Flying sumo wrestler? The video of indoor skydiving at Koshitani Lake Town was released.

14.December.2017 | SPOT

FlyStation is an indoor sky diving facility which was built in April of 2017 in Japan. The attraction can fulfill everybody’s dream of flying the sky.


The great gusts of wind produced in a wind tunnel allows the sky diver to float in the air, a truly amazing experience. This indoor skydiving which persons older than four years old can enjoy is a new generation entertainment which about 60 million people mainly in Europe and the U.S. are enjoying.


At the base of this attraction there is a trampoline-like net for those of you who are not familiar with this kind of attraction so you can enjoy the flight with no worries. Of course, the attraction is safe to use.


The WEB movie shows the beauty and amusement of indoor sky diving where a wind speed of up to 360 ㎞ can be experienced.


「Love Flying? / Heiwa (Peace)」version


The “Heiwa” version represents the amusement of flying in the sky at the speed of 360km with the flight of a sumo wrestler. The video does not use any CG. Take a look at the wrestler’s body, watch his skin dance in this wind.


「Love Flying? / Seimei (life being)」version


The instructors of FlyStation appear on this video. Let’s enjoy their brilliant and artistic flight and in the“mystery of life beings.”


「Love Flying? / Fuatsu (windpressure)」version


In this version, the furious wind created by a special device called a Wind Tunnel is represented. You will be surprised with the latest technologies used in this device which enables the making of a 360km wind.


Let’s check the epic scale of indoor sky diving with these WEB movies.





Address: 6-19-3, Lake Town, Koshigayashi

TEL: 0120-102-035 (9:00 to 22:00)

03-4530-6100 (9:00〜22:00)