“Miffy Fukudaruma” is now on sale! Let’s buy it as a “test passing” or “winning-an-election” celebration gift

04.March.2018 | FASHION

The telegram service “Hotto Denpo” has started selling “Miffy Fukudaruma (traditional doll which brings luck) Kohaku (red and white) Set” which is a suitable gift to be given as a celebration gift. Celebrations include such occasions as test passing, winning an election and marriage.



Miffy has become a “daruma” which brings luck. The palm-sized stuffed darumas made of a crepe material is very soft and is suitable to be used as a decoration inside your room. The product will be shipped inside a cute box.




Why not express your feeling of thankfulness to your family or friends by giving them this product which is also suitable to be given as a formal gift.





Miffy Fukudaruma Kohaku Set

Price: 3,996 yen (tax included) ※shipping/lettering fees are not included

TEL: 0120-998-789 (free-dial, no fixed holiday: 8:00 to 22:00)

URL: https://hot115.jp/celebration/character_plush_doll/105-107/


  • Make Your Own Daruma at GINZA SIX’s Workshop

    31.March.2019 | SPOT

    D-BROS, a brand featuring products made by graphic designers, is celebrating GINZA SIX’s second anniversary by holding a workshop titled “Nihon o Asobou #04 My Daruma” on April 19.

    D-BROS began the “Nihon o Asobou” (Play With Japan) workshop project in 2018 as a way to get more people enjoying and in traditional Japanese culture and design. They have people making items that have been passed down the generations in Japan such as children’s toys, charms and folk crafts.

    The new workshop will give people the opportunity to create their very own 11cm Takasaki Daruma. This style of daruma originates in Takasaki, Gunma which is the leading producer of daruma dolls in Japan.


    If you’re in Tokyo on April 19 and are looking for a spot of Japanese tradition then stop by GINZA SIX and learn how make your own personal daruma doll.

  • A collaborative daruma of “Shirakawa Daruma” × “BEMAS JAPAN” will be sold

    04.February.2018 | FASHION

    An established daruma (Japanese traditional doll which brings good luck) specialized store which has been running its business since the Edo Period called, “Shirakawa Daruma Sohonpo” and Fukushima Prefecture will sell their collaborative products (the second stage of the project called “Fukushima Mono Map which introduces Fukushima’s “things, events and people”) at BEAMS JAPAN (Shinjuku, Tokyo) which introduces many kinds of Japan’s cultural items.



    This project was started because the buyers of BEAMS JAPAN read Fukushima’s information magazine “Fukushima Map” and visited Fukushima to understand the current situation of Fukushima.



    The products will be sold at BEAMS JAPAN’s stores and their official online shop. They are also planning to distribute “Fukushima Map” (Japanese/English) inside the stores.


    Why not get your very own Japan-limited daruma.



    Released date: 2018,02,01 (Thurs)~



    Address: 3-32-6, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

    Business hours: 11:00 to 20:00

    Fixed holidays: not decided



    Official online shop:http://www.beams.co.jp