LiSA’s first best album (two titles) will be sold!

26.February.2018 | MUSIC

LiSA is known as a “rock heroine” popular both in Japan and abroad. She is going to release her first best albums, “LiSA BEST -Day-“ and “LiSA BEST -Way-“ on the 9th of May (Wed.)


LiSA has been producing popular animation theme songs, participating in many kinds of rock festivals and holding arena (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka) and national hall tours. She has also been introducing Japan’s animation song culture to the rock industry and foreign countries by holding one-man live tours in foreign countries such as in various Asian countries as well as in Mexico. The albums that will be released this time, is her first best album.


The albums include 28 songs (14 songs per album). All her singles including 14 animation theme songs and 2 game theme songs, songs that she often performs at live concerts and her new songs will be included in the albums.


All singles which will be included in the best albums were in

the top 10 in the ORICON Daily CD ranking. The albums are going to be masterpieces in the field of animation songs, for sure.

LiSA 2

LiSA’s comments:

I’ve been searching for my “BEST Day” with my fans and the path that I’ve walked became my precious “BEST Way.”

I feel that the number of my fans has increased in the past few years and I am happy that I’m able to sing in foreign countries. In addition to releasing my best albums, I am planning to hold a tour of Asian countries this year, so I hope you look forward to my lives! Today again was a “best day!”


She will reach her seventh anniversary as a singer this year and she will hold lives/tour including 2 days live in Nippon Budokan and Osaka Castle Hall, and an Asian Tour which will be held in 7 cities including Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Let’s listen to the best album of LiSA who introduces the culture of animation rock to the world.



「LiSA BEST -Day-」

Release date: 05/09 (Wed.)

First limited version (CD+BD)¥4,500 + tax

First limited version (CD+DVD)¥4,000 + tax

Normal edition (CD) ¥3,000 + tax


「LiSA BEST -Way-」

Release date: 05/09 (Wed.)

First limited edition (CD+BD)¥4,500 + tax

First limited edition (CD+DVD)¥4,000 + tax

Normal (CD) ¥3,000 + tax


「LiSA BEST -Day- & LiSA BEST -Way-」

Release date: 05/09 (Wed.)

Limited quantity first edition (2CD + BD + T-shirt)¥11,111 + tax


National live tour「LiVE is Smile Always ~FUN&FANFARE~」

04/08 (Sun.) TOYOSU PIT(Tokyo)

04/14 (Sat.) Zepp Nagoya(Aichi)

04/15 (Sun.) Zepp Osaka Bayside(Osaka)


Asia tour「LiVE is Smile Always~ASiA TOUR 2018~」

Lives in Japan

06/14 (Thurs.), 15 (Fri.) Nippon Budokan (Tokyo)

06/30 (Sat.), 7/1 (Sun.) Osaka Castle Hall (Osaka)


Lives in foreign cities

07/21 (Sat.) Singapore

08/11 (Sat.) Hong Kong

08/18 (Sat.) Taipei (Taiwan)


LiSA official website: