Disney Sea will start a limited-time-offer program featuring Duffy & Friends

08.January.2018 | FASHION / SPOT

Tokyo Disney Sea® will hold a new program featuring Duffy & Friends called “Duffy’s Heartwarming Days” from the 11th of January (Thurs.) to the 19th of March (Mon.).


“Duffy’s Heartwarming Days” is a new program featuring four characters of Duffy & Friends including Stella Lu. The program will be held under the concept of giving and receiving gifts to/from your precious persons.

The area inside Cape Cod has decorations made by the characters of Duffy & Friends and a photo spot representing the four characters hugging each other.

About 30 kinds of special goods, some of them using the motif of a heart, will be sold for a limited time offer.

Some kitchen goods including a cookie cutout shaped in the shape of the strap where the characters of Duffy & Friends are hugging a heart and an onigiri (rice ball) kit where you can onigiris in the shape of Duffy and Sherry May will be sold too!


In addition, a hugable pillow and blanket are recommended for this cold season.


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Cookie shape – 1,400 yen


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Onigiri kit – 1,500 yen



Obento goods – 3,400 yen



Hugable pillow – 6,400 yen



Strap – 1,700 yen



Blanket – 4,300 yen

Available store – McDuck’s Department Store




A special set which includes a souvenir lunch case, souvenir plate and dessert which comes with a souvenir cup will be sold at “Cape Cod Cook Off” which will be decorated with cute garlands.

Each product has illustrations of hearts given by the characters so you can enjoy the heart-warming world of “Duffy’s Heartwarming Days” at home.


Special set – 990 yen

※ souvenir lunch case will be offered by paying an additional fee – 960 yen



Strawberry cheese moose cake with a souvenir cup – 880 yen



Milk tea moose with a souvenir cup – 880 yen

Available store: Cape Cod Cook Off



Italian hot chocolate drink – 480 yen

※Souvenir drink cup will be offered by paying an additional fee – 1,200 yen

Available store: Gondorie Snack



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Moreover, Duffy and Sherry May will wear seasonally-limited special costumes!

Let’s take a photo with Duffy wearing a stylish costume with a hoodie and Sherry May wearing a big cute ribbon.


Duffy: Village Greeting Place (Cape Cod)

Sherry May: beside Cape Cod/Cook Off

※The photo noted here is an image


During this cold winter season, why don’t you visit the heart-warming world of “Duffy’s Heartwarming Days?”



Tokyo Disney Sea ® “Duffy’s Heartwarming Days”

Date: 2018,01,11(Thurs.) to 2019,03,19 (Mon.)