Niigata Prefecture Ranks No.1 in “Top 10 Japan Travel Destinations For 2018” by GaijinPot

24.March.2018 | SPOT

GaijinPot is a popular website managed by GPlusMedia Inc. dedicated to bringing news and information about Japan to the people of the world, and they have unveiled their picks for the best places to visit in Japan for 2018.

日本の観光資源ランキング「Top 10 Japan Travel Destinations For 2018」

The list is featured in their GaijinPot Travel category and is mostly aimed at readers from America and Europe. It is based on the voices of non-Japanese writers who collect data daily and promote information on all aspects of tourism in Japan including scenery, cuisine, experience and more. It is also based on events scheduled to take place this year.



Top 10 Japan Travel Destinations For 2018

10th Place: Yamagata Prefecture

9th Place: Noto Peninsula (Ishikawa Prefecture)

8th Place: Daito Islands (Okinawa Prefecture)

7th Place: Kanagawa Prefecture

6th Place: Shimanami Kaido (Ehime Prefecture, Hiroshima Prefecture)

5th Place: Noboribetsu (Hokkaido)

4th Place: Osaka City (Osaka Prefecture)

3rd Place: Yakushima (Kagoshima Prefecture)

2nd Place: Beppu City (Oita Prefecture)

1st Place: Niigata Prefecture


Taking the top spot is Niigata Prefecture, a location with a fantastic natural environment where travelers can enjoy the real Japanese tourism experience including mountains, the coastline, rice, sake, hot springs and more. It’s also the place where Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale and Fuji Rock Festival takes place.


GaijinPot Comment:

“We selected these destinations based on the exciting things each one has instore for 2018. Additionally, we considered some top global travel trends in 2018, and chose destinations that exemplify trends such as ecotourism and sustainable tourism.”


GaijinPot introduce must-visit spots and events in award winning regions during recommended seasons from the point of view of non-Japanese writers and editors.


Be sure to check the ranking, research and visit Japan’s beautiful locations!




「Top 10 Japan Travel Destinations For 2018」