SCANDAL’s first collaborative tour held in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka ended and the uploaded single won the first place in several rankings

24.October.2017 | MUSIC

The first collaborative tour of SCANDAL which was held in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka “SCANDAL TOUR 2017“SCANDAL no Taiban Tour”ended on the 21st October. The tour invited three bands that perform great lives chosen by the members of SCANDAL to perform with them.


UNISON SQUARE GARDEN was invited to the first-day live held in Tokyo, 04 Limited Sazabys from Aichi Prefecture was invited to the live held in Aichi Prefecture and BLUE ENCOUNT was invited to the last live held in Osaka. In the live held in Osaka (SCANDAL was formed in Osaka), both bands played their “killer tunes” and warmed up the audience.


Serving as the MC of the live concert, RINA (Dr&Vo) said “It has been nine years since we formed the band. You can’t continue a band for nine long years if you are just enjoying playing music as a hobby. We never thought we could hold a collaborative live with other bands, but I felt that we could shake hands with the members of BLUE ENCOUNT and the fans of the band. I am glad that we could understand each other and become friends.”


Moreover, HARUNA (Vo&Gt) said to the fans “Let’s spend a great day, the best day in our lives!” after listening to the MC comments of Syunichi Tanabe (Vo) of BLUE ENCOUNT.


They performed 11 songs in total including the new song they created for the live called “Koisuru Universe” and the first collaborative tour of SCANDAL ended.


The first downloadable (cannot be purchase at shops) single of SCANDAL “Koisuru Universe” was released on the 22nd of October and it won first place in some music distribution sites such as iTunes top album, mora Latest Album Ranking and Rekochoko Album Ranking Daily. The 22nd of October was the day that the band released their major debut single “DOLL” and they were able to celebrate the 9th anniversary of their band’s formation in a fantastic way.


The band streaked through the year of 2017 by holding their first national tour, performing at the summer festival and the collaborative tour held at Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. Let’s check out the activities of SCANDAL.


 ▼SCANDAL  “Koisuru Universe” Music Video





【Release information】

Digital Single “Koisuru Universe”

2017,10,22 (Sun) released at each music distribution sites



▼Other music distribution sites!



▼SCANDAL 「Koisuru Universe」Music Video



Distribution date: 10,05 (Thurs.) 12:00 ~ 11,04 (Sat.) 23:59


▼“BOURBON×SCANDAL”Web animation movie


【Live information】

▶︎BEST★Xmas 2017

Date: 2017,12,24 (Sun.)

Venue: Akasaka BLITZ
Open: 17:00

Start: 18:00

Ticket fee: 4,860 yen + drink fee

Ticket: 2017,11,25 (Sat.) 10:00~

Contact: HOT STUFF PROMOTION (03-5720-9999, weekdays-12:00 to 18:00)


▶︎SUPER SHIBUYA EXPO LIVE Powered by mixi, Inc.

Date:11,02 (Thurs.)

Venue: Shibuya O-EAST (2F, 2-14-8, Dogenzaka, Shibuyaku, Tokyo)

Open: 18:00 / Start: 19:00

Performers: SCANDAL、SPECIAL OTHERS, Cypress Ueno to Roberto Yoshino

Ticket: All Standing: 4,000 yen (tax included, drink fee not included, numbered ticket included)

Release date: 2017,08,27 (Sun.) 10:00~

Contact: HOT STUFF PROMOTION  03-5720-9999

Official site:



Date: 2017,11,03 (Fri. – holiday), 4 (Sat.) and 5 (Sun.) ※SCANDAL will perform on 11,05 (Sun.)

Venue: Intex Osaka / 5th and 2nd department

KOYABU SONIC 2017 official HP:

Contact: Kyodo Information 0570-200-888(10:00~18:00)


▶︎Mainichi ga Christmas 10th ANNIVERSARY!

Date: 2017,12,20 (Wed.)
Venue: 3F Hall, 1st building, Yokohama Akarenga Soko


Open: 18:00 / start: 19:00

Contact: KM Music 045-201-9999

Release date: 11,11 (Sat.) 10:00~



▶︎MERRY ROCK PARADE 2017 ※SCANDAL will perform on 11,23 (Sat.)

Date: 2017,12,23 (Sat.) / 24 (Sun.)

Open: 9:30 / start: 11:00

Venue: Port Messe Nagoya / first building to 3rd building

Fee: one day ticket 6,560 yen (tax included) / two days ticket 14,040 yen (tax included)

Contact: Sunday Folk Promotion 052-320-9100(10:00-18:00)



SCANDAL official website: