Shibuya Stream Excel Hotel Tokyu to Open in Autumn 2018

31.March.2018 | SPOT

Tokyu Corporation are working with proprietors in areas adjacent to the Tokoyo Line to redevelop the southern district of Shibuya Station and establish what has been named the Shibuya Stream.

The facility will be turned into a new hotel named Shibuya Stream Excel Hotel Tokyu under the Tokyu Hotels Co., Ltd. brand.


The Shibuya area is home to several of Japan’s sightseeing landmarks and is a hub for businesses. The 3 hotels managed by Tokyu Hotels hold an occupancy rate of over 90%. These factors not only mean that room demand is high in the area, but also that there is a lack of accommodation facilities. Shibuya also has a lack of offices, so to combat this,  places like Shibuya Stream and Shibuya Scramble Square Higashitou, which is scheduled to open in 2019, are working to construct more office buildings. The hotel will be located in floors 9 to 13 in Shibuya Stream Excel with 177 rooms.


The hotel’s concept is ‘The Shibuya Sensibility,’ which looks to stimulate sensibility from Shibuya to the people of the world. The 4th floor area will be home to the lobby lounge, a restaurant and a bar which are filled with a causal vibe. The brand new guest rooms are fitted with an original ‘vintage modern’ design and have excellent functionality to stimulate the sensibility of people from Japan and those coming from overseas, as well as creative workers gathered in Shibuya. It aims to be a door to the unexpected to excite people.

Let us watch over the future development of Shibuya’s new culture with Tokyu Group, who are looking to Shibuya as an “Entertainment City.”



Shibuya Stream Excel Hotel Tokyu
Opening: Autumn 2018 (Shibuya Stream & Shibuya Stream Excel Hotel Tokyu)
TEL: 03-3580-2311
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