Discover the Beauty of Saga Prefecture with “Finding Hidden Gems in SAGA, Japan” Video

01.April.2018 | SPOT

The Saga City Tourism Information Center have released a promotional video on how to use the Saga sightseeing app DOGAN SHI・TA・TO which details information on scenery, cuisine and hot springs in Saga Prefecture.


The official Saga Prefecture tourism app has lots of information regarding sightseeing, hotels and restaurants in Saga. It’s available in Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese (Simple & Traditional) and Thai and offers a wealth of useful information for traveling there. There’s also a 24-hour call center open 365 days a year that offers services in 15 languages for foreign tourists both before they travel and if they get stuck with something while in Saga, so if there’s something the app doesn’t mention, you can always call.


佐賀県の魅力が伝わる動画「Findig Hidden Gems in SAGA,Japan」

The promotional video features Canadian Youtuber Micaela Braithwaite. Saga Prefecture faces both the Genkai Sea and Ariake Sea. It’s littered with many scenic spots such as the beautiful coastline as well as being home to Japan’s only mudflat. Micaela begins by meeting the app character Tsubozamurai at Saga Airport before heading to Ureshino, which is the place of one of Japan’s three best hot-springs for beautiful skin. She also has a hand at creating pottery in the town of Arita, which is famous for its ceramics and porcelain, prepares squid in Yabuko, and more.




佐賀県の魅力が伝わる動画「Findig Hidden Gems in SAGA,Japan」2

Download the app yourself and enjoy Saga Prefecture to the fullest!



Saga Prefecture Official Tourism App “DOGAN SHI・TA・TO”