The spring-limited flavor “Tsujiri Matcha Milk Sakura Flavor” will be sold

08.January.2018 | FOOD

Tsujiri Online Shop will sell a seasonally limited product of an established store in Kyoto, Tsujiri’s “Tsujiri Matcha Milk – Sakura Flavor” with only a limited supply.


 “Tsujiri Matcha Milk -Sakura Flavor,” is a matcha milk which has the scent of cherry blossoms and the soft flavors of Ujimatcha and milk. It is a seasonally limited flavor which uses matcha from “Uji Matcha of Tsujiri,” an established store in Uji, Kyoto.




The tea master of Tsujiri selected the Uji Matcha that goes well with milk by blending two kinds of matchas to draw out the flavor of matcha. A cherry blossom leaf powder produced in Japan is added to the soft flavor of milk and therefore the product has the flavor of cherry blossoms.


The product has the flavor of soft cherry blossoms which reminds us of sakura mochi (rice cake), a sweets item with a Japanese-style scent. The combination of matcha and cherry blossoms is superb.


Why not enjoy the coming of spring by drinking “Tsujiri Matcha Milk – Sakura Flavor” where you can enjoy a “Japanese spring” just by adding hot water?




Tsujiri Matcha Milk – Sakura Flavor

Available date: from 2018,01,04 (the quantity of the product is limited)

Price: 513 yen (tax included)