Marukome’s collaboration with Asobisystem has opened Kawaii Miso Soup Shop at Harajuku Moshi Moshi Box.

22.December.2015 | FOOD

Marukome’s collaboration with Asobisystem, based on the concept of “Miso Kawaii”, has produced many things, among them a mascot named Marukome chan.




This time, as part of our efforts to develop a “Miso Kawaii” miso soup, we are opening Kawaii Miso Soup Shop at Harajuku Moshi Moshi Box.




At Kawaii Miso Soup Shop, customers will be able to select from eight different flavors ranging from The Miso Soup, a standard fare with fried tofu, seaweed and leeks, the Harajuku-style, with cheese and tomatoes, and the Omotesando-style with butter, bacon and corn, to Fire Street-Style, a spicy Korean-esque concoction with kimchee and Korean seaweed. The soups, usually 100 yen per bowl, will be complimentary for foreign nationals!




The soups will be available to go in Kawaii cups and paper bags, making it perfect to sip while walking about or as a gift. Warm your heart and body with a hot cup of miso soup!




  • It’s possible to make Japanese food in 10 seconds?! Marukome X MMN shows you how with cute pop cooking videos!

    04.July.2017 | FOOD / MUSIC

    In recent years, Japanese cuisine has taken the world by storm.  MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON (MMN) has teamed up with food company Marukome to make videos showing you how to make delicious but easy Japanese dishes at home in just roughly 10 seconds!



    Today we’re going to talk about the “Kawaii Miso Soup” recipes that are bursting with cute pop!

    スクリーンショット 2017-07-03 13.35.22

    Let’s talk a bit about miso soup first. For the Japanese, miso soup is soul food. When traveling to a foreign country, many Japanese people bring instant miso soup with them so they can enjoy a nice cup by just adding hot water. Using store-bought miso soup that is even available in foreign countries, let’s make some delicious miso soup!

    スクリーンショット 2017-07-03 13.38.24

    The videos begin with a “piko-piko” tune, which resembles a Japanese game. There are 5 videos in total and each video features a different flavour of miso soup. Whilst the ingredients are presented on screen, listen closely and you will hear a catchy melody sung by vocaloid characters! The first video shows the contents of the bag of dry ingredients – Japanese tofu, wakame seaweed and spring onion. This is poured into a cup, followed by the bag of miso and hot water. Mix well and the perfect cup of miso soup is complete!

    スクリーンショット 2017-07-03 13.37.07 スクリーンショット 2017-07-03 13.37.20


     “Kawaii Miso Soup” videos also show us miso soup recipes that are packed with nutritious ingredients. These would make for the perfect side dish to a main meal. Butter popcorn, cherry tomatoes with mozzarella cheese, chickpeas and mascarpone cheese, tomatoes with black pepper and much more – whichever country you’re living in, you can get your hands on the ingredients for these recipes. Italian and even French – no matter what cuisine you’re cooking up, these miso soup recipes should be a new addition to your home cooking menu.


    In addition, the Marukome booth will be present at JAPAN EXPO – the Japanese culture event that starts on 6th July! Pop by the Marukome bar to try a variety of miso soup flavours that appear in the video – all for free! Don’t spend your time speculating on how they taste – come and taste it for yourself! The booth area is packed to the brim with events and interesting contents so please do not miss out!


    From the addictive piko-piko opening to the delicious ingredients – watch the Marukome X MMN cooking video that’s bursting with cute pop and you won’t be able to stop!



    Kawaii Miso Soup recipe video (Marukome × MMN)


    MArukome official website:



    Event period:6th July 〜 9th September 2017

    Venue:Nord Villpinte

    Official site:



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