Don’t miss this chance to meet with ex-sumo wrestlers! -Ryogoku- Edo NOREN’s events

31.December.2017 | SPOT

Various kinds of New Year’s events which all generations can enjoy will be held at -Ryogoku- Edo NOREN which was created under the concept of “enjoying stylish food cultures of the Edo Period.”


During the first season of the grand sumo tournament, a routine event where poems regarding sumo will be presented. The events are gaining much popularity among many people. Also, limited menu items using special ingredients produced in Kagoshima Prefecture will be held in accordance with the first season of the tournament.


Shinshun! Furumaizake

The venue will offer nihonsyu (sake) sold at “Tokyo Shoten” for free as a celebrative event of New Year’s Day.

Date: 01,03 (Wed.) from 12:00 (the amount of nihonsyu is limited)

Customers who have a receipt of a product they bought on the same day (older than 20 years old) can participate in the event.


Rice cake-making event with ex-sumo wrestlers!


Mochi(rice cake) is a food which has been loved by Japanese people since the Edo Period and many people still participate in mochitsuki events. The mochitsuki event which will be held at -Ryogoku- Edo NOREN will invite ex-sumo wrestlers to participate! Performances by experts in mochitsuki can also be enjoyed.

Date: 01,06 (Sat.) from 14:00

※mochi will be handed out after the event is finished

Customers who have receipts of products bought on the same day (older than 20 years old) can participate in the event.


Ex-sumo wrestlers will show you some sumo performances!


Ex-sumo wrestlers will explain some techniques including forbidden techniques. After the explanation is finish, you can fight with them or take some photos with them. Both adults and children can enjoy the event!

Date: 01,06 (Sat.), 21 (Sun.) from 16:00



Delicious food from Kagoshima Prefecture will be offered!


2018 is the 150 anniversary-year of the Meiji Ishin (Meiji period revolution). “Shokuno Miyako Kagoshima Fair” offering original menu items using lots of ingredients produced in Kagoshima Prefecture will be held at -Ryogoku- Edo NOREN. The theme of the fair is “black.” They will offer dishes using ingredients related to the color black, such as black pork, black Satsuma chicken and kanpachi (greater amberjack), black vinegar and black koji shochu.

Date: 01,14 to (Sun.) to 02,11 (Sun.)


Let’s experience the culture of the Edo Period during the New Year’s holidays.



-Ryogoku- Edo NOREN

Address: 1-3-20, Yokozuna, Sumidaku, Tokyo (beside JR Ryogoku Station)

Business hours: 10:00 to 23:00 ※the business hour of each store differs.

Fixed holidays: 01,01& 01,02, facility-inspection-day (random)