“Shiroi Koibito,”one of Hokkaido’s most famous sweets will become a chocolate bar

17.January.2018 | FOOD

Ishiya Co. Ltd. which produces the famous confection, “Shiroi Koibito” started up the new chocolate brand “ISHIYA CHOCOLATE” and will begin sales of “Koisuru Chocolate.”


 “Koisuru Chocolate” is a chocolate bar which uses the same chocolate as “Shiroi Koibito” and they will use strictly selected ingredients produced in Hokkaido such as salt of Saloma Lake and corn.


The recipe of the product is simple and natural but it is a very Hokkaido-like chocolate which has excellent aroma and texture.


Their products won the golden award and silver award for the competitive chocolate fair “International Chocolate Award 2017” (the U.S. & Asia/Pacific Region Competition)


Hokkaido Zeitaku Milk Chocolate to Shio(gold award – the U.S. & Asia/Pacific Region Competition)

This product is created based on the milk chocolate of Shiroi Koibito Black and it uses salt from Saloma Lake in Hokkaido. The salt adds spice to the sweetness of the chocolate.


White Chocolate to Shio

The product uses an arranged version of Shiro Koibito’s white chocolate and the salt from Saloma Lake, Hokkaido. The combination between the creamy sweetness and the flavor of salt is excellent.


Tokibi (Silver award – the U.S. & Asia/Pacific Region Competition) (silver award – Worldwild Competition)

Corn produced in Biei, Hokkaido is used inside the milk chocolate of Shiroi Koibito. The sweetness and texture of corn are compressed into this product by processing the ingredients using a freeze-dry machine.


Azuki to Tencha(Silver award – the U.S. & Asia/Pacific Region Competition)

The white chocolate of Shiroi Koibito is arranged in a Japanese style. It is a product that has a rich aroma and flavor of azuki and tea. This is produced by using the powder of azuki produced in the Tokatchi Area and combining it with matcha.



A product that uses the white chocolate of Shiroi Koibito and the powder of cherry blossom petals. The white chocolate has been colored pink and has a soft aroma of cherry blossoms.

 Why not buy products of this n chocolate brand from Hokkaido as a gift!




Koisuru Chocolate

Available stores: Tokyo ISHIYA GINZA and directly managed stores in Hokkaido

Release date: 2018,01,12 (Fri.)

Price: 800 yen (tax not included)