Franck Muller teams up with shochu brand to release bottles at GINZA SIX made with luxurious Kirishima Kiriko glass

17.December.2017 | FASHION / FOOD / SPOT

Franck Muller is teaming up with Japanese alcohol brand Gokujou Mori Izou to release a very special ‘Kirishima Kiriko’ set at the GINZA SIX branch of Franck Muller Geneve.


Gokujou Mori Izou is a brand of imo jochu (sweet potato shochu) that has been called legendary, and it’s about to arrive poured into an opulent bottle made with glass from one of Japan’s world-class glassmakers, Kirishima Kiriko.

The bottle and wooden box it comes in have been specially prepared in a gorgeously vibrant red colour, reflecting the high-quality and florid vision of something only Franck Muller could conceive.



Franck Muller has an intricacy when it comes to a sense of beauty and quality, something that has been incorporated into this special Mori Izou set exceptionally made with Kirishima Kiriko glasswork.


Get your hands around a bottle at GINZA SIX.


FRANCK MULLER×Gokujou Mori Izou Kirishima Kiriko Set
Available: Frank Muller Geneve (GINZA SIX 2F)
Quantity: 1 set available per day (30 sets in stock)

Address: 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo
Opening Hours: 10:30-20:30
Telephone: 03-3569-0660