Japanese model Yabe Yuna introduces “Bakkai” izakaya at the beachside in Thailand

19.December.2017 | FEATURES / FOOD / SPOT

Hi, everyone!

Yuna Yabe here!


This is a continuation of my previous article where I showcased Si Racha in Thailand to everyone. Today I’m introducing you to a Japanese izakaya that you should definitely visit if you’re on holiday!


This is the izakaya we went to – it’s called “Bakkai”.


It’s easy to see if you look at a map, but…

It really is next to the ocean. No, in fact it wouldn’t be too much to say that it’s actually IN the ocean – that’s how close to the sea it is!


The fact that it’s by the sea just makes it the best location. The terrace area was seated by couples eating and in very good spirits…

I thought a lot about it, like how it makes the perfect spot for a date, and so on.


Gotta pull myself together… Moving on, I interviewed the staff working there!

I asked them what the most popular item on the menu is.
While flicking through the splendid menu, they told me it was the sashimi combination in the top left!


That sashimi combination sure looks good… I want to eat it…

I was drooling the moment I was shown the menu!

It seems most of the sashimi is imported from Japan.

It cost 799 THB which would be ¥2,800 in Japan.

70% of the customers at this izakaya are Japanese people living in Si Racha.

Part of the reason there’s so many tourists is because there’s a lot of hotels nearby!

So I’m not the only one that misses Japanese food even when traveling.

“Bakkai” has been open for nearly 15 years. The lady started working here a year ago.


I asked her why she works at a Japanese izakaya, and she said:

“It’s fun talking with the Japanese customers. A lot of them can speak Thai and their mannerisms are good, so talking is fun.”

I got kind of happy like I was being praised a lot… (what am I saying).

It seems she likes Japanese people, so that made me really happy.


I took a photo with the staff to commemorate my visit 🥂 What a wonderful time…

Oh, I mustn’t forget to post the food I ate too!
ユウナ記事_6166 ユウナ記事_7420 ユウナ記事_4632 ユウナ記事_9867

The food line-up is faithfully reminiscent of Japan.

Tempura, California rolls, tekkamaki, yakitori.

Ooh, I wanna eat.


“Bakkai” is just like a real izakaya in Japan that you can enjoy at a beachside location.

And even though it’s in a place like Si Racha, I think it’s an especially good restaurant.


If you’re on a trip in Thailand and are longing for a bit of Japan, then please be sure to stop by Bakkai♩


Writer: Yuna Yabe(@yunaaay1030)




Address: 18 Neptune Road, Si Racha 20110, Thailand

Open: 11:00-23:00
Telephone: +66 38771721