Let’s dance with zombie Santa Clauses! Zombie Christmas Party will be held at Nagashima Spaland

08.December.2017 | SPOT

Nagashima Kanko Kaihatsu will hold its first Christmas event in Nagashima Spaland “Nagashima Zombie Christmas Party” on the 23rd (Sat.) and 24th (Sun.)of December 2017.


Before the party starts, there will be a“zombie panic time”when a crowd of zombies will wonder around the large Spa Dome facility. “Santa Zombies” who could not deliver presents to children and died will rejuvenate and will hold the visitors in a state of terror.


Nagashima Zombie Christmas Party will consist of the following 3 events;  “DJ time,” “Zombie dance live” and “Zombie party time.”


In the event, “DJ time,” which is the opening ceremony of the party, a very popular DJ “DJ MIKEE” who is active both in Japan and abroad will allure the visitors with her superb DJ play. You can enjoy the atmosphere of Christmas in the special party space which will have some mirror balls installed.


After DJ time is finished, the stage will be occupied with zombie dancers and a powerful dance show will be performed. I am sure that the voltage of the venue will get higher.


Lastly, “Zombie party time” where you can dance with zombies will be held. The latest dance music and standard Christmas songs will be played and the voltage of the venue will reach its climax for sure.


Moreover, some stylish and cute Christmas photo spots will be installed for a limited time offer. You can feel like you are Santa Clause by taking photos at these photo spots! Nagashima Zombies have a habit of reacting to light so let’s take photos with the zombies!


A limited Santa Clause hat will be offered to 500 persons (first-come-first-served-basis) who participate in the Nagashima Zombie Christmas Party. Let’s become Santa Clause and spend a wonderful time.


Why don’t you enjoy this coming Christmas with zombie Santa Clauses?




Nagashima Zombie Christmas Party

Date: 12,23 (Sat.), 24 (Sun.) 16:30 to 18:30

Venue: Nagashima Spaland Spa Dome

Address: 333, Urayasu, Nagashimacho, Kuwanashi, Mie Prefecture

Fee: free (the event can be enjoyed just by paying the entrance fee of Nagashima Spaland)