anniversary

    05.September.2022 | FOOD

    Q-pot CAFE in Omotesando will be offering up some Halloween treats to celebrate the location’s 10th anniversary! Guests will be able to sample these special sweets from September 3 until October 31, 2022.


    Happy Halloween! Afternoon Tea Set

    The festive Happy Halloween afternoon tea features pink Jack-o’-lantern macarons and other Halloween-inspired sweets.


    Fluffy Floating Ghost Plate (Drink Included)

    The adorable ghost is made from fluffy milk mousse covered with gyuhi, a typical ingredient in Japanese sweets made from rice flour. Inside is blackcurrant and redcurrant jelly with an incredibly sweet and sour flavor.


    Black Devil Tea Mocha

    Featuring large devil wings, this tasty and eye-catching beverage is a mix of black tea, chocolate, and milk. When the cocoa cream melts, the taste changes to something creamy and cozy, perfect for the autumn months.


    Shimmering Blueberry & Grapefruit Soda

    This refreshing sweet and sour drink combines blueberries and pink grapefruit along with soda and pearl powder.


    Come enjoy Halloween while celebrating the cafe’s 10th anniversary!

  • Sanrio Characters to Celebrate Halloween with Special Campaign

    04.September.2022 | FASHION

    Namco will be releasing some exclusive Halloween prizes featuring everyone’s favorite Sanrio characters! The Halloween event will run from September 9 until October 31 at around 200 Namco Amusement Centers nationwide and on the Torumo online crane game mall.


    During the campaign, exclusive prizes featuring brand-new designs of popular Sanrio characters will be available in crane game machines!


    When ¥500 is inserted into select crane games using the link function of the Namco Point app, an original sticker will be gifted to players! Starting September 16, those collecting three of these original stickers will receive an original pin that looks just like candy! All guests need to do is show their stickers to the staff. 


    Collaboration Goods

    Exclusive Clear Shopping Bag (3 varieties)

    Original Sticker (5 varieties)

    Original Candy Pin (5 varieties)



    Prizes will also be available from Torumo, an online crane game mall. In addition, a present campaign will be held to select winners to receive a special blanket! To enter, all you need to do is play the target machine three times. During the campaign period, by following a participating store on the Namco Point app, customers will receive a limited edition shopping bag!


    Come grab some of these Halloween goods and show off your Sanrio love!


    ⓒ ’22 SANRIO CO., LTD. APPR. NO. L633490
    ©Bandai Namco Amusement Inc.

  • Halloween Afternoon Tea with Black Cat Motif Coming to Tokyo’s Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa

    01.September.2022 | FOOD / SPOT

    During the month of October, Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa in Tokyo will be offering a special Autumn Afternoon Tea. Inspired by Halloween–and particularly black cats–Lounge Momiji on the first floor will invite guests to devour some tasty treats. 

    This year’s Halloween theme is ‘black cats,’ which are said to be the messengers of witches. Guests will be able to enjoy Halloween-specific sweets and afternoon tea to fully enjoy the flavors of autumn.


    In addition to sweet and sour macaroons filled with blackcurrant with a black cat motif, visitors can enjoy a bat-themed purple sweet potato Mont Blanc and cream puffs made with pumpkin. The black cat cookies are also perfect for posting to Instagram, so come enjoy lots of sweet and savory goods made with autumn fruits and vegetables such as grapes, persimmons, and figs.

    Come enjoy afternoon tea and get into the Halloween spirit this October!

  • Halloween Afternoon Tea with a Ghost Theme Coming to Kyoto for a Limited Time

    30.August.2022 | FOOD / SPOT

    Art Grace Wedding Hills, a wedding venue in Kyoto, will be offering a ghostly Halloween Afternoon Tea experience in September and October!

