Dressing up in “Japanese” Halloween costumes at Moshi Moshi Kimono salon in Harajuku

27.October.2017 | SPOT

Harajuku’s MOSHI MOSHI Kimono Salon -YUMENOYA-  is offering a Japanese “Yokai” (ghost) transformation experience service during the Halloween season.

塩田様_ハロウィン記事用画像_8798 copy

You can transform into a Courtesan zombie, a mythological fox, a monster cat, a spider, a demon, a kappa, a skull, a goblin, ghost, or a snake woman.  There are all sorts of characters you can take on. They all appear old tales of Japan.

塩田様_ハロウィン記事用画像_9685 copy

For makeup and the hair arrangements, the exclusive hair and makeup artists in YUMENOYA can answer your requests, by doing such things as scratch makeup. You can also rent a kimono to be a monster and walk around the town.

塩田様_ハロウィン記事用画像_3873 copy

There is also the service to have your photo taken after you are dressed up. Let’s take some wonderful monster pictures with the background of the salon’s colorful wall.


In addition, as a special Halloween event, a free face-painting event will be offered on October 28th. The 59th “Harajuku Fashion walk”will also be held on that day.


There are 12 different kinds of face-painting designs, but they accept your specific request, too.

Why don’t you dress up for Halloween at Moshi Moshi Kimono Salon this year?



Moshi Moshi Kimono Salon Produced by –YUMENOYA-

Address: Gingumae 3-23-5, Shibuya-ku, TokyoMOSHI MOSHI BOX Tourist Center 1F

Opening time:10:00〜18:00





“Hyakki Yako 2017” (100 devils night walk)

 Transformation Plan 1

Special make up fee 5000 yen * for details look below + costume rental 4000 yen + tax

*depending on the ghost make up you wish for, a reservation 2 days in advance will be necessary. (look below for details)

*the ghost costume parts are limited so you might not be able to get the costume you want.

*when renting costumes which you plan to return the following day a 5000 yen deposit will be necessary.

 Transformation Plan 2

<Special photo plan>

Special make up fee 5000 yen (for details look below) + costume rental 4000 yen + tax

<Special make up fee>

Flower devil zombie   …10,000 yen +tax

Devil / Kappa / Tengu  …6,000 yen + tax

Mythological fox, Monster cat, Spider,  Demon, Skull, Goblin, Ghost, Snake woman etc. …5,000 yen+tax



Photo on location (up to 3 places) …5,000 yen+tax

*services will be canceled in the case of heavy rain

*changing of rental kimono 2,000 yen +tax


Halloween special face painting

Date:October 28th

Time schedule:

11:30~13:30  face painting / in costume

*Depending on the number of reservations the time will be adjusted. If you have a specific time request please be sure notify

14:00 Harajuku Fashion Walk starts

16:30 planned end of walk