Japanese cheap snacks all you can eat! Retro-style “Dagashi Bar” will be opened in Shinjuku

04.December.2017 | FOOD / SPOT

An entertainment bar where you can eat dagashi as much as you want called, “Dagashi Bar” was opened in Shinjuku followed by the store in Shibuya.


Dagashi Bar has four chain bars in Tokyo and the new “Shinjuku Dagashi Bar” which was opened recently is the largest store out of the four bars. While listening to good old tunes of the Showa Period, you can drink alcohol and eat dagashi.


Dagashi is cheap snacks sold for kids. The price is 10 to 20 yen per item.


 “Shinjuku Dagashi Bar” has a unique interior with retro city views and “Dagashi Store Hiyoko” in the center of the bar which was created under the theme of “a store located inside a store.”

img_142904_1 img_142904_4

Inside “Dagashi Store Hiyoko,” you can select dagashi from more than 100 items (including old/new dagashi) and eat as much as you want.


They also offer a wide variety of food items including good old meals, school-provided lunches, dishes using dagashis and izakaya (Japanese bar) dishes. They also offer unique “dagashi snacks” and “dagashi desserts.”


Kyushoku no Agepan (school lunch’s deep fried bread) 200 yen ~ (roasted soybean powder, cocoa, sugar, ice cream agepan, cinnamon, black syrup/roasted soybean powder)



Natsukashi Napolitano 780 yen ※All the prices noted in this article include tax


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Many of you must have an experience where you could eat only a little dagashi. The dream you had in your childhood is most likely, “I want to eat more dagashi!” So, here your dream will come true!


Why don’t you visit Dagashi Bar where you can soak in the fun atmosphere of be a kid again?




Shinjuku Dagashi Bar

Address: 〒160-0021, 5F, 1-6-2, Kabukicho, Shinjukuku, Tokyo

Business hours: Monday to Friday, a day before holiday 16:00 to 23:30

Saturday, Sunday, holidays 15:00 to 23:30

Access: 3 minutes on foot from JR Line Shinjuku Station

4 minutes on foot from Seibu Shinjuku Line Shinjuku Station

4 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line / Toei Shinjuku Line Shinjuku 3 Chome Station