    Mischievous Ghost Halloween Parfait *Sample Image

    Sweets *Sample Image

    Savory Dishes *Sample Image


    Adorable ghosts and Halloween-inspired sweets made with autumn flavors such as pears, apples, chestnuts, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes will be on the menu. The Mischievous Ghost Halloween Parfait has a refreshing finish with blackcurrant mousse and blood orange jelly. The marshmallows, made to look like ghosts wearing witch hats, are perfect for posting on social media.


    How would you like to spend a sweet time in Kyoto this Halloween season?

  • GARNiDELiA to Host Halloween Party Featuring luz, Syounen T, Shoose

    24.August.2022 | FASHION / MUSIC

    Music duo GARNiDELiA will hold its annual Halloween party on October 21, 2022 at Toyosu PIT. The lineup now includes a number of popular acts, including luz, Syounen T, and Shoose. Titled ‘GARNiDELiA Presents HALLOWEEN MiRACLE WONDER PARTY 2022,’ the live performance will invite participating artists to dress up in costumes for one festive autumn night.


    Previously, luz appeared on MARiA’s 2nd solo album Moments, performing with the singer on the track Cafe Latte no Uta feat. luz. This will be the first time the pair performs the song live, so expectations are high.


    Along with the singers performing at the event, Miume and 217 will participate as dancers for the fourth time. The two previously announced that they would retire from dancing this year. Together with MARiA, the two created the globally popular video series Odocchatte Mita (I Tried Dancing), which has drawn in over 200 million views on YouTube, along with Gokuraku Jodo with 85 million views.


    MARiA gave a comment regarding the exciting announcement.

    “It’s that time of year again, and it’s time to spend time with GARNiDELiA! Some entertaining and unique friends are coming to play this year, and as we all know, one of the most fun parts of Halloween is dressing up! What costumes will our friends choose? On October 21, come party with us! We’ll be waiting!”


    toku also gave his thoughts. “It’s our fourth annual Halloween event. As hosts, we can’t wait to see the artists taking the stage this year. We’ll be waiting for you with collaborations you can only see on October 21! Come out, get dressed up, and have some fun!”

    Presale lottery tickets went on sale on August 22 at 19:00 at each artist’s fan club, so be sure to enter if you’d like to party at this incredible event!

  • Halloween Afternoon Tea Featuring AR Technology Coming to Shinjuku

    23.August.2022 | FOOD / SPOT

    From September 1 until October 31, the District Brasserie, Bar, and Lounge at the Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo will be offering a spooky Halloween-themed afternoon tea set. The tasty treats won’t be the only scary thing on the plate–the event will incorporate AR technology! By holding up your phone, you’ll be able to see monsters moving around on your plate.

    The goodies will also be available for take-out, making them perfect for souvenirs or at-home Halloween parties! Nine types of Halloween sweets, six small dishes, and two tea sachets will be included. Why not spend Halloween in a more elegant way in 2022?

  • Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort in Miyazaki Announces Limited Time Halloween Menu

    22.August.2022 | FOOD / SPOT

    The Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort is the flagship hotel of the Phoenix Seagaia Resort. Although Halloween is still two months away, the hotel has already announced that it will be offering a selection of Halloween-themed buffet items, including sweets and cocktails. 


    Garden Buffet ‘Pine Terrace’ Halloween Buffet

    Running: October 22 – October 31, 2022

    Kazamachi Terrace Halloween Sweets

    Running: October 1 – October 31, 2022

    Kazamachi Terrace Halloween Bread

    Running: October 1 – October 31, 2022

    KUROBAR Halloween Cocktail

    Running: October 22 – October 31, 2022


    THE LIVING GARDEN Autumn & Halloween Garden

    Running: September 23 – October 31, 2022

    In addition, THE LIVING GARDEN, a garden area open exclusively for guests, will be transformed into a space inspired by the autumn harvest festival and Halloween. A photo spot will also be available!

    Staff members dressed in Halloween costumes will entertain guests inside the hotel–just say “Trick or Treat” and you’ll be rewarded with candy!