Rare Sanrio character “Shinagawa Monjiro” to collaborate with Kyoto sweet shop Sawawa

01.December.2017 | FOOD / SPOT

The Shijō Kawaramachi and Ginkaku-ji branches of the sweet shop Sawawa in Kyoto are collaborating with the rare Sanrio character Shinagawa Monjiro. From December 9th to March 31st next year the shop will have 7 collaborative takeout items on its menu and 2 in-store items as well as a range of character merchandise.


The elusive Shinagawa Monjiro is a samurai who appears on the Twitter page of another Sanrio character, Cinnamon. Monjiro is the spitting image of Cinnamon but he wears a hakama (a divided skirt and traditional type of Japanese clothing) and he wears his hair in a “chonmage” or topknot style. Nobody knows his true identity. But in line with Cinnamoroll’s 15th anniversary, Monjiro is set to drop by two Kyoto-based branches of Sawawa.


The familiar signboard of Sawawa will read “Shinagawa Monjiro×Sawawa” in Japanese and there will be a big cut-out of Monjiro inside the shop.


Not only can you go and eat a tasty food menu themed around Shinagawa Monjiro, you can also get your hands on 8 different available key rings too. They are also selling manjuu with Shinagawa Monjiro branded onto it and matcha warabi mochi (matcha bracken-starch dumplings).


Don’t miss out on this rare collaboration with one of Sanrio’s most elusive characters.



Sawawa – Shijō Kawaramachi branch

Address: 13-3 Otabimiyamotocho, Shimogyo, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, 600-8003

Open: 11am-7pm

No fixed closures – open all year round.

Access: 5-minutes by foot from Kawaramachi Station via Hankyu / Get off at “Shijō Kawaramachi” on the Kyoto City Bus /

TEL: 075-255-9704


Sawawa – Ginkaku-ji

Address: 14-8 Ginkakujimaechō, Sakyō-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, 606-8407

Open: 10am-5pm

*Business hours will run from 9:30am-5:30pm on December 9th and 10th.

No fixed closures – open all year round.

Access: Get off at “Ginkakujimae” on the Kyoto City Bus / Get off at “Ginkakujidou” on the Kyoto City Bus

TEL: 0120-975-316 (Telacoya)

Company Website: http://www.telacoya.co.jp