“FLYHIGH” releases a new “clutch bag” with Japanese painting

02.February.2018 | FASHION

FLYHIGH which promotes Japanese culture in a modern way has produced the new patterned products, “Ushiwakamaru” and “Kintaro.” They also released their first promotion movie.




Since FLYHIGH started their business in 1970, they have been creating wall scrolls, Japanese lanterns, kites and Japanese paintings. They are selling “TAKOE CLUTCH BAG” which has an illustration of a kite (an item used to wish for the health and growth of children) printed on it. The illustrations include kites, darumas (Japanese traditional round dolls) and manekineko (beckoning cat object). They created these products so that they could introduce the beauty of Japanese paintings.


バックA(全体) バックB(全体)

This product does not have any cut line or seams. The product can be used as a bag just by folding it. They added the two new patterns “Ushiwakamaru” and “Kintaro.”



The product is created by “Atelier Gifu” which has been creating Japanese paintings for a long time in Gifu Prefecture where the most wall scrolls are produced in Japan. They use “Mino Washi” which is the specialty of Gifu Prefecture in this product. The intensity of the product is very high since they finish the product with special processing technique. They also use Isegatashi which is used when depicting illustrations on kites for the eyelet and kite string for the filling braids so that customers can enjoy a full-fledged quality product.


Let’s check out their brand movie.

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Product name: TAKOE CLUTCH BAG (three-way fold, four-way fold)

Price: 7,884 yen (tax included)

Official online shop:http://www.flyhigh-atorie.com