A sweets item depicting Mickey will be added to the popular wagashi series, “Tabemasu”

29.December.2017 | FOOD

“Tabemasu” is a wagashi (Japanese dessert series) using the motifs of many characters.

From the 30th of December 2017, “Tabemasu Disney New Year ver.” which uses the motifs of the world-famous Disney characters “Micky Mouse,” “Pluto,” “Donald Duck” and “Daisy Duck” will be sold at 7-Eleven throughout Japan.


This time, they will sell two versions which are “Tabemasu Disney New Year ver. Mickey & Pluto” and “Tabemasu Disney New Year ver. Donald and & Daisy.” As the concept of the series is “eatable mascots,” all the products are made of wagashi.

img_146364_2 img_146364_3

Characters other than Mickey Mouse are making their first appearance in the Tabemasu series and all the items are made in a precise manner.

The flavors of the bean jam stuffed inside the items is black syrup (Mickey Mouse), custard (Donald Duck) and strawberry (Daisy Duck) which are suitable to be eaten during the New Year’s holidays and they are recommended for small children.

The smooth texture and delicate flavor of the series is superb.

img_146364_4 img_146364_5

The sweets item using the motif of Pluto which matches with the zodiac sign animal of 2018, the dog, is recommended to be eaten during the New Year’s holidays.

Let’s buy “Tabemasu Disney New Year ver. Mickey & Pluto” which will be a great decoration on your dinner table.




Tabemasu Disney New Year ver. Mickey & Pluto

(Mickey Mouse: black syrup flavor, Pluto: yuzu (Japanese citrus) flavor


Tabemasu Disney New Year ver. Donald & Daisy

(Donald Duck: custard flavor, Daisy Duck: strawberry flavor)

Price: 360 yen (tax not included)




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