“Nihonbashi Sakura Festival” will be held in Nihonbashi, Tokyo

08.February.2018 | SPOT

 “Nihonbashi Sakura Festival Planning Committee” will hold an early cherry-blossom viewing event called “Nihonbashi Sakura Festival ~Aratani Deau, Nihonbashi, Yaesu, Kyobashi~” in the Nihonbashi Area of Tokyo from the 16th of March 2018 (Fri.) to the 15th of April (Sun.).


Nihonbashi has many beauty spots where cherry blossoms can be viewed such as Edozakura Street and Hamamachi Ryokudo. The event counts the 5th time this year and this year it will be held with the theme of “Artistic ni Tanoshimu Haru (enjoying spring in an artistic manner).” An artistic cherry-blossom viewing experience using the motifs of Edo Period’s art paper cutouts, an eating binge program with the theme of cherry blossoms and some linkage art events like music festivals and exhibitions will be held.


SAKURA TUNNEL※文字が見えない場合は要クレジット表記

A 25m-long cherry blossom road using the motifs of Edo Period’s paper cutouts will be made and it will be called, “SAKURA TUNNEL.”

“SAKURA TUNNEL” will be created on the street of Fukutoku Shrine as a new sightseeing spot. The road is 25 meters long and it will be decorated with the petals of cherry blossoms using the motifs of a traditional craft called “Edo Kirie (paper cutouts).” The design of this venue will be supervised by the “space designer” Miki Hasegawa who has produced many illuminations such as Omotesando Illumination. Moreover, such events as “Sakura Light Up” which lights up important cultural properties like Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Honten, Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Tower and the facilities along the central street and “Nihonbashi Takarasagashi” which is a problem-solving event which will be set up all around the Nihonbashi Area, will be held.





Photogenic cherry blossom desserts and limited-time-offer established cherry blossom food stalls will be available.

“Nihonbashi Sakura Menu Walk” where cherry blossom menu items of 150 stores inside the Nihonbashi, Yaesu and Kyobashi areas will be held. You can enjoy desserts, gorgeous foods and buy daily products. Also, “Nihonbashi Sakura Yatai” will be available at Nakadori and Ukiyokoji from the 31st of March (Sat.) to the 1st of April (Sun.) where limited-time-offer original menus of established stores, hotels and commercial facilities in Nihonbashi can be enjoyed.




 “Haru Ranman! Sakura Saku Nishikie” will also be held.

Various kinds of art events where you can enjoy the charms of the Nihonbashi area will be held too. On the 19th of March (Mon.), a concert titled, “Sakurano Machi no Ongakukai in Nihonbashi” produced by “Tokyo / Haru / Ongakusai” will be held. (Performances of violin, piano and sax will be held in many places in the Nihonbashi Area.) Also, The Bank of Japan Currency Museum will hold an exhibition titled, “Haru Ranman! Sakura Saku Nishikie – Nihonbashi / Edozakura Dori e Yokoso – 2018” from the 13th of March (Tue.) to the 15th of April (Sun.) where paintings of cherry blossoms like “Tokyo Shinkei Zue Nihon Hashi no Hanei” can be viewed.



Let’s enjoy these early cherry-blossom viewing events.



 “Nihonbashi Sakura Festival ~Aratani Deau, Nihonbashi, Yaesu, Kyobashi~”

Date: 2018,03,16 (Fri,) to 04,15 (Sun.)

Contact: Nihonbashi Sightseeing Bureau – 03-3242-0010(10:00〜21:00)


WEB: “Machi Nihonbashi”

▶︎Japanese – http://www.nihonbashi-tokyo.jp/

▶︎English – http://www.nihonbashi-tokyo.jp/en/

※A teaser site will be opened in late January and the official site will be opened in late February.